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Top U.S. General Reaffirms Commitment To .. - Mndigest - 18/08

TOKYO : The top U.S. general restated Washington's "ironclad commitment" to the security of its close Asian ally, Japan, on Friday amid regional tensions ..

South Korea’s ‘Poop School’ to change name - M-Ins -

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North Korea media grade South's Moon a 'fail' - Mysinchew - 18/08

South Korean President Moon Jae-In. Photo courtesy: AFP Seoul (AFP) -- North Korea's top state newspaper gave the South's President Moon Jae-In a "fail" ..

Mexicans Protest Against NAFTA Talks, Say It .. - Mndigest - 18/08

MEXICO CITY, Aug 18 -- Thousands of members of social and trade unions on Wednesday protested in Mexico City against the North American Free Trade ..

Joint exercises could send Korea tensions .. - M-Ins - 18/08

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South Korean President: US Won't Take .. - Mndigest - 18/08

SEOUL, Aug 18 -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday ruled out the possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula, saying the United States has agreed ..

What Will Kim Do Next? Sixth Nuclear Test .. - Mndigest - 17/08

SEOUL/WASHINGTON : North Korea says it has developed intercontinental missiles capable of targeting any place in the United States.

US in 'economic war' with China, says Trump .. - Mysinchew - 17/08

## US in 'economic war' with China, says Trump strategist White House strategist Steve Bannon. Photo courtesy: AFP Washington (AFP) -- White House ..

S. Korea's Moon: There will be no war on .. - Mysinchew - 17/08

## S. Korea's Moon: There will be no war on Korean peninsula South Korean President Moon Jae-In. Photo courtesy: AFP Seoul (AFP) -- There will be no war on ..

U.S. General Says Trump Has Final Say on .. - Mndigest - 17/08

The U.S.s top general declined to comment on South Korean leader Moon Jae-ins assertion that he needed to sign off on a war against North Korea, ..

There will be no war on Korean peninsula, says S. Korea - M-Ins -

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Pence pushes Latin America to end ties with N. Korea - M-Ins -

Trump Praises North Korean Leader For 'Wise' .. - Mndigest - 16/08

WASHINGTON : U.S. President Donald Trump praised Kim Jong Un, the leader of the North Korea, on Wednesday for delaying a decision on attacking against ..

Photos Of Biker's Gruesome Accident Makes .. - Mndigest - 16/08

KULAI: A 53-year old biker died after his body was mangled and crushed by vehicles after falling off his vehicle at Km26.9 of North-south expressway near ..

Nafta negotiators kick off first round of thorny talks - M-Ins -

## Nafta negotiators kick off first round of thorny talks NEGOTIATORS from Canada, Mexico and the United States open the first round of talks today to revamp a 23-year-old regional free trade agreement some see as a ..

Angin kencang, laut bergelora hingga Jumaat - Sinarharian - 16/08

KUALA LUMPUR - Angin kencang Barat Daya dengan kelajuan 40 hingga 50 kilometer sejam (kmsj) dengan ombak mencapai ketinggian sehingga 3.5 meter dijangka ..

Guam radio stations accidentally trigger .. - Mysinchew - 15/08

## Guam radio stations accidentally trigger emergency alert A man walking past a TV news screen at Seoul railway station showing Kim Jong-Un receiving a ..

Asian Neighbors Protest As Japan PM Sends .. - Mndigest - 15/08

TOKYO : China and South Korea called on Japan to face up to its wartime past after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent an offering to a shrine to war dead on ..

Guam ‘ecstatic’ over N. .. - M-Ins - 15/08

## Guam 'ecstatic' over N. Korea's move to back off "There doesn't appear to be any indication, based on what we're hearing, that there will be any missiles ..

Ukraine rubbishes NYT report on source of engines for N. Korea missiles - M-Ins -

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Mexico Expects NAFTA Talks To Benefit Its .. - Mndigest - 15/08

MEXICO CITY -- The Mexican agricultural sector would benefit from the upcoming North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations, Mexican ..

China ‘won’t sit idle’ if .. - M-Ins - 15/08

## China 'won't sit idle' if US probe leads to sanctions President Donald Trump's decision to order the investigation comes on top of strains between the ..

