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22/11 7:13 am The Best Sonos Speakers: Which Sonos Should You Buy? - Wired

2017-11-22 04:24:17

22/11 6:37 am WIRED's Product Reviews Have a New Look, and a New Mission - Wired

By widening our coverage of consumer products, we'll be able to help you make informed buying decisions about more things in your life.

22/11 4:36 am FCC Plans to Gut Net Neutrality, Allow Internet 'Fast Lanes' - Wired

The Federal Communications Commission Wednesday will release its plan for reversing rules that require internet service providers to treat all content equally.

22/11 3:47 am Feds Indict Iranian for HBO HackBut Extradition Isn't Likely - Wired

Months after tormenting HBO with the release of unaired episodes and *Game of Thrones* spoilers, the alleged hacker has been indicted.

22/11 2:59 am The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Home and Lifestyle Deals We've Found - Wired

Grab these discounted items for your in-home relaxation or out-of-doors adventures.

22/11 2:30 am 'Stranger Things' Is Based on a True Story. Kinda - Wired

Or rather, Hawkins is based on a real place. It sounds cooler when Gaten Matarazzo explains it.

22/11 12:00 am Should I Confess My Internet Stalking to My Date? - Wired

It's probably fine, but consider: Just because you know something doesn't mean you have to bring it up.

21/11 11:00 pm Jaron Lanier Q&A: VR Visionary and Author of 'Dawn of the New Everything' - Wired

Lanier may not have sired the term "virtual reality," but he's one hell of a father figure.

21/11 9:00 pm 12 Logical Star Trek Gifts for the Trekkie in Your Life - Wired

Gift long and prosper with these winning Star Trek items.

21/11 8:00 pm Aston Martin Unveils Its New, $150,000 Vantage Sports Car - Wired

The entry-level sports car offers 500 horsepower and a top speed near 200 mph.

 Not Everyone Is Giving Thanks for Antibiotic-Free Turkeys - Wired

Farmers are getting better at keeping resistance-breeding antibiotics out of poultry, but the bigger the bird, the harder it is to cut off the drugs.

 The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Camera Deals Around - Wired

With a new year around the corner, now's a great time to pick up a new DSLR, lens, or mirrorless camera.

21/11 7:00 pm Behind the Scenes as NASA Tests the Most Powerful Rocket Ever - Wired

NASA's Space Launch System will blast the Orion into the ether on a mission to send humans farther into space than ever before.

 Government Move to Block AT&T Merger Bodes Ill for BigTech - Wired

The Justice Department sued AT and Time Warner to block their $85 billion merger on antitrust grounds, claiming it will drive up prices and hurt rivals.

 Artificial Intelligence Can Hunt Down Missile Sites in China Hundreds of .. - Wired

Teaching deep learning algorithms to find surface-to-air missile sites and much more in satellite images.

 Could Tesla Power Its Electric Truck With Solar Panels? - Wired

Elon Musk already has a whole company devoted to solar energywhy not just combine and conquer?

21/11 12:10 am Intel Management Engine Flaws Leave Millions of PCs Exposed - Wired

Security experts have warned of Intel's Management Engine for years. A new set of confirmed vulnerabilities that impact PCs, servers, and IoT devices shows they may have been right.

21/11 5:36 am 'Justice League', Rotten Tomatoes, and DC Fans' Persecution Complex - Wired

The latest DC movie underperformed at the box office this weekend. Who's to blame? Fans, moviegoers, or Rotten Tomatoes?

21/11 5:27 am Stopping Robocalls Will Soon Be Easier Than Ever - Wired

US consumers suffer 80 million robocalls a day. But a new crackdownalong with some clever appscould help put a lid on your biggest mobile nuisance.

21/11 5:00 am Flight Delayed? Know Your Rights to Compensation - Wired

The law provides privileges to keep you safe, comfortable, and sane as you battle your way home.

 Frequent Flier Miles Don't Matter AnymoreGet Some New Credit Cards - Wired

You may feel betrayed, but there's still a way to score rewards in the air.

21/11 1:47 am The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 TV and Home Theater Deals - Wired

We've found great deals on television sets, home theater gear, .

20/11 11:00 pm Stephen Shore's Instagram Posts on Display at MoMa - Wired

Stephen Shore, whose photographs will be on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art in November, was an Instagram artist way before there was Instagram.

20/11 10:00 pm Iron Ox Brings Robotics to Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming - Wired

In a Silicon Valley office park, a startup is developing a system that could automate greenhouse farming and help feed the world.

 Star Wars News: 'The Last Jedi' Will Put Rey to the Test - Wired

According to the actress who plays her, Snoke will put Rey through the wringer.

 Mythbuster Adam Savage Has Made a Tool Bag, and Its Beautiful - Wired

The gear-obsessive former TV host has teamed with bag-maker Mafia to design his own ideal carryall for his tools.

20/11 9:00 pm Scientists Look at How Humans Drive in Self-Driving Cars - Wired

Researchers are launching a gigantic study to see how people interact with assisted driving systems, like Tesla's Autopilot.

 14 Star Wars Gifts for Your Favorite Jedi or Sith - Wired

With The Last Jedi around the corner, the Star Wars season of giving is upon us.

 Is NASA Nominee Jim Bridenstine Ready to Tackle Climate Change? - Wired

Jim Bridenstine faces a hostile GOP on climatebut he also needs to build cred with NASA scientists.

20/11 8:00 pm China Challenges Nvidia's Hold on Artificial Intelligence Chips - Wired

China wants to lead the world in AI, but needs better chips to achieve its goal.

 California's Hepatitis A Outbreak Demands a Cure for Homelessness - Wired

When urban infrastructure enables outbreaks, its not just a medical tragedy. Its a signal of a failure yet to come.

 What Does 'Self-Care' Mean Amid a Barrage of News and Social Media? - Wired

In an effort to get my stress under control, I tried everything from isolation to intimacy. After a year, I finally have some answers.

20/11 12:00 am Thanksgiving Hack: Cook Your Turkey Sous Vide - Wired

If you're still cooking the bird in the oven, you're doing it wrong.

19/11 11:00 pm Which Amazon Fire Tablet is Best For You? - Wired

Should you buy an Amazon Fire tablet? And if so, which one is best? We've got the answers.

19/11 10:00 pm While You Were Offline: Steven Mnuchin Will Show You the Money - Wired

Not everyone was impressed with the US Treasury secretary's bills, bills, bills photo op.

19/11 9:00 pm Headphone Gift Guide, From Beats and Jabra to Sennheiser and Shinola - Wired

Whatever youre able to spend, you can get some great headphones for the audiophile on your list.

 Behind the Scenes of the Dubai Airshow Spending Spree - Wired

A look inside the show where the world's aviation industry just spent $113.8 billion on new hardware.

19/11 8:00 pm Meet a Professional Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master from New York City - Wired

Meet a Professional Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master from New York City

 A Crazy Supernova Looks Like a New Kind of Dying Star - Wired

Astronomers are mystified by a strange star explosion in a distant galaxy that might be a relic from an earlier cosmological era.

18/11 11:00 pm Drone Gift Guide: 9 Choices From DJI, GoPro, Yuneec, and Parrot - Wired

Drones from DJI, GoPro, and Parrot, plus some add-ons that every RC flyer would love.

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