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21/07 4:14 am Death to strap-ons, says Intel, yet thrusts its little AI stick into us all

Behold, the neural network gizmo Chipzilla will quietly kill in two years, like its wearables Intel, having accepted the inevitable, has dropped out of the wearables and fitness band game, and canned the teams working on that strap-on tech.

21/07 3:48 am Second one this month: Another code bootcamp decamps to graveyard

'Unable to find a sustainable model' complains crashed programming crash course The Iron Yard, a four-year-old coding bootcamp based in South Carolina, USA, said on Thursday that it is shutting its doors.

21/07 2:32 am Huawei reckons it can strong ARM its way into AI world with new chips

We're assuming Chinese giant will use ARM in ML processors. It probably will, right? Chinese systems colossus Huawei claims it is developing chips optimized for artificial-intelligence tasks.

21/07 12:33 am Toshiba's spat with WDC over chip biz is now a song of strife and ire

Court orders only prolong bid process, and winter is coming Toshiba regained a right to lock WDC (SanDisk) employees from their joint-venture fab in Yokkaichi, Japan, reversing WDC's court-obtained Temporary Restraining Order , which was won earlier this month.

21/07 12:04 am White boxer is a white racker: Supermicro touts Rack Scale Design

VBlock-like converged systems Building servers, switches and storage are a good racket for ODM Supermicro but building Vblock -like rack scale systems is an even better one.

20/07 11:17 pm Just look at our cloud sales, beams profit-sapped SAP

Boost to 2017 cloud guidance as revenue rises 29% SAP has reported revenues of 5.8bn in the quarter ending June 30, up 10 per cent on the previous years figure.

20/07 10:31 pm Uber, Twitter's legal eagles gather to wring claws about bro culture

Time to expand the brocabulary Lawyers from Uber and Twitter spoke about ways to curb "bro culture" in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley at an annual judicial conference this week.

20/07 10:02 pm UK households hit by 1.8m computer misuse offences in a year

Stats show few report such crimes to cops The number of incidents of computer misuse in England and Wales reached 1.8 million in the year up to March 2 , according to official crime statistics released today.

20/07 9:28 pm NHS trusts splashed 260m on PCs in last four years

Obviously not enough to stop Wannacry... In the last four years, NHS Trusts have spent 260m on 401,084 new PCs, at an average cost of 650.54 a box, according to Freedom of Information responses.

20/07 8:53 pm This is why old Windows Phones won't run PC apps

The Tale of the Left Behind Thanks to Qualcomm, x86 support is coming to Windows 10 ARM phones and tablets - but not to older Lumia devices. In a webcast , Joe Belfiore, these days the corporate VP in the OS Group at Microsoft, has explained why.

20/07 8:37 pm 'Coke dealer' called us after his stash was stolen cops

Sir, what is your occupation? Um, what? A man called the cops to report that cash and a bag of Columbian marching powder stashed in his car had been nicked, police arrest documents have revealed.

20/07 8:01 pm Feature snatcher Microsoft tweaks OneDrive

But Placeholders won't be replaced until autumn Neither Apple nor Microsoft has a great history with their cloud graveyards consumer cloud file systems, tripping up users with frequent strategy lurches and abandoning features over the years.

20/07 7:41 pm UK mobile number porting creaks: Arcane system shows its age

Any, sorry, many ports in a storm... Comment Problems with the way the UK has implemented mobile phone call routing are emerging as an architecture designed for a small volume of calls struggles under the weight of usage.

20/07 6:09 pm Oracle's FS1 storage array fades into cloud like tears in rain

Big Red vapourises SAN tower, wants clients to do the same +Comment Oracle is refocusing its FS1 storage array into its own public cloud away from on-premises sales.

20/07 4:32 pm Breathless F-35 pilots to get oxygen boost via algorithm tweak

'OMG zillion-dollar jet is hackable' conspiracy theories in 3, 2, 1... The oxygen deprivation problems that choked F-35 pilots will be fixed through a software update, according to US reports with the UK's handful of F-35B jets also in line for the fix.

20/07 4:02 pm House of Lords to probe AI data slurping

Who owns all that valuable training info? How technology giants own and use your data will be a focus for our noble and learned friends on the new House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

20/07 3:28 pm We're all saved. From the killer AI. We can live. Thanks to the IEEE

Rest assured, your personal software agent has been tested for loyalty Amid renewed calls to regulate AI before it wipes humanity from the planet, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has rolled out a standards project to guide how AI agents handle data , part of a broader effort to ensure AI will act ethically.

20/07 3:04 pm watchdog didn't red flag any IT projects. And that alone should be ..

Transparency is welcome but you gotta read between the lines Analysis The BBCs release of its top earners salaries this week stirred up both long-time detractors of Auntie and dyed-in-the-wool supporters.

20/07 2:01 pm Europe's 'one patent court to rule them all' vision may be destroyed by ..

King Battistelli finally facing consequences for his actions The freeze on long-held plans to approve a single patent court for Europe is a result of the actions of the president of the European Patent Office, according to German media reports .

20/07 1:02 pm Why can't you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your old Atom netbook? ..

Meanwhile, Redmond extends security fixes to tired CPUs Microsoft has blamed Intel for the sad trail of low-end PCs left out of the Windows 10 Creators Update rollouts.

