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Takeovers Roar to Life as Companies Hear Footsteps From Tech Giants - 21/11 1:45 pm

Mergers and acquisitions announced in the U.S. in November hit a near-record $200 billion as CEOs in many industries join forces to fend off competition from Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix.

Retailers Try New Pricing Tricks to Battle Amazon on Black Friday - 21/11 10:12 am

Instead of copying Amazons playbook, retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target are coming up with new tricks to maximize sales ahead of Black Friday.

Volvo Promises Uber Fleet of Self-Driving Taxis by 2019 - 21/11 7:54 am

Volvo said it has agreed to supply Uber Technologies with a fleet of 24,000 self-driving taxis beginning in 2019one of the first and biggest commercial orders for such vehicles.

FCC to Outline Plan to Roll Back Rules on Net Neutrality - 21/11 5:35 am

Regulators are expected to unveil plans for reversing rules that require internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally, a move that could reshape the internet economy and consumers online experience.

PayPal to Introduce Customers to Robo Investing - 21/11 4:11 am

The San Jose, Calif., payments company is connecting its website and smartphone apps with those of Acorns Grow Inc., a five-year-old automated savings and investment service.

Marvell Confirms $6 Billion Purchase of Chip Maker Cavium - 21/11 2:32 am

Marvell Technology plans to buy chip maker Cavium in a $6 billion cash-and-stock deal that would set it up to better compete with semiconductor giants such as Intel and Broadcom.

Altice Soothes Investors With Plan to Sell Assets, Not Stock - 20/11 10:59 pm

Altice promised to pare its mountain of debt by selling noncore assets rather than by issuing new equity, reassuring jittery investors who have sent the telecommunications companys shares into a tailspin recently.

Locus Robotics Raises $25 Million in Round Led by Scale Venture Partners - 20/11 7:00 pm

Locus Robotics Corp., whose robots help workers fulfill e-commerce orders, raised $25 million in a funding round led by Scale Venture Partners that the company plans to use to develop new products and expand into new markets.

Alibaba to Buy Big Stake in Chinese Big-Box Retailer - 20/11 2:10 pm

E-commerce giant Alibaba is adding to its already-sizeable bet on brick-and-mortar, saying it will pay $2.88 billion for a 36% stake in Chinas second-largest big-box retailer, Sun Art Retail.

John Ford on Who's Enjoying the Fruits of Innovation - 20/11 11:04 am

The author says technological progress hasnt been great for the average person.

The Latest Path to Silicon Valley Riches: Stake Sales - 20/11 3:07 am

Entrepreneurs and venture investors are cashing out of hot startups through secondary sales of big stakes, rather than waiting for companies to go public or be acquired.

The Secret to Tech's Next Big Breakthroughs? Stacking Chips - 20/11 2:30 am

Microchips, once always thin and flat, now are getting stacked like pancakes and becoming 3-Dwith big consequences for all our devices.

'Gucci' Lobbyists From '86 Tax Revamp Are Gone. Now They Use Gchat - 19/11 10:56 pm

Liberated by the ability to email, text and Gchat lawmakers and aides, the lobbyists who swarmed Capitol Hill from 1985 to 1986, no longer have to physically be present as the House and Senate speed through a sweeping rewrite of the tax code.

Toshiba to Raise $5.3 Billion in Sale of New Shares - 19/11 9:05 pm

Toshiba Corp. said it would raise 600 billion ($5.3 billion) through the sale of new shares to foreign funds, a step to avoid a delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange if the planned sale of its chip unit is delayed.

A Chess Novice Challenged Magnus Carlsen. He Had One Month to Train. - 19/11 8:12 pm

Max Deutsch, a speed learner who conquered back-flips, Hebrew and perfect pitch, is testing the limits of self-improvement. Next up: the worlds greatest chess player.

Outcome Health Offers Voluntary Buyouts to Employees - 19/11 6:00 am

Outcome Health, a Chicago startup, offered voluntary buyouts to employees, and Harvard Health Publishing and the American Medical Association put their partnerships with the company on pause.

Did You Say 'Clothes' or 'Closed?' Voice Recognition Hits Home Appliances - 18/11 8:00 pm

As voice recognition enters the kitchen and laundry room, appliance makers grapple with the different ways people talk about cooking and cleaning.

Tesla Plays the Long Game With Semi Truck - 18/11 11:06 am

Elon Musk is taking on the commercial truck market with an approach that defies conventional expectations: all-electric vehicle capable of traveling for hundreds of miles on a single charge.

U.S. Warned of Russian Firm Kaspersky as Early as 2004 - 18/11 7:09 am

A Russian cybersecurity firm whose products current and former U.S. officials suspect Moscow has used as a tool for spying was flagged by U.S. military intelligence as a potential security threat as early as 2004.

Axios Raises $20 Million to Fund Newsroom Expansion - 18/11 5:30 am

The media startup plans to use some of the financing to expand its capacity for data analysis, product development and audience growth, as well as developing new coverage areas and increasing staffing.

