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22/11 5:26 am HPE CEO Meg Whitman QUITS, MAN! Neri to replace chief exec in Feb

Stock tumbles, sales sag, profits wiped out, boss ejects Hewlett Packard Enterprise boss Meg Whitman is stepping down, and will be replaced on February 1 by company president Antonio Neri.

22/11 4:46 am While you're preparing to carve Thanksgiving turkey, the FCC will be ..

Pai will lay out plan this week, vote in December Analysis Ajit Pai, chairman of America's broadband watchdog, today confirmed what we all knew was coming for months now: a move to tear up the Obama-era's rules on network neutrality in the US.

22/11 2:02 am Wounded FalconStor flutters back to life

First profit in two years, fresh funding, new faces FalconStor has confirmed its first profit in more than two years, bagged fresh funding and employed a new bunch of new faces in its exec lounge.

22/11 12:58 am Digital minister: We're still talking to BT about sorting crap broadband

Matt Hancock blissfully unaware that deal is on brink of collapse UK digital minister Matt Hancock has denied that talks with BT to improve poor internet speeds in 1.4 million rural areas have fallen through.

22/11 12:05 am As Google clamps down, 'Droid developer warns 'breaking day' is coming

The Chocolate Factory plugs accessibility fudge Mobile app developers are being forced to rewrite their code as Google attempts to tame Android's Wild West.

21/11 11:32 pm Arm Inside: Is Apple ready for the next big switch?

The hybrid Arm-Intel Mac draws near One day we'll look back and wonder why it took PCs so long to move from RISC chips that had to pretend to be CISC chips to RISC chips that didn't have to pretend to be anything.

21/11 10:25 pm Level 5 driverless cars by 2021 can be done, say Brit industry folk

Others reckon Chancellor's taking it a bit too far... Over the weekend, chancellor Philip Hammond boasted that fully driverless cars would be on Britains roads in four years time. Some in the driverless car industry think this is a dangerous fantasy, while more high-profile driverless car software companies are all in favour of it.

21/11 10:07 pm HPE straps AyyyyyMD chip into 2P/2U server box with Epyc results

DL385 blasts SPEC benchmark HPE has upgraded its Opteron-using DL385p server with AMD Epyc processors and used it to notch up a pair of record SPEC benchmarks.

21/11 9:29 pm Don't sweat Brexit, big biz told: Your shiny data protection sticker will ..

Survey reveals GDPR training and investment is on the rise Multinationals whose data protection compliance was rubberstamped by the UK's privacy regulator have been assured they won't be stripped of the authorisation after Brexit.

21/11 8:45 pm Gulp. HPE's InfoSight self-repairs and makes 'proactive decisions'

Machine-learning engine stapled to 3PAR arrays HPE is updating its acquired Nimble Storage InfoSight array management system with a machine learning-driven recommendation engine, and adding InfoSight to 3PAR arrays.

21/11 8:19 pm SagePay's monster wobble... On the third day of sale week, UK retailers ..

Black Friday week? Is that a thing? Er, not for all retailers What started as a Saturday afternoon nap for SagePay turned into a three-day snooze fest, angering retailers that were as of last night still struggling to process sales in a peak shopping week.

21/11 7:57 pm Royal Bank of Scotland website goes TITSUP*

Another day, another online banking snafu Users who bank online with the Royal Bank of Scotland are having a tough time logging in this morning.

21/11 7:29 pm Debian package depicts 'Tux the penguin' with sheep in intimate ASCII

User files bug report A Debian software package containing an "ASCII representation of zoophilia" has been installed automatically on some users' machines.

21/11 7:02 pm Iran the numbers and Persian internet is the cheapest in the world

Burkina Faso the most expensive, UK in top third cheapest Tired of continual price hikes on your broadband deal? Then why not move to Iran? According to a study released today, it has the cheapest broadband (if you're willing to ignore political and social problems).

21/11 6:33 pm CEO: 'Claying the ongoing continuous chaos of info into one logical ..

Yeah? Us neither. Here's another 'anchored benchmark' of a storage round-up We start this week's collection of storage news with the marketing buzzwords of the month award, which goes to startup Panoply for outstanding excellence.

21/11 6:06 pm Twitter's blue tick rule changes may lower the sueball barrier

Got a few quid and want to launch a lawsuit? Now is a good time Comment Infamous online cesspit Twitter may have unintentionally made itself easier to sue for the things users write on its site, following recently announced changes to its "blue tick" verification system.

21/11 5:38 pm First XPoint, then Z-NAND: Oh dear, server-makers. SCM is happening

Storage-class memory Nirvana 1.0 could be a 2019 event, says our man Analysis Storage-class memory (SCM), in the shape of Optane, is already here and, with Samsung's Z-SSD , set to become available for use by servers. What does this mean and when will it actually happen?

21/11 5:02 pm Back to the Fuchsia: The next 10 years of Android

Beyond world domination Part Two In Part One we described how, after 10 years, Android was uncannily similar to Windows after 20 years.

21/11 4:28 pm Bitcoin outfit 'Tether' reveals US$31m BitBuck BitHeist

Company badly forked up after promising secure 'stable digital currency equivalent' Bitcoin outfit Tether has reported a US$31m BitBuck BitHeist.

