30/07 7am Plane Debris Studied for Link to Missing Malaysia .. - Voanews
30/07 6am Wreckage found on Reunion Island matches Boeing 777: .. - Cnbc
30/07 2am David Cameron flies into storm of allegations of .. - Independent
26/07 8pm Ariff Sabri: Extradite all 'lying' foreigners to M'sia .. - Freemalaysiatoday
28/07 6pm Gani's sacking points to desperate move by Najib, says .. - M-Insider
27/07 5pm Pro-UMNO blog again accuses Youth wing of plotting .. - Todayonline
28/07 11pm Malaysian Premier Replaces Deputy to Head Off Cabinet .. - Bloomberg
28/07 8pm Opposition lawmaker urges Gani to challenge removal - .. - M-Insider
29/07 12am As Muhyiddin tries to explain why he was sacked - Malaysia-today
25/07 4pm Stop whining! When you punch you get punched back - Malaysia-today
30/07 9am Najib's accounts is not your concern, ex-DPM told - Malaysiakini
30/07 8am M'sia akan sahkan sama ada serpihan dari MH370 - Malaysiakini
30/07 6am Expert: 20% oil royalty not good for Sabah - Freemalaysiatoday
29/07 10pm IGP warns rally organiser not to jeopardise national .. - Freemalaysiatoday
29/07 1pm Salleh Said Keruak angkat sumpah Senator - Malaysia-today
30/07 3am Umno leader says Najib told Supreme Council he never .. - Malaysia-today
30/07 7am Zahid just a SEAT WARMER for Hisham - Dr M camp - Malaysia-chronicle
30/07 8am MH370 FOUND? Mysterious wreckage on French Indian .. - Malaysia-chronicle
29/07 8pm Muhyiddin: Najib akui RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun peribadi - Keadilandaily
29/07 10pm Tingkat 9 dan 10 Menara Dua Bukit Aman terbakar - Polis - Harakahdaily
29/07 5pm Penyingkiran Muhyiddin sahkan Umno bergolak - Harakahdaily
29/07 4pm Walaupun Adenan Satem popular, tak semestinya BN .. - Roketkini
29/07 2pm Muhyiddin dipecat kerana 1MDB? Wakil rakyat Johor .. - Roketkini
30/07 5pm Nazri Aziz on Muhyiddin: At his nonsensical best again - Theantdaily
30/07 4pm Mahu miliki haiwan terancam? Pesan saja melalui .. - Theantdaily
29/07 9pm Terkuburnya impian 4 timbalan perdana menteri - Detikdaily
29/07 4pm Are we a ‘half-past-six’ democracy or what? - Aliran
30/07 7am Malaysia cabinet reshuffle saps confidence - CNBC - Cnbc
30/07 5am Report: Wing debris same as missing Malaysia plane - .. - Usatoday
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Mahathir's role in Malaysia's decline - Free Malaysia .. - Freemalaysiatoday
Free Malaysia Today Mahathir's role in Malaysia's decline Free Malaysia Today Rising to power in 1981 amid a healthily growing and prudently managed economy, good and effective governance and low debts, Malaysia at the time was also boasting the benefits of a decade of positive wealth ..
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Can Malaysia's Prime Minister Survive? - Forbes - Forbes
Forbes Can Malaysia's Prime Minister Survive? Forbes It is one thing for the Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO to pick off his rivals within or without UMNO one at a time. But it is altogether a different ball game when the Rakyat, the opposition parties and significant segments of UMNO ..
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Reveal members behind 1MDB task force, PAS tells Zeti .. - M-Insider
The Malaysian Insider Reveal members behind 1MDB task force, PAS tells Zeti The Malaysian Insider PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is concerned over the allegation surrounding against Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, who is a key member of the task force ..
