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22/11 1:20 am Water Confirmed Seeping Into Control Room At Bengoh Dam - EXCLUSIVE - -- [GC]

However, as water is now filmed pouring out of a series of separate cracks, the UK contractor alleged to be monitoring the situation has distanced itself from the project - we ask WHAT IS GOING ON?......

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20/11 5:46 am Sabah Air Mystery - UK's Open Company Register Contradicts Official .. - -- [GC]

Why has a Sabah State Government company, Sabah Air, made a statement that is in complete contradiction of verifiable facts that are publicly available to all (for free) in the UK Company Register?.....

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19/11 1:03 pm Is Najib Starting To Regret The Enemies He's Made? COMMENT - -- [GC]

It takes some brass neck to make a show of 'magnanimity' towards the man you have put in jail for five years, following an operation to relieve the symptoms of that confinement, but there is a clear agenda behind Najib's hospital PR stunt. Abu Dhabi features next on Najib's list as he seeks to placate the foes he's made in advance of an election.....

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5/11 10:15 pm PetroSaudi's Prince Turki Is Rounded Up On Corruption Charges In Saudi - -- [GC]

A dozen 'Untouchable Royals' of Saudi Arabia have suddenly been dragged into custody. Prince Turki bin Abudullah, photographed here with Najib and Rosmah setting up the PetroSaudi 1MDB Joint Venture, is one of those arrested on corruption charges in a sudden 'purge'. What does this mean for the Saudi 'Donor' story over 1MDB?......

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1/11 8:06 pm Prince Charles Ought Not Zip His Lips Over The Scandals In Malaysia Say .. - -- [GC]

Malaysian NGOs abroad call on Prince Charles to condemn the corruption and human rights abuses of Najib Razak's regime: namely the plunder of public funds, plunder of the environment, human rights abuses and the jailing of a opposition leader who won more votes than the PM.....

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30/10 9:20 pm Response to Hadi Awang - -- [GC]

The Defence and Counterclaim against Hadi Awang can be read on this site ......

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28/10 1:22 am They Are Killing The Prime Witness Protests Najadi's Son! - -- [GC]

Najadi's son protests that to execute a hired shooter without investigated who hired him and why is tantamount to a murder cover-up, yet again in Malaysia.......

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I did what I could for Anwar, says Dr Mahathir - Free .. - FMT
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