18/04 8am Something rotten in the state of Malaysia - The .. - AFR
17/04 8pm Ex-minister proposes Mahathir-Anwar-Ku Li team to .. - M-Insider
17/04 10am Boeing rejects concerns computer hackers could take .. - Crikey
18/04 5pm Drop sedition charges if not wrong to criticise .. - M-Insider
18/04 4pm Luxury jet or public healthcare, PKR asks Putrajaya - .. - M-Insider
18/04 3am Breaking Down the Next Big Political Fight on Obama's .. - Bloomberg
17/04 6pm Malaysian PM, wife, sue opposition politician for .. - Channelnewsasia
19/04 4pm The Umno, PKR and PAS internal strife - Malaysia-today
17/04 3pm Are politicians really concerned about the rakyat? - Malaysia-today
19/04 6pm PJ church agrees to take down cross after protest - Malaysiakini
19/04 8pm Pakar a'bangsa: Rasuah di M'sia terkawal - Malaysiakini
19/04 8pm Tony Fernandes to teach young entrepreneurs - Freemalaysiatoday
  New private agriculture college for Bera - Freemalaysiatoday
17/04 5pm Najib, Rosmah saman Rafizi - Malaysia-today
19/04 5pm Razaleigh-Azmin the way forward, says Ariff - Malaysia-today
19/04 7pm Umno will win Rompin BUT margin of victory will be .. - Malaysia-chronicle
19/04 6pm Politik selamatkan Malaysia - Malaysia-chronicle
19/04 1pm Wan Azizah, Azmin di Permatang Pauh hari ini - Keadilandaily
19/04 2pm Krisis Najib-Mahathir: Biar rakyat nilai Umno .. - Harakahdaily
19/04 12am First lady boleh hancurkan kerjaya pemimpin negara - Harakahdaily
19/04 6pm IPK Johor terbengkalai, rakyat rugi RM17 juta dana .. - Roketkini
  Sokong pindaan Akta Hasutan, Gerakan sudah hilang akal? - Roketkini
19/04 7pm Orang-orang Umno Baru bukanlah ingin menyelamatkan .. - Theantdaily
19/04 3pm Apabila Perdana Menteri mula bimbang persepsi .. - Detikdaily
18/04 7pm Malaysian press freedom - Aliran
19/04 6pm Montana man recounts seabed search for missing .. - Rapidcityjournal
19/04 7am Batang Kali killings: Britain in the dock over 1948 .. - Independent
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Razaleigh-Azmin the way forward, says Ariff - Free .. - Freemalaysiatoday
Free Malaysia Today Razaleigh-Azmin the way forward, says Ariff Free Malaysia Today KUALA LUMPUR: Raub MP Ariff Sabri Aziz has spotlighted Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as the key men for a new politics in Malaysia , effectively writing off Anwar ..
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PKR to meet PAS over alleged threat to boycott .. - M-Insider
The Malaysian Insider PKR to meet PAS over alleged threat to boycott Permatang Pauh campaign The Malaysian Insider The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, April 19, 2015.PKR will meet with PAS leaders in Penang to clarify reports that the Islamist party's Permatang Pauh division has threatened ..
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Why was Federal Highway toll extended, Selangor .. - M-Insider
The Malaysian Insider Why was Federal Highway toll extended, Selangor politicians ask The Malaysian Insider The toll concession agreement between PLUS and Putrajaya on the Federal Highway, such as Batu Tiga, will only end in 2018, not 2014, as Selangor lawmakers were led to believe. – The ..
In The News  
Reformasi: Permatang Pauh (39) Mahathir Mohamad (29) Mukhriz (16) Umno Kedah (14)
Kroni: Permatang Pauh (17) Rompin (15) Bukit (14) Mukhriz (13) Flight MH370 (7)
Malaysia_Blogs: Mahathir Mohamad (57) Permatang Pauh (54) Putrajaya (37)
World: South Africa (18) Islamic State (11) Yemen (10) Ukraine (7) Iraqi (4)
Tech: Samsung Galaxy (9) Apple Watch (8) Peugeot (4)
19/04 7pm Police detain 12 illigal immigrants in integrated .. - Thesundaily
19/04 7pm Toll rates lower with extended concession period - LLM - Astroawani
19/04 7pm 'Pengasingan jantina di konsert akan beri kesan besar .. - Astroawani
16/04 1pm Pas Perak tiada kuasa siasat isu surat layang - Sinarharian
19/04 8pm No cooperation in Permatang Pauh if PKR doesnt .. - MalayMail
18/04 8pm Political situation in Kedah not serious: Mukhriz - Mysinchew
19/04 5am Bakal pengantin buntu - Hmetro
19/04 10am Data rakaman kokpit helikopter akan didedahkan - Kosmo
16/04 2pm Wanita kesunyian berpotensi terjebak IS - Sinarharian
Paper Cover  
The Star - New Strait Times - Utusan - Sinar_Harian - Harakah - Berita_Harian - Sundaily - Harian_Metro - Kosmo
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Hundreds feared dead after migrant boat .. - Foxnews
Livemint Hundreds feared dead after migrant boat capsizes in Mediterranean Sea Fox News BREAKING NEWS – A major rescue operation is underway in the ..