- FB PM dibanjiri mesej 'letak jawatan' - Tranungkite
- Muhyiddin: Sebagai Islam, saya tak .. - Malaysia-chronicle
- Fast-failing love affair with PM? - Malaysiakini
- Najib perlu pecat Muhyiddin, henti .. - M-Insider
- Bukit Aman fire: Chance coincidence or .. - Theantdaily
In The News  
Reformasi: Muhyiddin Yassin (157) 1MDB (88) PAS (34) FOR (31) Abdul Gani (14)
Kroni: Muhyiddin Yassin (56) 1MDB (33) Cabinet (31) Ahmad Zahid (28)
Malaysia_Blogs: Muhyiddin Yassin (129) Rombakan Kabinet (52) Gani Patail (43)
World: Barack Obama (11) African Union (8) Chinese (6) Cecil (4) Turkey (4)
Tech: Windows (7) 2016 Chevrolet (6) Samsung (6) Chrysler Fiat (4)
29/07 10pm Senior cop's pistol stolen - Thesundaily
30/07 7am Malaysia sends team to verify plane wreckage: Liow - Astroawani
30/07 8am Sidang PAC minggu depan sambung atau tidak? - Astroawani
30/07 9am Bubar parlimen, bukan rombak Kabinet - Sinarharian
30/07 9am MAS: Premature to link Reunion Island debris to MH370 - MalayMail
29/07 10pm Nothing is forever except faith: Nurulhidayah - Mysinchew
29/07 6pm Hadi cenderung kepada UMNO - Hmetro
30/07 9am ‘Lepas ini masa abah dengan kami makin .. - Sinarharian
Paper Cover  
The Star - New Strait Times - Utusan - Sinar_Harian - Harakah - Berita_Harian - Sundaily - Harian_Metro - Kosmo
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MH370: Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean .. - BBC
BBC News MH370: Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean tested BBC News French officials are investigating whether a plane part that washed up on the French ..
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In an era overrun with nostalgia, 'King's .. - Latimes
Los Angeles Times In an era overrun with nostalgia, 'King's Quest' is a thoughtful take on a classic Los Angeles Times Too much thinking, argues a ..
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September Is Looking Likelier for Fed's .. - Nytimes
New York Times September Is Looking Likelier for Fed's First Rate Increase New York Times WASHINGTON β€” The Federal Reserve remains on track to raise ..
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Trend Micro unveils Windows 10 security .. - Reseller
The VAR Guy Trend Micro unveils Windows 10 security portfolio Reseller News β€œAt the end of the day, we are committed to securing individuals' ability to do ..
Buzz Watch  
- Gugur Muhyiddin, tukar Gani Patail .. - Penpasksgb
- Muhyiddin rebutted on 1MDB fact sheet - Malaysiakini
- Tan Sri Muhyiddin; Perjuangan Tuan Baru .. - Buletinonline
- Muhyiddin beri amaran terhadap cubaan .. - Theantdaily
- Muhyiddin warning against attempts to .. - Theantdaily
- Najib Letak Jawatan? Puluhan Ribu .. - Penpasksgb
- Timbalan Presiden Umno: Apa Kah Tan Sri .. - Wargamarhaen
- Apa yang kita tahu tentang siasatan PAC .. - Astroawani
- Muhyiddin denies working with Dr M to .. - Malaysia-today
- Dakwaan Muhyiddin wang 1MDB masuk ke .. - Wargamarhaen
- In leaked video, Muhyiddin claims .. - Malaysia-today
- Leaked video: Muhyiddin says PM .. - Malaysiakini
- Bangsa Johor masih bersama Muhyiddin? - Selangorku
- The fall of Muhyiddin Yassin - Malaysia-today
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29/07 1pm Kabinet: 'Pelakon' sahaja berubah 'watak' tetap sama
29/07 12am Rafizi diperintah bela diri mengaibkan ahli Umno
  Kabinet 'angguk' untuk lindungi salah laku Najib
  1MDB: Tak perlu tangguh mesyuarat PAC
29/07 8am Siapa anggota Pasukan Petugas Khas siasat 1MDB?
