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20/07 5:38 am Trump's Election Integrity Committee Made All the Wrong Points - Wired

If you want to fix voting, don't investigate fraud. Improve the outdated, insecure tech.

20/07 4:15 am Inside Italys Thriving Gun Culture. Yes, Italy - Wired

Gun owners make up about 5% of Italy's population. But that doesn't mean they aren't enthusiastic.

20/07 12:00 am Your Brain Doesn't Contain Memories. It *Is* Memories - Wired

Memories begin when your neurons respond to outside stimuliand compound to rewire your brain.

19/07 11:00 pm All the Gear You Need to Stay Secure While You Travel - Wired

With these accessories in your luggage, you can take your Opsec program everywhere you go.

19/07 9:00 pm Segway MiniPro Vulnerabilities Would Have Let Hackers Take Over the .. - Wired

The self-balancing scooter isn't quite so steady when hackers take charge.

19/07 8:00 pm At ClinicalTrials.Gov, Untested Stem Cell Clinics Advertise for Free! - Wired

Researchers believe the ballooning stem cell clinic industry is taking advantage of the federal repository's honor system. And patients will be the ones to pay, literally.

19/07 7:30 pm Wanna Help Self-Driving Cars? Turn on Your Phone's Camera - Wired

Recording the road will earn you a few pennies, and help create detailed maps.

19/07 7:00 pm Meal Kits Reviewed: Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, Home Chef - Wired

We review ready-to-cook meal kits like the Amazon Meal Kit from Amazon Fresh.

 Trump's Policies Are Already Sending Jobs to Canada - Wired

Startups look north for refuge as the US pauses a program meant to keep them here.

 AI Could Revolutionize War as Much as Nukes - Wired

Artificial intelligence could make the US military more powerfuland also more vulnerable

 The Field Study Handbook Is Here - Wired

The Field Study Handbook was meant to be a guide to esoteric field research. Instead, its become a $110 self-help manual for the digitally disaffected.

 Teen Pregnancy Researchers Regroup After Trump's HHS Pulls Funding - Wired

Last week, HHS abruptly canceled two years and $213 million worth of grants meant to aid teen pregnancy prevention, stunning public health researchers around the country.

19/07 6:55 pm Quantum Computing Is Coming for Your Data - Wired

Quantum computing is going to be able to expose the data we encrypt todayand hackers are counting on it.

19/07 6:50 pm What Crisis Management Is Really Like - Wired

A veteran of crisis management and corporate disasters tells you what to do when all hell breaks loose.

19/07 6:45 pm Silicon Valleys First Founder Was Its Worst - Wired

William Shockley brought the silicon to Silicon Valleyand laid the groundwork for tech's problematic work culture.

19/07 3:06 pm Googles New Feeds Show You the Internet You Want to See - Wired

Think of Google's new feeds as something like a recommendations list for the entire web.

19/07 6:01 am A Sorta-Self-Driving Mercedes Tackles Americans Greatest Fear: the .. - Wired

The 2018 S-Class takes on more sophisticated turns and lane changesbut the system aint perfect.

18/07 11:00 pm The Curious Comeback of the Dreaded QR Code - Wired

Don't look now, but QR codes are backand they're going to change your digital life in all sorts of previously impossible ways.

18/07 10:00 pm 'Devil's Ivy' Vulnerability Could Afflict Millions of Internet-Connected .. - Wired

An obscure bug in 34 companies' physical secure gadgets could leave them open to hackers.

18/07 9:55 pm Amazon Bursts Blue Apron's Bubble, as the Market Checks Tech's Hype - Wired

As Amazon launches a Blue Apron competitor, and Snap's stock plummets, a bubble is deflating.

18/07 9:00 pm 'Splatoon 2' Review: Nintendo's Inkstained Shooter Is Great, But It's Not .. - Wired

The Switch sequel to Nintendo's popular Wii U game is greatbut if you've played the first one, you're in for deja vu.

18/07 8:00 pm Gaze Upon the Mother Shrimp That Punches Its Enemies to Death - Wired

It's colorful. It's feisty. And you don't want to mess with it.

18/07 7:00 pm The West Is on Fire. Blame the Housing Crisis - Wired

You can blame climate change for all those wildfires, but don't forget another factor: We love to build on the edge of wildlands.

 Nike Fe/Nom: Your New Favorite Sports Bra Is Made From Fancy Flyknit - Wired

The high-tech fabric found on Nike's running shoes makes the perfect material for a soft, supportive sports bra.

 The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination - Wired

Putting Alexa on the HTC U11 is a small step, but it gives Amazon new footing in the voice revolution.

 Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act - Wired

Google Glass flopped. Then Alphabet realized that the future of wearables was in factories and warehouses. Welcome to Google Glass 2.0.

 Kotlin: the Upstart Coding Language Conquering Silicon Valley - Wired

The story behind the new language making coders smile

18/07 6:00 pm A Sons Race to Give His Dying Father Artificial Immortality - Wired

For months, he recorded his dying father's life story. Then he used it to re-create his dad as an AI.

18/07 5:01 am Elon, Forget Killer Robots. Focus on the Real AI Problems - Wired

Elon Musks Fixation on Killer AI Distracts from Much More Immediate Problems with Smart Machines

18/07 4:58 am Myspace Security Flaw Let Anyone Take Over Any Account Just By Knowing .. - Wired

If you know someone's date of birth, you can crack their Myspace account.

18/07 2:36 am 'Game of Thrones' Recap: When Vengeance Becomes Your God - Wired

The problem with revenge is that it's never enough. The past, as the women of Westeros know, is forever.

18/07 12:00 am Rick Perry's Unnecessary Grid Study Could Hurt Renewable Energy - Wired

A controversial study of the electric grid, requested by Energy Secretary Rick Perry in April, is finally expected to be released this month.

17/07 11:20 pm Twitter Will Never Ban Donald Trump - Wired

If Twitter were going to ban Trump, they would have done it by now.

17/07 10:00 pm Firms Pledge to Stamp Out Sexual Harassment. Sounds Familiar - Wired

We already have a case study for when VCs promise progress, and it doesnt look good.

17/07 9:00 pm Big Pharma Buys Into Crowdsourcing for Drug Discovery - Wired

The Structural Genomics Consortium encourages pharma companies and academics to put all their cards on the table in the interest of speeding up drug research.

17/07 7:00 pm Ted Cruz Asks Space Capitalists How to Make Orbit Great Again - Wired

Last Thursday, a bunch of space capitalists met with a bunch of senators to talk policy.

 Viceland Keeps GrowingBut In What Direction? - Wired

The young network's flagship shows are back for a second season. Is there room for them in today's fragmented media landscape?

 How Climate Change Denial Threatens National Security - Wired

Last week, military officials described how climate change would escalate instability across the globe and make it harder for the US military to conduct its operations.

17/07 12:01 am IBM Z's 'Pervasive Encryption' Wants to Stop Data Breaches in Their Tracks - Wired

The new IBM Z mainframe uses "pervasive encryption" to stop data breaches in their tracks.

17/07 8:54 am Remembering George A. Romero, Master of the Undead - Wired

The writer-director all but invented the modern movie zombie, but he was also a clear-eyed satirist of humanity's darkest urges.

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