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EU To Change Rules To Help Telecoms Tackle .. - Bidnessetc
Bidness ETC EU To Change Rules To Help Telecoms Tackle Competition From Whatsapp ... Bidness ETC Reuters reports that the European Commission is looking ..
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Finance officials see rising risks to .. - Philly
TODAYonline Finance officials see rising risks to economic recovery WASHINGTON - World finance officials said Saturday that they saw a number of ..
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Vivian Balakrishnan to attend climate change .. - Asiaone
AsiaOne Vivian Balakrishnan to attend climate change forum in Washington AsiaOne Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan ..
Buzz Watch  
- PKR tuntut penjelasan Pas Permatang Pauh - Penpasksgb
- PAS Permatang Pauh beri kata dua pada .. - Mimpi-senja
- Saya berundur ketika masih ada .. - Malaysia-chronicle
- Kata dua PAS Permatang Pauh kepada PKR - M-Insider
- PKR to meet PAS over alleged threat to .. - M-Insider
- Mat Sabu: No action against Penang PAS .. - MalayMail
- Have politicians gone bonkers? - Malaysiakini
- Mahathir says will not work with .. - Straitstimes
- Dr M, the great man of irony - Malaysia-today
- Najib the least of Mahathirs concerns - Malaysia-today
- Mahathir's words ring around the world: .. - Malaysia-chronicle
- Siap sedia kejutan besar- Pas Permatang .. - Freemalaysiatoday
- Dr M: BN sukar menang di Permatang Pauh - Malaysiakini
- No more bite, but Dr Ms bark could .. - MalayMail
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19/04 10am Jangan main tepi kapal, nanti jauh laut
19/04 9am Adakah gandingan Mahathir-Ku Li jadi kenyataan?
19/04 8am 15 dicalon untuk jawatan Naib Presiden PAS
  Adakah wajar potong bajet kesihatan untuk rakyat?
19/04 7am Jangan percaya berita kerajaan baru di Selangor
18/04 11pm Khalid jelaskan perbincangan bersama TG Abdul Hadi
18/04 9pm Pemimpin PAS profesional dalam bidang agama
Star     >>
- Adenan Satem: Naming me Sarawak PM a stupid thing to do
- Year One pupil's death in JB not due to HFMD
- Johor Umno hopes Najib and Dr M will bury the hatchet
- Padang Merdeka ban won't stop Sabah May Day rally, says ..
- Over 780 hotels, restaurants checked over service charge
Free Msia Today     Next >>
19/04 7pm Mat Sabu tries to quell by-election feuding
  ‘Affordable housing’ only for lottery-winners
19/04 6pm Sabah looks into new trails to scale Kinabalu
  Paul Phua case stumbles on legal hurdle
Malaysiakini     Next >>
19/04 5pm Rule of law has taken back seat in Malaysia
  Waiting for 800 cows to come home
19/04 4pm DAP: Hadi's bill unlikely to see light of day
  TI co-founder: Graft in Malaysia under control
Nst     >>
- Downpour leads to flash floods in Ipoh
- Do not politicise child protection issue- Anifah Aman
- Azmin Ali denies rumours of plot to oust him
- Mandatory for household to separate garbage from September
- Tun M optimistic BN can win Rompin by-election
- New treatment plant proposed to raise clean water supply in ..
Suara Keadilan     Next >>
19/04 11am PAS tetap sokong calon KEADILAN untuk kemenangan Pakatan
16/04 4pm Zahid tak nafi harga jam hampir setengah juta
16/04 2pm Had umur 60 tahun tak selesai isu kos sara hidup pesara – Rafizi
16/04 1pm Najib bukan saja perlu letak jawatan, rakyat wajib tolak BN
Malaysia Chronicle     Next >>
19/04 10am Mukhriz is 'VERY SPECIAL', Najib should know this - Mashitah declares ..
18/04 5pm CRIME DOWN? Neighborhood security guard dies, 5 others injured as thugs ..
  BN names ex-deputy MB for Rompin election
Malaysia Chronicle Bm     Next >>
19/04 6pm Tun M tidak berjuang bersendirian, kata Muhyiddin
  DAP Kedah desak Guan Eng letak jawatan
19/04 11am Musim Orang Lama Dikehendaki Semula
Utusan     >>
- JKM buka peluang 6,318 sukarelawan ‘Home Help’
- Pas Permatang Pauh tidak berganjak, tetap mahu PKR mohon ..
- Kenyataan Pemuda Pas P.Pinang bukan pandangan pusat - Mat ..
- PKR diminta mohon maaf dan tarik balik kenyataan mengenai ..
