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This Old School Hedge Fund Is Going Quant - 25/05 7:51 am

Magnetar Capital began a billion-dollar quantitative effort six years ago to help the $13.5 billion firm buck a hedge-fund massacre waylaying its peers and set to rest memories of its controversial subprime-housing investments during the financial crisis.

J.Crew's Mickey Drexler Confesses: I Underestimated How Tech Would Upend .. - 25/05 7:43 am

The retail legend didnt understand how speed and price would drive internet shoppers. After 10 quarters of falling sales, the brand wants to create a more accessible image and add digital marketing.

Your Data Is Way More Exposed Than You Realize - 25/05 7:32 am

Think online privacy is no big deal? You better sit down: Geoffrey A. Fowler shows how much of your personal information is out there, and how it can be used to target or harass.

Talent Battle: Hedge Funds vs. Silicon Valley - 25/05 7:31 am

The battle for quantitative talent has turned some of the richest money managers into underdogs, pitting them against the likes of Google and Facebook for hiring the worlds top minds.

Venture Funds Flood Startups With Cash - 25/05 5:32 am

Investments in first quarter rose 37% from the previous period, to $14.5 billion. Social Finance pulled in $500 million.

Whatever You Do, Don't Let Your Snapstreak End Tonight - 25/05 5:30 am

Snapchat hooked the masses on sending friends photos that disappear. Now teens and millennials do whatever it takes to keep daily messaging streaks alive. Some people overreact a little

How Sheryl Crow Finally Broke Her Starbucks Habit - 25/05 3:42 am

The singer-songwriterwho recently released her 10th album, Be Myselfon driving her kids to school in a tour bus and recording demos on a plane.

Health-Tech Startups Pivot as Obamacare Uncertainty Mounts - 25/05 2:15 am

Many health-technology startups are revamping their business strategies and others are finding it tougher to attract fresh capital amid the prospect of repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

In Modern Cyber War, the Spies Can Become Targets, Too - 25/05 2:08 am

Over the past eight months, a mysterious hacking group released what it says are National Security Agency computer-espionage secrets. Former intelligence officials now fear the hackers are taking a new tack: exposing the identities of the NSA computer-hacking team.

Videogame Software Startup Unity Is Valued at $2.8 Billion - 24/05 10:37 am

Unity Technologies is putting the finishing touches on a $400 million funding round of financing that values the videogame technology company at about $2.8 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Blockchain Firm R3 Raises $107 Million - 24/05 6:38 am

R3 CEV, one of many firms trying to capitalize on the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, said it had raised $107 million from a group of 40 global banks.

Target to Pay $18.5 Million to Settle Massive 2013 Data Breach - 24/05 2:42 am

Target Corp. on Tuesday agreed to pay $18.5 million to resolve an investigation by state prosecutors into its massive 2013 hack, a deal that represents the largest multi-state data breach settlement in history.

Google vs. Uber: How One Engineer Sparked a War - 24/05 2:38 am

Anthony Levandowski started outside tech companies while working for Google, which alleges he took driverless-car secrets to Uber.

Uber Shortchanged New York City Drivers by Millions of Dollars - 24/05 2:36 am

Uber said it mistakenly underpaid New York City drivers for the past 2 years, the second time in three months the ride-hailing company has acknowledged it deprived workers of earnings.

Alexa's New Avatar: Financial Adviser - 23/05 11:53 pm

While it is early days in the co-mingling of wealth advice and sophisticated sciences, tools such as voice recognition, quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence stand to play a bigger role in an industry that has proved ripe for digital disruption.

Facebook Tool Handles Media Companies' Video Ad Sales - 23/05 11:00 pm

Facebook is testing a new tool designed to help media companies sell video advertising on their own websites, apps and other digital properties in a more automated fashion, the company said Tuesday.

Nokia and Apple Move From Courtroom Foes to Business Partners - 23/05 9:43 pm

Apple and Nokia settled dueling lawsuits over what Apple should pay for intellectual property used in its iPhone, a surprisingly quick end to what analysts had said could have been years of litigation.

Microsoft's New Surface Pro Borrows From the Family to Revive Sales - 23/05 9:05 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday is introducing a new Surface Pro, hoping to revive sales of the product line after a stinging slide in the most recent quarter.

China's Great Firewall Leaves Google With Dry Stream at Man-vs.-Machine .. - 23/05 8:34 pm

The lack of an accessible live stream in China of a rematch between the world champion in the game of Go and the U.S. companys AI player AlphaGo undermined the potential to raise its profile in the Asian country.

Futuristic Fintech, With a Female Focus - 23/05 8:04 pm

Women remain an underserved market in financial services. A new app thinks it has the answer, but is AI up to the task?