  Mesyuarat MT Umno Jumaat ini, apa nasib Muhyiddin
29/07 7am Masyarakat Malaysia sedang perhati tingkah laku kita
Star     >>
- MH370: Too early to speculate origin of debris, says MAS
- Russia vetoes UN resolution on MH17 tribunal
- MH370: Malaysia sends team to Reunion Island
- Mysterious plane wreckage sparks MH370 speculation
- Liow presents case for tribunal
Free Msia Today     Next >>
29/07 10pm Umno Supreme Council meeting this Friday cancelled
29/07 9pm FAC to meet Penang CM over slow housing approvals
  Bukit Aman fire doused after nearly 3 hours
  Muhyiddin: PM admitted to a lot of money in his account
Malaysiakini     Next >>
30/07 8am M'sia to confirm if wreckage found is MH370
30/07 7am Another Umno division snubs Muhyiddin
  Nur Jazlan seen as another minister-wannabe
  Bersih 4.0 unlikely to be able to boot out Najib
Nst     >>
- MH370: MAS working with authorities to confirm plane debris
- Zahid: Police must tackle illegal activities
- David Cameron to visit Malaysia tomorrow
- Remand extended for suspected acid splasher
- Cuepacs wants govt to raise salary by 35pc
- LATEST: Only unimportant documents destroyed in Bukit Aman ..
Suara Keadilan     Next >>
29/07 4pm Rafizi diarah bela diri, sifatkan kes bermotif politik
29/07 12am Puluhan ribu komen gesa Najib letak jawatan di FB
28/07 7pm Azmin seru ahli-ahli parlimen bersatu selamatkan Malaysia
28/07 6pm Pengesahan rombakan kabinet: Masa untuk bersatu selamatkan Malaysia
Malaysia Chronicle     Next >>
30/07 7am BACKSTABBER: Zahid's daughter says it's not 'status' they look for
29/07 11am Removal of Malaysia's DPM & AG seen as 'ACTS OF DESPERATION' - analysts
  Najib's night of the LONG KNIVES
Malaysia Chronicle Bm     Next >>
30/07 7am Pemecatan TPM: Perhimpunan Agung Khas UMNO & BN perlu diadakan
  Najib tak layan ditanya tentang video bocor
  1MDB: Integriti SPRM perlu dipertahankan
Utusan     >>
- Bina penempatan berkelompok
- Satu pasukan jitu, terbaik
- Hamzah janji dengar keluhan rakyat dalam isu kepenggunaan
- Dasar Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia akan diteruskan
- Pemuda UMNO harap Kabinet baharu dapat pulihkan keyakinan ..
- ‘Saya janji teruskan tugas parti’
Malaysia Today     Next >>
30/07 12am Salleh calls for constructive views for govt policies
29/07 11am In Friday meet, Umno Supreme Council to review Muhyiddins role, says ..
27/07 1pm Malays set to be kingmakers as Malay-majority seats mushroom, says ..
  Without PAS, pollster predicts hard win in GE14 for new opposition pact
27/07 3am Finally, what we had been waiting for, number 2 shoots number 1
29/07 11am A move to unseat Najib, no more, no less
  Najib fortifies his position, or so he thinks
29/07 11pm Why I will not attend Bersih 4
29/07 1pm Malaysias mess is Mahathir-made

Malaysian Insider Bm     Next >>
30/07 7am Najib boleh dipanggil kerana halang siasatan 1MDB, kata peguam
  David Cameron lawat Malaysia hari ini
30/07 1am Serpihan misteri di Lautan Hindi mungkin daripada MH370, lapor AFP
29/07 11pm Kerajaan hasilkan formula kesinambungan usahawan Bumiputera, kata Najib
Malaysian Insider Eng     Next >>
30/07 12am Last date for filing GST returns extended to August 14
  Civil Defence now under Prime Minister’s Department, says Zahid
29/07 11pm PKR ready to accept new political parties, including GHB, says Azmin
  PKR prepared to accept new political parties including GHB, says Azmin
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Collision of coalitions in Malaysian politics - The .. - Straitstimes
The Straits Times Collision of coalitions in Malaysian politics The Straits Times The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is now dead, a victim of the crisis that began in the Islamic ally, Parti Islam SeMalaysia ( PAS ), and led to the purge of its inclusivist professionals faction. Two other ..