N. Korea holds off on Guam missile strike - M-Ins -

Ukraine Denies Reports On Supplying Rocket .. - Mndigest - 15/08

KIEV -- The Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) on Monday dismissed foreign media reports that Ukraine's state-owned aerospace ..

N. Korea Leader Briefed On Plans For Missile .. - Mndigest - 15/08

SEOUL, South Korea North Korea said Tuesday that leader Kim Jong Un was briefed on his militarys plans to launch missiles into waters near Guam ..

North Korea leader briefed on Guam missile .. - M-Ins - 15/08

## North Korea leader briefed on Guam missile plan, says state media North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles near Guam ..

North Korea Factories Humming With 'Made In .. - Mndigest - 14/08

DANDONG, CHINA : Chinese textile firms are increasingly using North Korean factories to take advantage of cheaper labor across the border, traders and ..

Korea Tensions Ease Slightly As U.S. .. - Mndigest - 14/08

SEOUL/BEIJING : Tensions on the Korean peninsula eased slightly on Monday as South Korea's president said resolving Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions must be done ..

President Moon To Meet Top US Military .. - Mndigest - 14/08

SEOUL -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet the chairman of the USJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) this week to discuss the bilateral defence alliance, ..

Amaran angin kencang, laut bergelora bermula .. - Sinarharian - 14/08

Amaran angin kencang, laut bergelora bermula Selasa KUALA LUMPUR - Angin kencang dengan kelajuan 40 hingga 50 kilometer sejam (kmsj) dan laut bergelora ..

US Officials Says Confrontation With NKorea .. - Mndigest - 14/08

WASHINGTON Senior U.S. national security officials said Sunday that a military confrontation with North Koreas is not imminent, but they ..

Guam residents pray for peace as North Korea deadline looms - M-Ins -

Canadian pastor returns home after 2 years .. - M-Ins - 13/08

## Canadian pastor returns home after 2 years in N. Korean jail A CANADIAN pastor imprisoned in North Korea for more than two years returned home ..

10km-long traffic jam on north-south highway .. - M-Ins - 12/08

This is following an accident involving an acid-carrying tanker and a car at 3.00am today. Read more.

In Call With Trump, China's Xi Urges .. - Mndigest - 12/08

BEDMINSTER, N.J./BEIJING : China's President Xi Jinping said there needs to be a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear issue, and in a telephone call ..

Kim Jong Un ‘crazy as typhoons’ .. - M-Ins - 12/08

## Kim Jong Un 'crazy as typhoons' but not as scary, say Guam residents GUAM residents said that if given the choice they would rather face the wrath of ..

Traffic Congestion On Nse Following Acid .. - Mndigest - 12/08

SEREMBAN, Aug 12 -- South bound traffic on the PLUS North-South Expressway (NSE) was still congested following an accident involving a tanker lorry carrying ..

Traffic congestion on NSE following acid .. - Thesundaily - 12/08

SEREMBAN: South bound traffic on the PLUS North-South Expressway (NSE) was still congested following an accident involving a tanker lorry carrying liquid ..

Trump Says U.S. Is 'Locked And Loaded' In .. - Mndigest - 12/08

BEDMINSTER, N.J./SEOUL - President Donald Trump issued a new threat to North Korea on Friday, saying the U.S. military was "locked and loaded" as Pyongyang ..

Xi urges Trump to avoid exacerbating N.Korea .. - M-Ins - 12/08

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Satellite images suggest N. Korea readying submarine for missile test - M-Ins -

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Merkel rejects use of force in N. Korea and .. - M-Ins - 11/08

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Beijing sidelined in US, N. Korea sparring - M-Ins - 11/08

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S. Korea stem cell scandal official resigns - M-Ins - 11/08

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6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Mindoro, Phillipines - Thesundaily -

KUALA LUMPUR: An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale hitMindoro, in the Philippines, at 1.28pm today. The Malaysian Meteorological Department in a statement said the quake's epicentre was at 13.9 degrees north ..

Military option with N. Korea ‘locked and loaded’, says Trump - M-Ins -

Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely, Trump tweets warning to Pyongyang. Read more.

