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17/02 7:30 am Don't Be Afraid of Huawei and ZTE

U.S. intelligence officials say they don't want people to use Huawei or ZTE phones, but we don't think their claims have merit. Here's why.

16/02 7:18 am AI Still Needs to Work on the Intelligence Bit

There's a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence will conquer us all, but if my recent exchange with a Microsoft chatbot is any indication, I shouldn't be worried.

13/02 9:54 pm AR and VR Are 2018's VisiCalc

VisiCalc changed the way people did accounting projects in the early days of the PC. Augmented and virtual reality can do the same for the next era of computing.

10/02 10:18 pm Dragon Ball FighterZ Offers Accessibility Without Compromise

Simple controls, plus the delicious Dragon Ball license, means fighting fun for everyone.

9/02 7:14 am Bitcoin Is the New Beanie Babies

The 90s never died, but some of its economic ideas should have.

 Is Bitcoin the Biggest Bubble in Human History?

Cryptocurrencys value is based entirely on one conceit: its scarcity. But how can something that do

7/02 7:54 am The Quest for the Next Great Ultralight, Ultrathin Laptops

The next decade of ultralight PCs got a boost at CES 2018 with the introduction of Dell's newest XPS 13 and Lenovo's X1 Carbon.

2/02 8:15 am How to Rethink Online Food Delivery

Lots of delivery services pick up restaurant meals to bring to you. The problem with that is: who ne

 Why Samsung Is Hell-Bent on Making Bixby Happen

Samsung wants Bixby to be the operating system of the 5G world. Don't laugh.

 Google Can't Save ISP Competition, We Need to Save Ourselves

The prospect of serious home internet competition in the US looks bleak. Do we need to start our own ISPs?

31/01 8:04 am How Dr. Lisa Su Made AMD Relevant Again

At CES, I sat down with Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, who has turned the company around with a focus on high-performance computing, designs, and platforms.

 The Internal Combustion Engine Isn't Going Anywhere Just Yet

Mazda's innovative next-gen SkyActiv engine show that gasoline-powered vehicles could be around for decades.

 The New New Journalism

Virtual reality is enabling an innovative way of real-life storytelling.

28/01 10:36 pm Blame Bad UI Design for Hawaii's False Missile Alert

A user pressed the wrong button, but software designers should take responsibility.

25/01 7:25 am My Professional Armchair Analysis of CES

No one needs to go to this annual gadget tradeshow when it's already over-covered by every media out

 Could Virtual Selling Be VR's Killer App?

As I walked the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, I wondered if CES and other trade shows could eventually become virtual events.

 Why Social Media Companies Should Embrace Blockchain

This might be great for users, but companies could benefit even more.

 Inside the Online Grad Programs Wash U Law Created With 2U

Wash U Law has developed two online degree programs with 2U: a master of laws (LL.M.) and a master of legal studies (MLS). We examine the benefits and challenges.

21/01 1:23 am Knock It Off With the Tech Prediction Stories

Every year about this time columnists like myself tend to write any number of standard or stock colu

 Did We Learn Nothing From the Dot-Com Bust?

A lot of tech these days feels like it would fit perfectly into the pre-bust Dotcom eraand that s

 3 Game-Changing Health Gadgets Spotted at CES

This year, I focused on a key area of health tech: products for those with vision problems.

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