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25/05 12:19 am Najib Dished Out Over Half A Billion From 1MDB Slush Fund For BN Election .. - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report now has comprehensive figures, showing exactly how Prime Minister Najib Razak distributed the money he stole from the 1MDB Development Fund during the period of the last 2013 election......

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22/05 6:11 am Orb Solutions - Total Bill Tops RM68 Million! EXCLUSIVE - -- [GC]

RM 68 million was poured into the shadowy private company, whose main Director and Shareholder was a civil servant working out of the Prime Minister Office and 'working directly' for Najib. The money had come from 1MDB........

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21/05 2:00 am 1MDB Cash Was Spent On Najib's Personal PR App.... - -- [GC]

The question is will voters continue to appreciate the bribes once they have worked out that they are paying for them themselves?.....

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19/05 11:10 pm Swiss Solidarity On 1MDB... - -- [GC]

Xavier Justo has remained silent for several months since his return from Thailand, in order to cooperate with ongoing investigations by the Swiss authorities.....

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17/05 9:41 pm We Name More Of The Recipients Of Najib's Stolen Public Money.... - -- [GC]

A property developer and a polling consultant feature as million ringgit recipients from Najib's secret SRC slush fund....

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17/05 1:38 am UMNO All In A Spin Over Najib Payments..... - -- [GC]

Does Jahara disagree with Marcus that it's acceptable to take million ringgit cheques from their party leader, without checking or is she simply saying it didn't happen?......

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15/05 11:30 pm Najib Paid RM655,000 of 1MDB's Stolen Cash To 'Media Warfare' and .. - -- [GC]

Was Najib funding his own secret media warfare and monitoring operations using money stolen from 1MDB? We reveal one of the 17 names identified by the MACC.......

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13/05 8:31 pm How Reputation Squads - And Hit Squads - Targeted Sarawak Report - -- [GC]

Shocking details of a 'multi-faceted' operation have emerged in France against Sarawak Report and alleged sources on 1MDB....

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13/05 1:20 am Bandar Bail Out Is Only The Beginning..... - -- [GC]

With his blatant bail out of 1MDB over Bandar Malaysia Najib is merely softening Malaysians up for several more whopping payments by the MoF to cover the billions stolen from the fund by himself and co-conspirators....

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8/05 12:34 am UMNO's Captive Voters... - -- [GC]

FELDA settlers are victims of a determination to prevent them learning about the disastrous loss of their savings and future livelihoods, thanks to raids on their politically managed funds.....

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4/05 9:33 pm Rosmah's Tour Of Top Places In The UK Kicks Off.. - -- [GC]

How concerned is Rosmah really about "combatting extremism through education", compared to improving her own global image and gaining validation after being caught spending hundreds of millions of stolen public money from 1MDB?......

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28/04 10:28 pm Financial Settlement Becomes A Saga Of Twists And Turns! - -- [GC]

BN's conflicting efforts to save face over the 1MDB cave-in settlement are making an embarrassing situation worse, as ministers back track and spinners accuse the victor IPIC of secretly participating in an illegal multi-billion dollar cover-up....

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26/04 6:19 pm Shocking Case Shows What Najib Ought Really Be Doing About Religious .. - -- [GC]

PAS may not like Sarawak Report reporting on these matters, but since a boy has now died at one of these religious schools the PM's priority would appear not to be to hand out money, but to send in squads of inspectors and proper qualified professionals to check they are being run safely and properly....

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25/04 5:52 pm Najib's July 31st Election Deadline! - -- [GC]

Yesterday, Najib Razak made a deadly admission over 1MDB thanks to his cave in over the dispute with IPIC. That admission was that IPIC never received the US$3.5 billion in 'loan guarantee payments' which to this day the Prime Minister and his colleagues are refusing to admit were stolen.......

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