20/07 12:05 am Deutsche Telekom demo pushes G.Fast faster, further

Interview: Sckipio explains what carriers will like about cDTA Deutsche Telekom and ADTRAN have showed off an emerging G.Fast technology called cDTA which, along with 212 MHz carrier spectrum, ramps system performance well into the gigabit range.

20/07 10:56 am Mozilla hoping to open source voice samples for future AI devs

Prying open speech recognition Mozilla has decided speech recognition should be open source, and has launched a project to achieve just that, Project Common Voice.

20/07 8:32 am 'We hold the high ground' says Qualcomm boss as profits crater

Apple's royalties and licensing boycott taking a heavy toll Qualcomm is remaining optimistic despite another miserable financial quarter, worsened by the ongoing legal war with Apple.

20/07 7:56 am Quantum crypto upstart QuintessenceLabs hopes to cut the cord

Canberra tips dollars into free-space next-gen comms development effort With AU$3.62 million from Australia's government, quantum crypto outfit QuintessenceLabs has set to work getting the fibre out of its diet, and instead running quantum key exchange over free space.

20/07 5:58 am 'Millions of IoT gizmos' wide open to hijackers after devs drop gSOAP

Likelihood of patching for every affected system is zero Security researchers investigating internet-connected video cameras have uncovered a bug that could conceivably leave millions of devices open to easy pwnage.

20/07 5:29 am Apple's 'KGB level of secrecy' harms its AI projects but don't worry, it's ..

Boffins still turned off by iMaker's closed culture Analysis Continuing its campaign to court AI boffins, traditionally tight-lipped Apple has tiptoed further toward engagement with the outside world through the publication of its first research blog .

20/07 4:58 am Amazon may still get .amazon despite govt opposition thanks to a classic ..

DNS king breaks own bylaws yet again Special report Amazon may still get hold of its namesake top-level domain .amazon after an independent review panel lambasted the decision by DNS overseer ICANN to deny its application.

20/07 2:12 am Factories counter-punch Qualcomm in the gut as Apple eggs them on

iGiant bankrolls manufacturers' legal battle royale over patent license fees Updated The four electronics factories sued by Qualcomm for not paying licensing fees have lodged their own countersuit with the backing of Apple.

20/07 1:11 am Who the funk is Hive-IO? It's where Atlantis assets have buzzed off to

Hyperconverged, VDI startup nibbles bits off software-defined storage supplier Hive-IO has bought certain assets of Atlantis Computing, a struggling supplier of VDI and hyperconverged infrastructure software, for undisclosed financial terms.

20/07 12:33 am Head in the clouds? Apparently there's now space on Oracle's sales team

Big Red to lure 1,000 bods, expands cloud-in-a-box services Oracle is continuing to head into the cloud, kicking off another recruitment drive for 1,000 fluffy white services sales people but the news comes amid talk of reorganisation and layoffs elsewhere.

20/07 12:01 am 190 Cray employees hosed down with shower of pink slippery

15% laid off in cost-cutting exercise at HPC supplier Supercomputer supplier Cray is giving 190 employees the elbow in a restructuring exercise to cut operating costs.

19/07 11:31 pm NAND then there was a second growth quarter... IBM reports flash surge

A bit of goodish news from Big Blue Analysis IBM's systems segment brought in $1.7bn, 10 per cent down year-on-year. Systems hardware was $1.3bn with operating systems software at $400m.

19/07 11:04 pm Reborn Nokia phones biz loses its head

More time to play Snake The boss of HMD Global, the company reviving Nokia-branded phones, quit unexpectedly today.

19/07 10:50 pm Stop all news it's time for us plebs to be told about BBC paycheques!

Sexism in the Telly Tax, sexism in pay deals... where else, Auntie? Comment The BBC is trembling with excitement following the enforced publication of the annual salaries of on-screen stars earning more than 150,000 at the tax-funded broadcaster.

19/07 10:23 pm Hortonworks reshuffles C-suite, gets third COO in 12 months

Hadoop-flinger's CEO: We're making great progress, but... Hortonworks has ditched its second chief operating office in less than a year as part of a C-suite reshuffle that saw share prices drop.

19/07 9:49 pm Contain(er) your enthusiasm, nerds: Docker-backed OCI runtime spec hits 1.0

Look enterprises, we're all friends here, all getting along The Open Container Initiative, an attempt by Docker and other container tech companies to build standards and consensus for container technology, on Wednesday plans to release the initial version of its runtime and image specifications.

19/07 9:00 pm Segway hoverboard hijack hack could make hipsters eat pavement

Wheel-diculous Bluetooth security revealed The latest two-wheel transporter toy from Segway was disturbingly easy to hack, with miscreants requiring just seconds to take control of a vehicle, we're told.

19/07 8:42 pm Speaking in Tech: We NEED to do a [insert buzzword] project!

Why IoT failed, the AI takeover, the rise of content providers, and assorted chat

19/07 7:54 pm IBM signs up for EU Cloud Code of Conduct, opens four data centres

Big Blue's public serivce hits nearly 60 DCs worldwide IBM has signed up to an EU Cloud Provider Code of Conduct initiative and is announcing four new data centres in the UK, Australia and Silicon Valley for the IBM Cloud.

19/07 7:13 pm TalkTalk posts 3% sales drop, says Openreach should walk the WalkWalk

Will 'engage practically' with former BT arm Sales at broadband provider TalkTalk dropped by 3 per cent in the company's first quarter, with an extra 20,000 new customers failing to offset the drop.

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