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17/02 11:00 pm The Etch Clock Makes the Time Appear Out of Nowhere - Wired

The timepiece displays the time by pulling its thermoelastic membrane into the cavities beneath the clock's face.

17/02 10:00 pm Netflix's 'Altered Carbon' Is Over the Top in Every Way - Wired

Its worldbuilding is expansive and its detective is hard-boiledit's sci-fi noir turned up to 11.

17/02 9:00 pm Space Photos of the Week: Even Geriatric Mars Rovers Know How to Snap .. - Wired

The Opportunity rover has been exploring Mars for 14 years. But that doesn't mean it can't put Curiosity's social media skills to shame.

17/02 8:00 pm How Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Play - Wired

Legacy toymakers like Disney, Lego, and Hasbro are all banking on AR to keep their toys relevant in 2018.

 Mueller Indictment Shows Russia's Internet Research Agency Inner Workings - Wired

The most chilling aspect of that blockbuster Mueller indictment? The bureaucracy behind Russia's onslaught.

 What Is Up With Those Pentagon UFO Videos? - Wired

The Department of Defense released two videos of so-called UFOs. Or did it?

17/02 11:25 am Did Russia Affect the 2016 Election? Its Now Undeniable - Wired

In the wake of the Mueller indictment of a Russian troll farm, any attempt to claim that the 2016 election wasnt affected by Russian meddling is laughable.

17/02 10:28 am In the Russian Investigation, Clues Were Lost in Translation - Wired

To troll effectively, Colonel Gant, you must think in Russian!

17/02 10:03 am How Parkland Students Are Setting and Keeping the Record Straight - Wired

How students are fighting lies, half-truths, and hypocrisy in the wake of the Florida school shooting

17/02 7:31 am Labor Board Rules Googles Firing of James Damore Was Legal - Wired

Google released the former senior software engineer last August after he wrote a ten-page memo arguing that biological differences between men and women accounted for the gender disparity in software engineering.

17/02 6:38 am A Ruling Over Embedded Tweets Could Change Online Publishing - Wired

A federal judge from New York ruled that embedding a tweet containing an image in a webpage could be considered copyright infringement.

17/02 6:29 am Mueller Indictment: Russian Trolls Stole Real US Identities to Fool .. - Wired

A new Justice Department indictment alleges Russia's disinformation operations created bank and social media accounts using the stolen identities of real US citizens.

17/02 6:19 am Gadget Lab Podcast: Nick Thompson Discusses the Facebook Cover Story - Wired

This week, our guest Nick Thompson talks about Facebook, fake news, Russian propaganda, politics, and journalism.

17/02 5:12 am Mueller Indictment Against Russia Details Efforts to Undermine US Democracy - Wired

Robert Mueller's office has come out with a 37-page indictment that details the extraordinary lengths Russian agents went to influence the 2016 presidential election.

17/02 3:34 am The Big Engineering Behind Olympic Snowboarding's Big Air Event - Wired

It takes a well orchestrated team to build the sport's most epic ramp.

17/02 1:00 am Copycat: How Facebook Tried to Squash Snapchat - Wired

In an excerpt from a new book on Snapchat, Billy Gallagher explains how Facebook fought back against a tiny rival's challenge.

16/02 11:00 pm David Cage, a Videogame Developer Who Finds Power in Pathos - Wired

'Detroit: Become Human' is a gripping, unsettling project, one that David Cage considers his most compelling.

 Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not - Wired

Soon enough, burgers will grow not just in fields, but in vats. If the sound of that bothers you, know that youre not alone.

16/02 10:00 pm Tesla Troubles, Flying Cars, and More Car News This Week - Wired

Plus: Tesla Model 3 struggles, GM's car-sharing service expands, and a Corvette drives back from the dead.

16/02 9:00 pm How Taxing Uber and Lyft Could Fix City Traffic - Wired

WIRED columnist Felix Salmon on how a traffic tax on ride-sharing services would be more effective than congestion pricing.