EA Pulls Microtransactions From 'Star Wars Battlefront II' After Backlash - 18/11 5:08 am

Electronic Arts halted in-game sales of virtual goods in its sequel to Star Wars Battlefront on the eve of the games launch, bowing to pressure from customers fearing big spenders could gain an unfair edge.

Tesla Reveals Semi Truck With 500-Mile Range, New Roadster Car - 18/11 4:14 am

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the companys first all-electric semitrailer truck and a $200,000 super car, his latest attempt to stir excitement as the company struggles to mass-produce an affordable sedan.

Even With Beijing Pushing, Electric Cars Prove Hard to Start - 18/11 12:36 am

Electric vehicles arent yet living up to the hype, auto makers in China are finding, as they churn out more EVs than they can selleven with generous government subsidiesto satisfy Beijings directives.

Reddit CEO Cracks Down on Abusive Content to Protect Users, Attract .. - 17/11 11:53 pm

Steve Huffman is trying to weed out violent and abusive content from Reddit, and hes also personally been investigating whether Russian-linked entities used his platform to spread divisive messages. He hasnt found much yet.

Vanu Bose Found Ways to Bring Cellphone Service to Unserved Areas - 17/11 11:10 pm

Vanu Bose while working on his doctoral degree in engineering in 1998 set up his own company to exploit new technology for cellular communications.

Wal-Mart Posts Strongest U.S. Sales in Nearly a Decade - 17/11 11:53 am

The worlds biggest retailer posted its strongest quarterly U.S. sales growth in nearly a decade Thursday, boosted by a big jump in e-commerce and strong store traffic at a time when many traditional retailers are struggling to keep their business growing.

Fed's Brainard: Consumers Need Control of Their Financial Data - 17/11 7:21 am

Consumers need to be in control of their financial data, Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard said, wading into a continuing debate about rules governing the use of personal data in new financial products.

Stitch Fix Likely to Price Shares at $15 to $16 Apiece in IPO - 17/11 7:18 am

Fashion startup Stitch Fix is likely to price its shares below its target range in its initial public offering due to concerns about competition and long-term growth prospects, according to people familiar with the deal.

BuzzFeed Set to Miss Revenue Target, Signaling Turbulence in Media - 17/11 6:30 am

Digital publisher BuzzFeed is on track to miss its revenue target for this year by a significant amount, the latest sign that troubles in the online ad business are making it tough for new-media upstarts to live up to lofty expectations.

Hotshot Tech Founders Face a Dilemma: Lie Low or Live Large? - 17/11 5:47 am

As unicorn startups such as Snap and WeWork come under greater scrutiny, some chief executives opt for more modest homes, while others splurge

Baidu Sends Raven to Bring Artificial Intelligence Into Chinese Homes - 17/11 5:06 am

Expanding its push into artificial-intelligence technologies, Chinese internet giant Baidu is entering the smart home product market with an intelligent speaker and personal robot.

Google Has Picked an Answer for You---Too Bad It's Often Wrong - 17/11 4:37 am

Going beyond search, the internet giant is presenting itself as an oracle by promoting a single result over all others as a definitive answer. Many of these featured snippets are contentious, improbable or laughably incorrect.

Volkswagen Plans $12 Billion Electric-Car Blitz in China - 16/11 9:51 pm

Volkswagen said it and its Chinese joint-venture partners will jointly invest nearly $12 billion by 2025 in developing electric cars for the local market, enough to roll out a total of 40 models.

Spoiler Alert: Jack Ma Beats Jet Li, but No Hollywood Ending for Alibaba - 16/11 6:33 pm

Alibabas Jack Ma is burnishing his fame by starring in a martial-arts film that topped 100 million views online in just a few days. But his internet stardom wont be enough to rescue his struggling entertainment business, which is losing money and market share.

AT&T Wireless Customers Report Network Problems - 16/11 9:29 am

ATs wireless network suffered a widespread failure Wednesday night that prevented some customers from placing or receiving calls.

What Is Uber Really Worth? - 16/11 7:09 am

SoftBank is shooting for a multibillion-dollar stake in Uber by paying one price to the company and a lower one to its shareholdersan unusual approach at such a grand scale that raises the question of what Uber is actually worth.

'You Do Not Understand Bitcoin': Readers Bite Back - 16/11 7:05 am

Lovers and skeptics of cryptocurrency reacted to The Wall Street Journals recent coverage of investing in bitcoin and had lots to say about whether there is a bitcoin bubble.

Elon Musk Plugs Tesla's New Truck Even as Model 3 Faces Delays - 16/11 5:37 am

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will be pitching an unconventional idea to capture the imagination of investors even as his company is grinding through production hell with the Model 3 sedan.

The Best iPhone Fast Chargers and Wireless Chargers - 16/11 5:03 am

There have never been so many ways to charge an iPhone with speed and convenience, but bewaresome options are overpriced.

Google, Shmoogle. Reference Librarians Are Busier Than Ever - 16/11 4:07 am

When it comes to finding 1837 Ohio weather reports or blueprints to build a guillotine, millions still prefer asking experts at the public library. Theres no really stupid question.

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