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21/07 8:22 am Amazon Eyes Meal Kits, But Why?

Amazon's inability to innovate without stealing other companies' ideas and using its market clout to win is going to put it on the road to a government-sanctioned breakup.

19/07 7:31 am Apple Toys With AR, But iGlasses Still a Few Years Out

Acquisitions hint at Apple's AR future, but a mainstream product is still a few years away.

14/07 7:05 pm The Web's Big Problem: Change for the Sake of Change

The new Google News was designed for readability, but I was reading it just fine before.

11/07 10:27 pm The 5 Industries Most Impacted by Apple's iPhone

Before the iPhone was released, there was a lot of hype, but it turned out to be a powerful technology that impacted the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

9/07 9:33 pm With Driverless Tech, It's Important to Sweat the Small Stuff

Along with developing software and sensors, Bosch is focusing on redundancies for steering and brakes as well as real-world testing.

8/07 11:34 pm The Disturbing Gaming Trend No One Asked For

Bubsy is a property to which no one has as non-ironic attachment, and yet this 90s mascot douchebag is coming back. Let's party like it's 1996.

6/07 10:09 pm The Internet of Cars Will Ruin the Roads

For safety's sake, it would be better if self-driving cars were kept totally autonomous, as in unable to chat with other cars or any system outside the car.

4/07 8:04 pm My Test Drive in a Self-Driving Car

Driverless technology is hitting the open road whether we like it or not, and Waymo's solution is impressive, but convincing people to trust it might be a tough sell.

3/07 8:25 am Fighting the Good Fights

Some enemies are worth having, and some battles reveal who you really are.

1/07 8:05 pm Don't Let Partisan Bickering Slow Self-Driving Car Development

Republicans and Democrats agree that autonomous technology is crucial, but party politics can't become a roadblock.

30/06 8:44 am Just Say No to Amazon's Echo Show

Watch the commercial Amazon put out to tout this video-phone with Alexa and you'll fall into deep hate with the very idea, if not out-right despise the product.

27/06 8:09 pm Technology's Impact on Our Memories

While we can analyze many different angles in which technology will augment our human abilities, one of the more compelling things to augment will be our memory.

24/06 8:12 pm Google Classroom Could Bridge a Gap in Online Learning

With its emphasis on simplicity and collaboration, Google Classroom could be a conduit for in-person classrooms and learning management systems.

24/06 9:26 am How Genetic Engineering Fixed My Stupid Back

Decades worth of the genetic research helped create the treatments that finally cured my back.

23/06 9:13 am Whatever Happened to Customer Support?

The cost of providing tech support is high; some companies don't even bother. But I have had surprisingly good interactions with one much-maligned firm.

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