16/02 8:00 pm 'Black Panther' Review: All That a Superhero Movie Can Be, and More - Wired

Ryan Coogler's movie overflows with truth and fire, providing an urgent counter-history for film and mass media.

 Best President's Day Sales (2018) on Laptops, TVs, and Gear - Wired

If you're looking for some surprising savings this weekend, we've dug up a ton for you.

 The Google Chrome Ad Blocker Has Already Changed the Web - Wired

Google started blocking the web's worst ads in Chrome on Thursday. Here's what it means for you.

16/02 7:20 am White House Blames Russia for NotPetya, the 'Most Costly Cyberattack In .. - Wired

After its negligence on Russian election hacking, the Trump administration is taking Russia's global malware attack more seriously.

16/02 4:40 am Inside the Mind of Amanda Feilding, Countess of Psychedelic Science - Wired

If LSD is having its renaissance, 75-year-old English countess Amanda Feilding is its Michelangelo.

16/02 3:16 am Facebook Notification Spam Has Crossed the Line - Wired

From SMS notifications to an egregious number of emails, the social media company's desperation has gone too far.

16/02 3:00 am Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After Parkland Shooting - Wired

In the wake of Wednesday's Parkland, Florida school shooting Russian bots have taken to Twitter to stoke the gun control debate.

16/02 12:27 am Facebook's Onavo Protect VPN Offers Less Privacy Protection Than Other Apps - Wired

The "Protect" menu item in Facebook's mobile apps refers users to the company's Onavo Protect VPN, but the tool falls short of basic privacy standards.

15/02 11:00 pm Don't Cliff Jump Like a DummyUse Physics - Wired

You can measure the height of a drop with just a rock, a phone, and the gravitational force.

15/02 10:00 pm Your New Virtual Office: Augmented Realty in the Workplace - Wired

Augmented-reality workspaces will transform the way you do your job, and you wont look weird doing it. At all.

 LimeBike's Expansion Shows How Bike-Share Wars Are Escalating - Wired

Rivalry among established Chinese companies and US startups has intensified into a trash-talking land grab involving electric scooters and electric bikes.

 Peter Diamandis Is the Latest Tech Futurist Betting on Anti-Aging Stem .. - Wired

Founder of the X Prize is turning his attention to fighting the onset of old age, one stem cell at a time.

15/02 9:00 pm Want More 'Black Panther'? Here Are 5 Comics to Read - Wired

Want a crash course on T'Challa before hitting the theater this weekend? Start here.

 These Perfectly Imperfect Diamonds Are Built for Quantum Physics - Wired

De Beers diamond company has a whole division to synthesize quantum-grade diamonds.

 Airbus' Vahana Makes Its First FlightAnd Now Must Defeat Bureaucracy - Wired

For aircraft like Airbus' Vahana, the FAA's outdated rules pose a more serious threat than gravity.

15/02 8:00 pm Amtrak Survived Richard NixonCan It Overcome Donald Trump? - Wired

The latest budget proposal halves the federal governments Amtrak commitmentincluding funding for a safer braking system.

 Mystro Lets Drivers Juggle Competing Uber and Lyft Rides - Wired

Mystro gives ride-share drivers more leverage and says it can increase drivers' earnings by 30 percent.

 North Korea's Olympic Diplomacy Hasn't Stopped Its Hacking - Wired

Despite its Olympics diplomacy towards the South, the Kim regime is still engaged in brazen cybercrime targeting its neighbor.

 How You Could Road Raceand WinFrom Your Living Room - Wired

Virtual exercise is more immersive, dynamic, andmercifullydistracting than a traditional treadmill or stationary bike.

15/02 7:00 pm The Final, Terrible Voyage of the 'Nautilus' - Wired

Kim Wall went for a ride on a submarine, hoping to write a story about a maker of "extreme machines." She never did. I needed to know what happened.

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