Stock markets spiral into the red over N. Korea, US tensions - M-Ins -

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S. Korea media call for nukes as tensions rise - M-Ins -

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Korea Utara Bebaskan Tahanan Warga Kanada - Mndigest - 11/08

SEOUL, 11 Ogos -- Paderi warga Kanada yang ditahan di Korea Utara akhirnya dibebaskan atas sebab masalah kesihatan, memetik sumber media tempatan pada Rabu, ..

Australia vows to back US if N. Korea attacks - M-Ins - 11/08

AUSTRALIA "will come to the aid of the United States" if North Korea attacks, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Friday, after nuclear-armed Pyongyang ..

Scientists On Research Vessel Spot Rare .. - Mndigest - 11/08

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA : Federal researchers studying critically endangered North Pacific right whales sometimes go years without finding their subjects. Over the ..

Tak Takut Amaran AS - Mndigest - 11/08

SEOUL: Korea Utara kelmarin tidak mengendahkan amaran Amerika Syarikat (AS) apabila mendedahkan rancangan terperinci untuk satu serangan peluru berpandu berhampiran Guam, wilayah ..

War with US will be catastrophic, Mattis warns N. Korea - M-Ins -

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Trump tells N. Korea to be ‘very, very .. - M-Ins - 11/08

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South Korean Military Says No North Korean .. - Mndigest - 10/08

SEOUL -- South Korea's military said Thursday that no sign was detected yet of the North Korea's possible provocations, China's Xinhua news agency ..

Canadian pastor on way home after N. Korea .. - M-Ins - 10/08

## Canadian pastor on way home after N. Korea release A CANADIAN pastor was on his way home today after being released from a North Korean prison where he ..

Guam ‘well-equipped’ to handle North Korean threat, says .. - M-Ins -

North Korea Outlines Plan To Launch Missiles .. - Mndigest - 10/08

SEOUL North Korea on Thursday announced a detailed plan to launch a volley of ballistic missiles toward the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, a major ..

Japan vows ‘no toleration’ of N. .. - M-Ins - 10/08

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N. Korea says Trump ‘bereft of reason’, details .. - M-Ins -

Stock markets, dollar tank on Trumps fire .. - M-Ins - 9/08

## Stock markets, dollar tank on Trumps fire and fury threat WORLD stock markets and the dollar slid today after US President Donald Trump warned of fire ..

China warns against stoking Korea tensions after Trump ‘fury’ - M-Ins -

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Video: Khalid Kongsi Tips Pikat Wanita Korea - Mndigest - 9/08

BEBERAPA bulan dulu kecoh di media sosial apabila seorang lelaki Kelantan muncul dalam sebuah rancangan realiti televisyen, Abnormal Summit di Korea ..

Germany urges ‘restraint’ from North Korea, Trump - M-Ins -

N. Korea threatens missile strike near Guam - Mysinchew - 9/08

US Air Force handout image showing a US Air Force pilot joining up with Republic of Korea Air Force F-15s during a 10-hour mission from Andersen Air Force ..

Nagasaki mayor pleads for end to nuclear .. - M-Ins - 9/08

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Canada in talks with N. Korea over jailed pastor - M-Ins -

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N. Korea threatens Guam strike after .. - M-Ins - 9/08

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North Korea Says Considering Missile Strike .. - Mndigest - 9/08

North Korea says it is considering missile strikes near the US Pacific territory of Guam, just hours after President Donald Trump threatened Pyongyang ..

North Korea Urges Japan Not To Follow US On .. - Mndigest - 9/08

PYONGYANG -- The North Korea on Tuesday, the 72nd anniversary of the US dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan, called on Tokyo not to follow the United ..

Trump Warns 'Fire And Fury' If North Korea .. - Mndigest - 9/08

BEDMINSTER, N.J./BEIJING: President Donald Trump warned North Korea on Tuesday it would face "fire and fury" if it threatens the United States, prompting ..

How serious is North Korea’s nuclear .. - M-Ins - 9/08

US intelligence believes North Korea has now built a nuclear weapon small enough to fit onto a ballistic missile, making it a potent threat against ..