- Hasan janji teruskan perjuangan Jamaludin Jarjis
- UMNO Kedah sokong Najib, Mukhriz
Malaysia Today     Next >>
19/04 12am You are not alone in telling the truth, Muhyiddin tells Dr M
  Despite anti-Najib stance, Dr M says wont work with Pakatan
17/04 11pm Mischief maker Mahathir just wants to save his legacy?
16/04 4pm Opinions divided in Kelantan over hudud law debate
19/04 5pm Mat Taib should come clean on a lie he once told
  Tantrums by two old men wont solve anything
19/04 3pm Dr Mahathirs attack on ones dignity
17/04 7pm Pakatan Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh dan Anwar mampu jatuhkan Najib

Malaysian Insider Bm     Next >>
19/04 7pm Rizab Persekutuan AS wajar segera naik kadar faedah
  Universiti pertanian swasta dibina di Bera, kata Ismail Sabri
19/04 6pm Sesi baru PLKN terap pengajaran bidang kemahiran, kata Hishammuddin
  Laporan pertemuan Hadi-Khalid taktik Umno alih pandangan, kata Tian Chua
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19/04 6pm Locals protest outside church building, say cross ‘challenging ..
19/04 5pm PKR leader calls report on Hadi-Khalid meeting, Umno diversion tactic
19/04 3pm Regulate prices of medicine now, DAP lawmaker tells Putrajaya
  Hadi looking strong but contest will still wound PAS
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Hadi looking strong but contest will still wound PAS - .. - M-Insider
The Malaysian Insider Hadi looking strong but contest will still wound PAS The Malaysian Insider The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 19, 2015. PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is looking stronger than ever and despite facing an internal party crisis, ... For other positions, too, ..
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19/04 7pm Bendera lama Koloni British adalah lebih dari sekadar .. - Theantdaily
  Najib, Tunggu Apa Lagi!! - Wargamarhaen
19/04 7pm Sokong platform seni budaya melalui penglibatan tanpa .. - Selangorku
19/04 3pm PAS does not have the numbers for Hadis private member .. - Limkitsiang
19/04 12am Politik Selamatkan Malaysia - Sakmongkol
19/04 7am [PETISYEN] Bantah Cukai Rakus! #GolonganSusahTertindas - Anwaribrahimblog
18/04 1pm Jho Low Vs Khairy Vs PM - Kadirjasin
15/04 6am CMS set to buy 50% stake in state-owned Sacofa .. - Sarawakreport
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Najib the least of Mahathir's concerns - Free Malaysia .. - Freemalaysiatoday
Free Malaysia Today Najib the least of Mahathir's concerns Free Malaysia Today It began with the differences between Singapore and Malaysia i.e. the differences between Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir. The latter fears that Malaysia will become more like Singapore if Pakatan Rakyat seizes the ..
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Wordfence plugin secures WordPress sites; .. - Networkworld
Network World Wordfence plugin secures WordPress sites; solves job from hell Network World Now if a hacker gets the password file and knows the hashing ..
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Amount of people caught driving while on .. - Shropshirestar Amount of people caught driving while on mobile phone drops in Shropshire Drivers caught using mobile phones at the ..
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Jaguar Land Rover's new Portland lab seeks to make .. - Oregonlive Jaguar Land Rover's new Portland lab seeks to make automotive tech driver ... Richard Rowe (left) and Matt Jones, both of Jaguar Land Rover's Northwest Portland research facility, demonstrate a wide screen diving simulator. JLR is planning on expanding the facility ..
NewsKini Research  
19/04 5pm Samsung ditches corporate logo on smartphones in Japan .. - Koreaherald
19/04 4pm Google dominates search. But the real problem is its .. - Theguardian
19/04 10am Microsoft Moves Closer to a Universal Office - Newsfactor
19/04 7am Why failure is so important to career success - CNN
18/04 6am Google's Project Loon close to launching thousands of .. - Computerworld
NewsKini Tech  
19/04 10am White goods dominate e-waste items - BBC
19/04 12am Meet NailO: MIT Media Lab Researchers Develop New .. - Yibada
19/04 7pm 50 Years On, Moores Law Still Pushes Tech to Double .. - Wired
19/04 1am Spacecraft to make death dive into Mercury - CNN
19/04 6pm Email: Affleck asked PBS to not reveal slave-owning .. - Yahoo
18/04 1am Colombian hacker who spied on gov-rebel peace talks .. - Theregister
17/04 11pm WikiLeaks Reveals Searchable Sony Pictures Documents - Packetstormsecurity
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Take a look behind the scenes of Project Loon, .. - Cnet
CNET Take a look behind the scenes of Project Loon, Google's lofty plan to bring ... CNET Project Loon is Google's audacious experiment to bring the Internet to the world, ferried on the back of high-altitude balloons. A new video posted to Project Loon's Google+ page gives us a behind-the-scenes ..
- Google Search Promotes Mobile-Friendly .. - Newsfactor
- Google revolutionizes search to help .. - Yahoo
- Is Google a fading force? - BBC
- 11 super successful tech leaders who .. - Businessinsider
- At Lexus, the chief still defends that .. - Autonews

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