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7/06 6:46 pm The FOMO Plague Is Turning Us Into Smartphone Zombies

Serious study is needed to find out why people can't look away from their screens.

6/06 5:20 am Do We Really Need $700 Electronic License Plates?

I'm not keen on dropping $700 on e-plates, but they could have their benefits.

 Truly Flexible Displays Will Reinvent Smartphones

This year's Society for Information Displays (SID) conference provided a glimpse of the future.

 Apple Ignores What's Wrong With the Mac

There's a lot that's deeply wrong with Mac hardware, and Apple doesn't seem to see it.

4/06 5:18 am OTA Power? Bring It On!

The June issue of the PCMag Digital Edition explores true wireless charging.

2/06 5:17 am The OS Armageddon Is Coming

Issues with Microsoft's Windows 10 April 2018 Update are a warning of what's to come.

 Why Nintendo's Gamble on Retro Consoles Paid Off

Nintendo has mastered the art of rebooting through perfect timing and meticulous planning.

29/05 7:42 pm How AI, ML Will Transform Speech-to-Text, Language Translations

There were two things from Google I/O that I consider potential game changers.

26/05 9:44 pm With Volkswagen Deal, Apple's Self-Driving Car Dreams Shrink

The iconic tech company was supposed to disrupt the auto industry, but instead is having VW build autonomous vans for its campus.

25/05 5:23 am The Obvious Consequences of GDPR

This law is going to make a mess sooner rather than later.

23/05 5:28 am The World Needs More Makers

Our rapidly changing world requires job skills that meet the changing needs of a workforce increasingly driven by information and analytics. First stop: Maker Faire.

19/05 8:30 am How GDPR Will Impact the AI Industry

Under the new data protection and privacy regulations, AI companies will have to reveal the full scope of information they collect as well as how they use it and how they'll protect it.

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