Thailand Maklumkan Tillerson Dagangannya .. - Mndigest - 8/08

BANGKOK Thailand yang merupakananggota Pertubuhan Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) telah mematuhi resolusi Majlis Keselamatan PBB (UNSC) mengenai Korea Utara, ..

Tillerson to urge Thailand to curb trade with N. Korea - M-Ins -

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S. Korea top prosecutor says sorry over past rights abuses - M-Ins -

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China holds war games as North Korea tensions spike - M-Ins -

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China Says Willing To Pay The Price For New .. - Mndigest - 8/08

BEIJING : China will pay the biggest price from the new United Nations sanctions against North Korea because of its close economic relationship with the ..

Tillerson to focus on Putrajaya-Pyongyang .. - M-Ins - 8/08

Secretary of state's visit comes amid North Korean threat to strike US following fresh UN sanctions. Read more.

North Korea defiant after new sanctions, .. - Mysinchew - 7/08

## North Korea defiant after new sanctions, rejects talks South Korean soldiers standing guard at Panmunjom. Photo courtesy: AFP Manila (AFP) -- North Korea ..

S Korean President Urges N Korea To Come To .. - Mndigest - 7/08

SEOUL -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday urged North Korea to come to a dialogue table following the United Nations Security Council's ..

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Malaysia investigating third hotel buy by under-fire .. - Today
TODAYonline Malaysia investigating third hotel buy by under-fire Felda unit TODAYonline The commission is looking at the Grand Borneo Hotel, a three-star hotel and part of the 1Borneo Hypermall in Kota Kinabalu, which Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) acquired in 2012 for RM86.4 million ..
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Dr M: Chairs, flares aimed at empty seat for Najib, .. - FMT
Free Malaysia Today Dr M: Chairs, flares aimed at empty seat for Najib , not me Free Malaysia Today PUTRAJAYA: PPBM leader Mahathir Mohamad claims he was unshaken by the fracas at last Sunday's Nothing to Hide forum and has laughed it off with a jab at Prime Minister Najib Razak for his absence ..

Ousted Steve Bannon declares Trump presidency he .. - Telegraph Ousted Steve Bannon declares Trump presidency he campaigned for is over A defiant Steve Bannon declared the Trump presidency he had campaigned for was over as he vowed to carry on the fight after being ousted as the White House chief strategist. Within hours of ..

Wall Street ends down after more White House turmoil - .. - Thestar
The Star Online Wall Street ends down after more White House turmoil The Star Online The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 76.22 points, or 0.35 percent, to close at 21,674.51, the S&P 500 lost 4.46 points, or 0.18 percent, to 2,425.55 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 5.39 points, or 0.09 ..

How to photograph an eclipse with a smartphone - .. - Digitaltrends
Digital Trends How to photograph an eclipse with a smartphone Digital Trends The 2017 solar eclipse could easily be the most photographed event of the year, but what if the only camera you own is inside your smartphone? While it won't get you those close-ups of the celestial phenomenon, even NASA ..
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Hollywood's hacking pains are bigger than movie leaks .. - Cnbc
CNBC Hollywood's hacking pains are bigger than movie leaks CNBC Any show on HBO, any movie, the moment it's released, on the first day, you see it on pirated internet streams." But hackers released an email from HBO in which the company expressed willingness to pay them $250,000 as part of a ..
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What the Tech? Mesh Network - WRCB-TV - Wrcbtv
WRCB-TV What the Tech ? Mesh Network WRCB-TV Open Garden, a technology company, has created a software-based network called Mesh or peer-to-peer networking. It's first consumer offering is the FireChat app , available for both iPhones and Android devices. With FireChat, users can communicate with...
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Biggest near-Earth asteroid recorded by NASA will make .. - Sacbee
Sacramento Bee Biggest near-Earth asteroid recorded by NASA will make a pass in September Sacramento Bee If Monday's approaching solar eclipse has you excited about astronomy, there's some good news: Not even two weeks later, another rare feat will pass us by. And miss us, thankfully. An ..
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Veterans - Aerotech News - Aerotechnews
Aerotech News (blog) Veterans Aerotech News (blog) ... comes from underneath a vehicle . Researchers from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research , Development and Engineering Center, and industry partnerDTS, commemorated the delivery of four new manikins known as ...