21/11 4:03 pm From Vega with love: Pegasus interstellar asteroid's next stop

Out-of-shape Oumuamua only looks like a starship, right? It's official: the Asteroid 1I/2017 U1, aka "Oumuamua", which screamed through the solar system in October 2017 is an interstellar object. And a very strange one at that. *

21/11 3:08 pm Flash, Sam, wallop: Samsung crashes ahead as top NAND chip flinger

According to these here estimates, anyway Samsung increased its market share in the NAND supply world in the third quarter of the year, analysts reckon. According to TrendForce's latest estimates , the suppliers' overall flash shipments for Q3 2017 looked like this:

21/11 1:58 pm AT&T wants to bin 100,000 routers, replace them with white boxes

Carrier tries to speed networking innovation with 'Disaggregated Network Operating System' AT has launched an audacious attempt to push the networking industry towards software-defined networking and white-box hardware.

21/11 1:03 pm Marvell and Cavium do the deed, vow to breed infra-monster

Six billion bucks does the trick, now let's see what kind of kit they build together The rumours were right: Marvell has formally announced it will buy Cavium, for around six billion US dollars, and plans to emerge as an Infrastructure Solutions Powerhouse.

21/11 11:57 am More than half of GitHub is duplicate code, researchers find

Boffins beware: random samples are therefore useless for research Given that code sharing is a big part of the GitHub mission, it should come at no surprise that the platform stores a lot of duplicated code: 70 per cent, a study has found.

21/11 10:04 am Amazon launches Secret Region so secret it's endorsed by the CIA

The rest of us just get a 0.04% improvement in EC2 reliability, to a guaranteed 99.99% Amazon Web Services has launched a Secret Region which we know about because the CIA has endorsed it.

21/11 8:57 am AT&T insists it's not sweating US govt block of Time-Warner gobble

'We don't care, in fact look at this letter about how little we care. Really. Please look at it' AT says it is not worried about the possibility of a US government lawsuit derailing its attempts to acquire Time Warner.

21/11 6:43 am Uber slapped with $9m fine for letting dodgy drivers pick up punters

Super Cali goes oh no, wait, this is Colorado Colorado watchdogs today hit Uber subsidiary Rasier with an $8.9m fine for allowing drivers with felony convictions and/or major moving violations to pick up folks using the ride-hailing app.

21/11 5:23 am Open-source defenders turn on each other in 'bizarre' trademark fight ..

Tempest in a teapot scalds FOSS world Special report Two organizations founded to help and support developers of free and open-source software have locked horns in public, betraying a long-running quarrel rumbling mostly behind the scenes.

21/11 12:55 am to chuck an extra 2.3bn at R&D ahead of Budget

No. 10 promises billions (in a few years), doesn't address Horizon 2020 The government has announced an extra 2.3bn in research and development investment by 2021/22, ahead of the Budget this week.

21/11 12:27 am Liberty and MXC jump into bed, light up joint venture

Want to consolidate fragmented market Cable giant Liberty Global has inked a deal with MXC Capital, an AIM-listed tech investor, to create a buy-and-build IT services business that sells to UK SMEs.

21/11 12:05 am 'could easily' flog 6m driver records to private firms this year

DVLA could bring in 15m from fine-wielding corporates The UK government is driving towards a sale of up to 6 million vehicle records to private parking firms, according to a transport lobby group.

20/11 11:38 pm Nathan Barley blamed for global GDP slump

Clueless freelancers and the productivity puzzle Nathan Barley, the insufferable "self-facilitating media node" of Charlie Brooker's TV series, may be a prime culprit for Britain's lack of productivity growth.

20/11 11:05 pm Another UAV licence price hike? Commercial drone fliers rage over ..

Why bother paying, ask some law-abiding operators The Civil Aviation Authority is threatening already squeezed British commercial drone operators with another licence fee hike from April, piling another 40 per cent onto their costs.

20/11 10:42 pm Who has 2,000 tickets to the gun show? Cisco's HCIA platform HyperFlex

In 18 months, Switchzilla has established itself in hyperconverged market +Comment After 18 months of selling, some 2,000 customers are travelling along the Cisco HCIA highway.

20/11 10:00 pm OnePlus 5T is like the little sister you always feared was the favourite

This time, the flagship challenger gets it right Review OnePlus has settled into the groove of releasing two flagships a year, and this Christmas-time 5T reiteration may well piss off the fans who bought the OnePlus 5 released in the summer. It's better all round, sports the 6-inch 18:9 OLED that's a genuine flagship display... and it's the same price as before. So 499 buys you some absurd specs: 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and 449 6GB/64GB.

20/11 9:45 pm told to tread carefully with transfer of data sets to NHS Digital

Its almost as if it doesnt have a great track record on patient info and IT projects... The UK government has been advised against a hasty shift of vital data sets from one quango to another as it aims to centralise medical data collection and management.

20/11 9:09 pm Whew... Toshiba rustles up $5.4bn to avoid delisting

Weakens WD position on blocking flash biz sale Beleaguered Toshiba, facing a Tokyo stock exchange deadline, has planned a $5.4bn share issue to avoid a delisting threat.

20/11 8:38 pm The Independent 'live streamed' space vid recorded in 2

'We naturally regret the human error that led to the mistake' For reasons unknown, on Sunday The Independent "live streamed" footage from space that was more than two years old.

20/11 8:02 pm How is 55 Cancri e like a Sisters of Mercy gig? Astroboffins: It has ..

*No, mate. Just no* New model throws spanner in exoplanet debate A new physical model has added more support to the theory that the large exoplanet 55 Cancri e has an Earthlike atmosphere.

20/11 7:32 pm ICO probes universities accused of using private data to target donation ..

Students allegedly screened for wealth, tendency to give money Twenty-four British universities are being probed by the Information Commissioner's Office after being accused of using their ex-students' data to target those most likely to be extra alma to their mater.

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