WannaCry Malware Has Strong Links to Group Tied to North Korea, Symantec .. - 23/05 5:57 pm

A group linked to North Korea is highly likely behind this months global ransomware assault, and the attack more closely resembles the behavior of a crime ring rather than a government-orchestrated campaign, a cybersecurity researcher said.

Streaming Services Are Music to Vivendi's Ears - 23/05 4:22 pm

A resurgent music industry, fueled by the rise of streaming services, is tempting the parent company of Universal Music Group to cash in on the music company with an initial public offering.

Citigroup to Tap Nasdaq for Blockchain Payment Technology - 23/05 6:12 am

Citigroup Inc. and Nasdaq Inc. are partnering to match up the blockchain with real money.

Amazon's Latest Market Disruption: 1.7 Million Free Bananas - 23/05 6:04 am

The retail giant has upended the produce market in Seattle after setting up fruit stands around its headquarters.

Supreme Court Limits Where Patent Suits Can Be Filed - 23/05 5:52 am

The Supreme Court limited the ability of patent holders to bring infringement lawsuits in courts with plaintiff-friendly reputations, which could provide a boost to companies that defend against patent claims.

Amid Slide in DVD Sales, Redbox to Rent Some Movies Sooner - 23/05 4:58 am

Redbox got a boost in its efforts to compete with digital outlets Monday as Hollywoods largest studio agreed to make its movie discs available earlier in the companys movie-rental kiosks.

Only Robots Can Tally What the Largest U.S. Pension Fund Pays in Fees - 23/05 1:55 am

The nations largest pension plan has 380 people overseeing $320 billion in assets. But when one of its top officials was asked during a board meeting how much in performance fees was paid to private-equity managers, he had to acknowledge no one knew.

Chinese Online Retailer Is Developing Heavy-Duty Delivery Drones - 22/05 3:30 pm

Chinese e-commerce provider said Monday it is developing heavy-duty drones capable of delivering payloads weighing one ton or more, which it plans to deploy in Shaanxi.

The Economics of Battery-Powered Homes - 22/05 11:25 am

Homeowners can now power their homes with batteries, but the benefits are minimal in most areas for now.

New York Real-Estate Titans Eye Tech Startups - 22/05 10:42 am

As the real-estate technology sector expands, several investment firms, many connected to multigenerational real-estate families such as the LeFraks, Rudins and Wilpons, have formed an informal collective to hunt for new opportunities.

All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now - 22/05 8:50 am

The global WannaCry ransomware attack that affected computers in 150 countries and the growing threat of new malware illustrate a basic problem that will become more pressing as more of our systems become connected.

Bond Buyers Forgive and Forget, Flock Back to Online Lenders' Debt - 22/05 8:32 am

The initial appeal of upstart, online lenders was that they would disrupt traditional loan markets. But after big setbacks last year, the firms are adjusting to be a little more Wall Street and a little less Silicon Valley.

The Quants Run Wall Street Now - 22/05 8:21 am

For decades, investors imagined a time when data-driven traders would dominate financial markets. That day has arrived.

How a Toddler Who Loves Eating Transfixed China - 22/05 5:33 am

2-year-old Xiaoman is an online sensation, bringing fame, a Pampers ad and questions about her weight.

Big Tech's Not-So-Easy Money - 21/05 11:00 pm

Repatriating huge stockpiles of offshore cash looks less likely, given tumult in Washington. But investors in Big Tech shouldnt need to bank on it.

How a Plague on the Movie and Music Industries Became Their Chief .. - 21/05 10:56 pm

Chinese search Giant Baidu was once a scourge of Hollywood and the U.S. music industry, which accused it of being a pipeline for pirated content. Today when Baidu is involved in a copyright infringement case, chances are it is the one casting the blame.

LeEco Founder to Step Down as CEO of Video Unit - 21/05 10:07 pm

Jia Yueting, the billionaire founder of Chinese technology and entertainment company LeEco Holdings, is stepping down as CEO of its listed video unit after an investor had called for stronger corporate governance.

SoftBank, Saudis Launch $100 Billion Tech Fund - 21/05 11:26 am

Japans SoftBank and Saudi Arabias sovereign-wealth fund launched the worlds largest technology fund, designed to steer capital to cutting-edge technologies in U.S. startups and other global firms.

Virginia Man Charged In Fake Fitbit Takeover Offer - 20/05 5:42 am

A Virginia man was arrested Friday on charges of inflating the stock price of Fitbit Inc. last year while profiting from the temporary run-up in the companys share price.

How SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Settled Their Differences to Birth the .. - 20/05 5:35 am

SoftBank is poised to launch a $100 billion technology fund as early as Saturday, capping months of arduous negotiations in which the Japanese tech giant haggled with the funds main Saudi investor over control of the money, investment strategy and questions about its commitment.

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