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17/02 12:28 am Facebook Told To Stop Tracking In Belgium
17/02 12:27 am A Hacker Has Wiped A Spyware Company's Servers - Again
17/02 12:24 am Special Counsel Indicts 13 People, Russian Troll Farm On Conspiracy Charges
16/02 10:35 pm Variants Of Meltdown-Spectre Flaws May Have Been Discovered
 Former ICE Top Lawyer Stole Alien Identities From Govt Database
 Ajit Pai Is Being Investigated By The FCC For Corruption
 New Chaos Linux Backdoor Is Pretty Stealthy
15/02 11:11 pm A Potent Botnet Is Exploiting A Critical Router Bug That May Never Be Fixed
 Anti-Clinton Wikileaks Chat Leaked
 NSA, FBI, CIA All Agree You Shouldn't Trust A Huawei Phone
 Unsecured Server Exposed Thousands Of FedEx Customer Records
15/02 11:10 pm Hack The Air Force 2.0 Uncovers Over 100 Vulnerabilities
 UK Blames Russia For Malicious NotPetya Cyber Attack
14/02 12:19 am Until Last Week, You Could Pwn KDE Linux Desktop With A USB Stick
 LoopX Jacks $4.5m In Investor Cryptocurrency
 Facebook Broke German Privacy Laws
 Hackers Used Government Websites To Mine Crypto Currency
13/02 1:08 am New Hack Can Steal Data From Devices In Faraday Cages
 Researchers: We Found The Olympic Disrupting Malware
 Bitcoin Energy Use In Iceland Set To Overtake Homes
12/02 12:25 am Hackers Accessed More Data From Equifax Than Disclosed
 Idiots Think They Can Steal Source Code and It Won't Leak Further
 Hackers Hijack Nintendo Switch, Show Linux Loaded On Console
10/02 7:09 am John Perry Barlow - A Good Ancestor And The Greatest Man I Have Ever Known

John Perry Barlow October 3rd 1947 February 7th 2018 If we are lucky, we may find ourselves in just the right place, at just the right time, peering down the barrel at the future history of humanity. For those of us lucky enough to steal a glimpse of such monumental proportions, we usually do so in the rearview mirror - to see what could have been. John Perry Barlow saw what could be, and on many occasions, what he could do to rally a team to charge a course to a better future. And so he did, ..

9/02 10:58 pm Cisco: Severe Bug In Appliances Now Under Attack
 Zerodium Offers $45,000 For Linux Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
 Russian Nuclear Scientists Arrested For 'Bitcoin Mining Plot'
 Apple Confirms iPhone Source Code Leak
8/02 11:23 pm Bodyhackers: Bold, Inspiring, And Terrifying
 Swisscom Data Breach: 800,000 Customers Affected
 Dozens Charged For Infraud Cyber-Crime Site
8/02 11:44 am John Perry Barlow, Internet Pioneer, 1947-2018
7/02 10:54 pm Uber Quits GitHub For In-House Code After 2016 Data Breach
 A Flaw In Hotspot Shield Can Expose VPN Users, Locations
 GCHQ Fights Massive Phishing Campaign
7/02 10:53 pm Amazon Fixing Security Loophole With Key Service While Claiming It's Not ..
7/02 12:46 am Two Men Charged In Jackpotting Scheme That Drains ATMs
 Cisco Needs You To Patch The ASA VPN Bug, Again
 Bitcoin Falls Below $6,000
 T-Mobile Is Sending A Mass Text Warning Of Industry-Wide Phone Hijacking ..

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