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30/07 8am Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK - Dinmerican
30/07 7am RM2.6 Bilion: Najib tak layan ditanya tentang video .. - Wargamarhaen
30/07 6am Ransacking Malaysia: the Najib Corruption Dossier - Limkitsiang
29/07 5pm 5 Reasons Why Obama Should Steer Clear of Malaysian .. - Anwaribrahimblog
28/07 9pm Apakah tindakan Muhyiddin seterusnya? - Msomelayu
28/07 6pm Sackings Will Not Make 1MDB Scandal Disapper - Kadirjasin
28/07 5pm Cameron Ought To Cancel His Malaysia Visit - Sarawak-report
26/07 7pm GHB sanggah Hadi, nafi berwalikan DAP - Drdzul
26/07 6am Kuman diseberang Lautan Nampak, Gajah didepan Mata tak .. - Sakmongkol
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5 Malaysia-boleh business ideas for KLIA2 if it sinks .. - Cilisos
CILISOS.MY 5 Malaysia -boleh business ideas for KLIA2 if it sinks CILISOS.MY OK, Malaysia has around 23 water parks in total, so LET'S BUILD ANOTHER WATER PARK! The last time we checked, there's no aeroplane themed water park so maybe that could be their novelty. They could build an airbus ..
- Malaysia PM replaces deputy, sacks AG .. - Freemalaysiatoday
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Hackers Trick Email Systems Into Wiring Them .. - WSJ
Wall Street Journal Hackers Trick Email Systems Into Wiring Them Large Sums Wall Street Journal Companies of all sizes have lost money as a result of ..
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One in every five minutes on a mobile phone .. - Telegraph One in every five minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook Mobile ads accounted for 76pc of Facebook's advertising ..
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Toyota FT-1 Concept Virtually Toned Down To Look Like .. - Carscoops
Carscoops (blog) Toyota FT-1 Concept Virtually Toned Down To Look Like A Production Supra Carscoops (blog) I'm sure you haven't forgotten about Toyota's striking FT-1 Concept unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show . A year and a ... The changes don't make it an ugly car , it's just that I'd ..
NewsKini Research  
30/07 9am Chinese Hackers Reportedly Hit United Airlines - Newsfactor
  Hackers take a page (literally) from Jane Austen - The .. - Thestar
  Rolling Stone sued over bogus rape story - CNN
30/07 8am Symantec: Well-heeled hacking group Black Vine behind .. - Computerworld
30/07 7am Cameron tells pornography websites to restrict access .. - Theguardian
30/07 12am Windows 10 Is a Clear Winner - Pcmag
NewsKini Tech  
30/07 7am VIDEO: Oculus's plans to take films into VR - BBC
30/07 8am A very serious issue lies behind the 'killer robots' .. - Irishtimes
30/07 8am For Mark Zuckerberg, The Future is Immersive - Wired
29/07 9pm Cell phones and risk of brain tumor - CNN
30/07 8am Telcos given a breather to meet Oz metadata retention .. - Theregister
  Samsung Elec cautious on outlook, says mobile business .. - Yahoo
29/07 10pm Security Industry Failing To Keep Pace With Hacker .. - Packetstormsecurity
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Google's Project Loon will cover the entirety of Sri .. - Theverge
TechCrunch Google's Project Loon will cover the entirety of Sri Lanka with internet coverage The Verge Project Loon is undoubtably one of the most " Google " projects that Google is working on β€” Wi-Fi being delivered by giant floating balloons is certainly a unique approach to getting ..
- Google Translate Adds 20 More Languages - Newsfactor
- 'Google Street View boon for locals and .. - Theborneopost
- Sri Lanka ties with Google for Internet .. - Yahoo
- Google unlinks Google+ from YouTube - BBC
- Twitter's slow uptake creates doubts it .. - CBC

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