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20/07 9:08 pm Has The UK Joined 'The Global Conspiracy Against Najib'? - A Westminster .. - -- [GC]

As the international criticism builds against Najib the talk of 'plots' and neo-colonial interferences has increased amongst his support team. The simpler explanation is that criminal behaviour deserves to be condemned.....

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19/07 8:01 pm 'Global Conspiracy' Targets New Torpedo Against Malaysia's Beleaguered .. - -- [GC]

Bribes on Malaysia's billion dollar submarine deal went to Najib, say French prosecutors.....

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18/07 8:24 pm Mystery Of Sarawak's 'Mission To London' - Gesture Politics? - -- [GC]

Opposition 'cynics' are saying that Abang Johari's 'Grand Mission to London' is merely an attempt to give the impression that he is serious about Sarawak rights, when in fact all negotiations have been shelved by Najib's new right-hand man in Kuching......

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17/07 10:58 pm No Further Action Re-Gopi - On Orders Of PM! - -- [GC]

The case is due to be referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor next week, who will then order No Further Action, on the official recommendation of the MACC. ....

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15/07 4:05 am "No Proof" Claim Malaysia's Named Master Criminals! - -- [GC]

So, how long can this last and when will Jho Low's guilded cage convert into a holding cell on the way to Washington, Zurich or Singapore?......

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10/07 10:33 pm Defamation Games...... - -- [GC]

The Malaysian Prime Minister's on-going addiction to anonymous defamation appears to have spawned yet another website, dedicated to none too subtle attacks on Sarawak Report....

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8/07 9:41 pm Anwar Reconciliation Has "Brought Panic" To Najib Camp - -- [GC]

The uniting of Malaysia's two most popular politicians with grass-roots Malay voters has clearly rattled the PM, whose own opinion polls are presenting seriously low ratings.......

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7/07 4:07 am Gopi Made Over A Hundred Calls To One Top Cop - And CID Chief Called Him .. - -- [GC]

The scale of Malaysia's vice protection racket takes on new proportions as we reveal the Head of CID was also calling alleged ringleader Gopi back! .......

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5/07 7:03 am Gopi's Police Network - More Shocking Connections Identified From Gangster .. - -- [GC]

Sarawak Report demonstrated last month that the IGP himself, his son and his brother in law had all been in regular contact with the arrested suspected gangster 'Gopi', along with several of his top cops. Khalid admitted the information was true but he has refuted concerns about the connection, threatening Sarawak Report he could not answer for its safety if the Editor came to KL .....

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1/07 2:32 am Najib's Mega-Payments - Time For Explanations MORE EXCLUSIVE DATA - -- [GC]

More evidence Najib paid for BN's massive 2013 election splash out of a multi-billion ringgit slush fund created from money stolen from 1MDB. So, what exactly were the payments for and how come RM7 million was paid to the Director of Military Intelligence also?......

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28/06 6:40 pm London Times Leads On The Miranda Kerr Pay-Back Of Jho Low's 1MDB-Funded .. - -- [GC]

Don't just deny this deluge of international publicity. Najib and his henchmen need to put their money where their mouths are (after all they have plenty) and sue the international media.....

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26/06 2:04 am Cheques To One Side, What Did Najib Do With The RM43 Million In CASH? - -- [GC]

The cash transfers coincided with a buy out of 30% of the company at the centre of these maneouvrings by none other than the government-controlled Tabung Haji. So, was the pilgrimage fund raided once more to hide thefts from 1MDB?......

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25/06 7:13 pm Our Heartfelt Thanks - YOU DID IT IN JUST TWO DAYS! - -- [GC]

It was particularly unusual and impressive that people rallied to meet our 30,000 (RM180,000) target in just two days......

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24/06 6:59 pm A Big Thank You For Your FANTASTIC SUPPORT! - -- [GC]

Humble thanks for all the support we have received in our Crowd Justice campaign.......

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22/06 9:07 pm Luxembourg And Edmond de Rothschild Bank Join "Conspiracy Against Najib"? - -- [GC]

Yet another bank admits that it handled stolen money from 1MDB. However, Najib and his core supporters still say there was no theft and that their stolen billions came from an anonymous and undocumented Saudi royal "donor"....

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