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26/09 5:58 am How US TV News Covered Najibs Visit to The White House - OUCH! - -- [GC]

Malaysians can judge by such statements as "that Malaysian Prime Minister is at the centre of a gigantic Department of Justice corruption prosecution" how different US TV coverage of the visit was, compared to Malaysia.......

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25/09 2:22 am Steve Wozniak's Planned Endorsement of an Islamic Forum in the Kleptocrat .. - -- [GC]

If Mr Wozniak is happy to be used by a regime, which has actively denuded the greatest jungle of South East Asia and left its people's landless; to be utilised as a PR agent for a notorious kleptocrat and as also a smokescreen for aggressive Islamisation posing as a moderate movement, then of course he is welcome to join Najib at Sarawak's Borneo Convention Centre.....

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20/09 1:19 am Villawood's Video Cover-Up Needs To Be Investigated NOW! - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report now has hard evidence that the 'Sirul Video' was made behind bars at Villawood. The Australian Border Service needs to halt the cover-up, stop pretending it was impossible for Sirul to do it and get to the bottom of who has been orchestrating statements from their "unique" Malaysian detainee.....

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18/09 8:14 pm Operation Selangor? - -- [GC]

Doubtless the fishing will continue as Najib's lawless henchmen work to secure the next election. However, his targets are being wisely advised to continue to steer clear of a man who has plainly lost his touch......

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15/09 7:23 pm Where Did The Real Saudi Money Go? Commentary - -- [GC]

Reporters with access to further details of the payments into Najib's AmBank account say that USD80 million DID come from Saudi Arabia. It's a sum dwarfed by 1MDB, but what was the purpose of these payments and how did Najib spend them?.....

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15/09 5:21 am Operation Photo-Op Moved With Utmost Stealth! - -- [GC]

Mrs May is ready to scrape the barrel for foreign friends post-Brexit, but like Trump she has courted disapproval by falling for Najib's desperate PR gambit to con voters back home........

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13/09 6:51 pm Najib Promises To Pour Out Cash-Strapped Malaysia's Wealth Reserves 'To .. - -- [GC]

These two deeply unpopular leaders may sympathise with each other, but the only way they can actually help each other is by pretending. Najib will pretend to invest in MAGA [Make America Great Again] and Trump will help pretend that the US is no longer investigating 1MDB.....

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12/09 5:05 pm DOJ - Continuing Analysis Of The Deceit And Duplicity Of 1MDB's Top .. - -- [GC]

The promised Part II of our review and analysis of the DOJ's thriller of a read on 1MDB. Get your own copy, because there is so much MORE!........

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11/09 7:39 pm Nice Mr Najib's 'Flourishing Democracy'! COMMENT - -- [GC]

It is a sad thing for the United States to be seemingly allying with a criminal ethnic nationalist in bed with Islamic extremists against a reformist coalition based on broad democratic values. The crawling 'strategists' lining the corridors of Whitehall and the White House must take responsibility for allowing this charade to have taken place......

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10/09 11:45 pm How The DOJ Exposed The Deceit And Lies By 1MDB's Staff Plotters - ANALYSIS - -- [GC]

The DOJ court filings in the United States have revealed devastating evidence of double dealing and fraud at the highest levels in 1MDB. But, so far, who has troubled to lay out the details for most Malaysians ..... or indeed by-standers at the White House?

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7/09 7:15 pm Everything To Hide - Najib Has Opened Himself Up To A Predicted PR .. - -- [GC]

By meeting Najib Trump isn't clearing the swamp, he is entering it and the Washington media wants to know why?....

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7/09 12:11 am Trump's Tryst With Malaysia's Top Twosome Turns More Toxic By The Day - -- [GC]

Najib's sinister criminal connections and his flouting of UN sanctions over North Korea is what will dominate US perceptions as media questions Trump's surprising guest.......

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4/09 6:04 pm US Disapproval Of Najib Visit Starts To Build - -- [GC]

Najib's visit to Washington is designed to convince Malaysian voters he is off the hook over 1MDB, but will heighten his infamy on the global scene as growing disapproval surfaces in the US media.....

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4/09 3:43 am The US President's Dodgy Guest - -- [GC]

How Najib Razak welcomed the diamond seller Louise Schwarz at the Bell Aire Hotel in Hollywood in spring 2014 , so she could then present 27 diamond necklaces to his wife, bought with money siphoned from 1MDB ..........

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30/08 5:05 pm Najib Is Claiming US Visit Means DOJ Will Let Him Off...... - -- [GC]

Najib is hoping for a pre-election PR coup, but risks drawing negative attention to himself instead with his trip to the US....

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