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20/06 7:02 pm Nice Money For Malaysian Indian Congress - -- [GC]

The MIC received just under RM20 million in cheques from Najib......

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19/06 8:14 pm The Latest From Najib's Comical Alis - -- [GC]

Najib's ministerial supporters have been running around presenting conflicting and ludicrous, but very entertaining arguments to deny the undeniable from the DOJ. Perhaps the 251 page US court document was just too packed with evidence and detail for them to comprehend, whereas those simple cheques from Najib made for much easier understanding ......

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19/06 1:39 am The Comical Alis Of UMNO - Commentary - -- [GC]

Malaysians are entitled to come to their own conclusions about who is bringing them 'fake news', as their government comes under fire. Is it the DOJ with its meticulous year-long investigation into criminal money laundering or is it Najib's set of comedians presenting unsubtantiated claims and ever-changing explanations about 'political plots' and 'billion dollar donors' ........

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16/06 4:39 pm The Balloon Goes Up On 1MDB - Leo's Paintings, Rosie's Diamonds, Jho Low's .. - -- [GC]

The US Department of Justice's latest asset seizure notice presents a devastating picture of how Malaysia's record kleptocrats wallowed in their stolen riches, pampering themselves and their jet-set friends with luxuries and jewels. Also, the 251 page document provides detailed and shocking new insights into the conduct of the world's largest and most complex kleptocracy case. HOW LONG CAN NAJIB PRETEND THERE WAS NO WRONGDOING?!

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15/06 9:14 pm As PM Tells MACC To 'Back Off', We Throw More Light On Gopi's Network Of .. - -- [GC]

The PMO has demanded the MACC 'back off' their vice investigation as it hits against top cops. However, evidence shows that not only the IGP but a whole network of his closest senior officers were in regular phone contact with the alleged ringmaster of Malaccas's vice protection rackets......

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14/06 7:01 pm More Spies Set On SR? - -- [GC]

This time it would appear that Jho Low may have engaged top London corporate investigators to probe into SR on the pretence of seeking to hire us to write a report.......

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13/06 5:42 pm Baseless Defamation? MCA Selangor Takes A Lonely Stance.... - -- [GC]

Where has MCA's Selangor Treasurer been for the past two years?......

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13/06 12:37 am Top Suspect In Police Protection Racket Was In Direct Phone Contact With .. - -- [GC]

Alleged police protection racketeer, Gopinathan Krishnan, was in regular contact with the IGP and members of his family in the weeks before his arrest. The Chief of Police needs to explain why?......... MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

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12/06 5:22 am Operation Gopi - Connections Point Right To The Top MAJOR EXCLUSIVE - -- [GC]

Why was the key figure in the Malacca police protection racket in regular contact with IGP's brother in law?.......

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6/06 4:56 pm Does Blogger 'RPK' Still Stand By His Earlier Testimony? - -- [GC]

In an article dated August 6th 2008 RPK cited in detail, giving apparent eye-witness evidence, the existence of an 'Operations Room', which he claimed was set up in Shafee's office to direct and manage the operation for framing Anwar......

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5/06 5:49 am The University Of Geneva Terminates Giannakopoulos After Bogus 1MDB Event - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report suggests that rather than sniping at the publicity that forced them to rectify this scandalous state of affairs in their University, the administration would do better to issue formal apologies to all those who attended the event under false pretences......

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3/06 6:03 pm 'Independent Individual'? The Very Strange Case Of Special Prosecutor .. - -- [GC]

Was Shafee paid by Najib to nail Anwar or was he paid to do something else? Whichever, clear conflicts of interests have emerged in the case of this Special RM1,000 Public Prosecutor, which throw up devastating questions about the overturning of Anwar's original acquittal........

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2/06 5:43 am Pascal Najadi - My Fury Over Najib's Lawyer Mohd Shafee Abdullah - -- [GC]

Najadi says Shafee 'muscled in' on managing events following his father's death and that his colleague and later wife, Tania Scivetti also got involved, obtaining special access to his offices and private papers.......

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1/06 3:00 am Najib Paid Anwar's Prosecutor RM9.5 Million From 1MDB Slush Fund WHY? .. - -- [GC]

Big money went to the prosecutor against Anwar, just a fortnight before the Appeal Court overturned the acquittal by the High Court. Why did Najib pay Shafee such huge sums from 1MDB's stolen development money?...

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31/05 1:56 am Fake Valuation Of PetroSaudi And The Role Of Credit Suisse In 1MDB ..... - -- [GC]

Malaysians are owed the FULL FACTS behind today's mysterious and veiled announcements by the Singapore Monetary Authority, in the form of a prosecution SOON ! ........

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29/05 10:46 pm Bustari The Bag Man? How Najib Bought The Sarawak Election FURTHER .. - -- [GC]

Documents show that the Sarawak businessman cum politician Bustari Yusof personally received just short of a staggering RM60 million from Najib Razak in the weeks and days running up to the 2013 General Election....

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28/05 8:02 pm Najib Paid Pahang Sultan RM2 Million Out Of 1MDB Account MAJOR EXCLUSIVE! - -- [GC]

Significant personal payment from the prime minister of the federation to the constitutional ruler of a constituent state was made from money taken from 1MDB......

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27/05 6:12 pm Najib Claims Trump's Pal Lied! - -- [GC]

Time Healy checked the money flows from Godfrey Group BVI, now that Najib has denied her connections to Malaysia!.......

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27/05 4:10 am Questions For Nazir Razak Re-1MDB Payments NEW EVIDENCE - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report has now received the full details of the payments received by CIMB boss Nazir Razak from his brother Najib, out money which turned out to have been stolen from 1MDB. It turns out he processed a third of the money AFTER the election......

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26/05 5:16 pm Nor Ashman Received RM200,000 From Dad Courtesy of 1MDB EXCLUSIVE! - -- [GC]

Documents showing the transactions from Prime Minister Najib's AmBank account 211202211906 reveal that one of the beneficiaries of this money, which came from 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, was his son......

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25/05 12:19 am Najib Dished Out Over Half A Billion From 1MDB Slush Fund For BN Election .. - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report now has comprehensive figures, showing exactly how Prime Minister Najib Razak distributed the money he stole from the 1MDB Development Fund during the period of the last 2013 election......

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