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22/11 7:12 am Fake News Is a Real Problem

Facebook, Google, and Twitter will probably flush out false political ads over time, but I am less convinced they will ever be able to stop fake news.

15/11 7:01 am Will AR Glasses Ever Really Take Off?

Thus far, consumers have shunned AR glasses like Google Glass; getting people familiar with the tech via mobile apps might be the better approach.

11/11 8:00 am AT&T Should Drop DirecTV, Not CNN

Stories about a Trump CNN vendetta miss the real danger of the AT/Time Warner deal.

9/11 9:40 pm Robots Won't Kill You, But They Will Take Your Job

That's not true. Worrying about scifi Terminators and RoboCops means you're ignoring the real danger

7/11 11:28 pm Broadcom Will Kill Qualcomm

Turning an engineering-driven business into a numbers-driven one would strangle innovation.

 This Sprint Deal Is Much Smarter Than a T-Mobile Merger

Cable companies could help Sprint fill out its network. Everybody would win.

 Apple Needs a Touch-Screen MacBook

While I've warmed to the idea of the Touch Bar, many road warriors and students might not be as enthusiastic. Apple should reconsider its aversion to touch-screen laptops.

3/11 7:14 am Is iPhone X Apple's Vista?

Apple is taking a different approach with review units for iPhone X. What does it all mean?

2/11 7:11 am My First Impressions of iPhone X

Thus far, iPhone X is an impressive step up from the iPhone 7 Plus and even 8 Plus.

1/11 6:59 am Standing on the Shoulders of Geeks

I rely on the PCMag staff to keep me on the cutting edge of the huge world of technology.

27/10 7:03 am You Can Keep Your Useless IoT Gadgets

The recent developers conference didnt reveal any products that practical users would ever wantor

25/10 7:16 am Can Foldable OLED Displays Revive the PC Market?

What's most intriguing to me about the idea of a foldable OLED (FOLED) screen is that it gives laptop vendors a new way to innovate.

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