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The First AI-Driven Solution for SAP Cybersecurity - ESToday - 22/11 7:21 am

ERPScan has announced release of the first and only SAP cybersecurity platform driven by artificial intelligence. It uses machine and deep learning to predict, prevent, and respond to hack attacks.

Scary But True: Hundreds of the Most Popular Sites Log Everything You Type - ESToday - 22/11 7:21 am

Nearly 500 of the top 50,000 Web sites on Alexa use so-called "session replay" scripts from third-party companies to record almost everything users do while visiting their sites, according to new research.

Forcepoint Predicts 2018 Security Threats and Privacy Wars - ESToday - 21/11 9:36 am

Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint has launched its 2018 Security Predictions Report, with security experts providing guidance on the threats facing organizations in the months to come.

Email Has Been Weaponized by Hackers, Results Can Be Deadly - ESToday - 21/11 7:15 am

Nearly all of the top million most popular domains are not protected from "weaponized" email impersonation by hackers, according to a new study by email authentication service provider ValiMail.

Review: Apple's 13-Inch MacBook Pro Will Go the Distance - ESToday - 21/11 7:15 am

A new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro is here, and while nothing obvious has changed on the outside, it now comes with 7th-generation Intel chips and the new version of MacOS High Sierra

White House Opens Up About How It Assesses Cyberthreats - ESToday - 21/11 7:15 am

The government has opened up about the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, providing its first explanation of how it goes about determining whether to disclose cybersecurity flaws or keep them secret.

FCC Gives Phone Companies New Tools To Block Spam Calls - ESToday - 18/11 8:08 am

Phone companies will have greater authority to block unwanted calls from reaching customers as federal regulators have adopted new rules to combat automated messages known as robocalls.

Cybersecurity Researchers Find Amazon Key Hack - ESToday - 18/11 8:08 am

Experts have found a way to knock Amazon's new security camera offline, a capability that could enable malicious drivers for the online retailer's new in-home delivery service to snoop around a house.

AmEx Intros Blockchain-Enabled Cross-Border B2B Payments - ESToday - 17/11 7:21 am

To speed and secure B2B international payments, AmEx is using new blockchain-enabled technology. AmEx is working with Santander and Ripple, instantly connecting U.S. customers to the U.K.

Kaspersky Software Used By 15 Percent of U.S. Federal Agencies - ESToday - 17/11 7:21 am

Computer systems at 15 percent of U.S. government agencies were running Kaspersky Lab software that's been banned because of concerns about the company's ties to the Kremlin.

Kaspersky: We Extracted NSA Files -- But We Didn't Mean To - ESToday - 17/11 7:21 am

Russian-headquartered anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has confirmed it extracted sensitive files from a U.S. National Security Agency worker's computer, but said it wasn't a deliberate move.

Microsoft and Adobe Patch More than 100 Bugs - ESToday - 16/11 7:18 am

On Patch Tuesday, Microsoft and Adobe pushed out a large number of bug fixes, including those to resolve serious security flaws in Microsoft Office and Edge and Adobe's Acrobat and Flash Player.

AVGater Vulnerability Can Put Business PCs at Risk - ESToday - 16/11 7:18 am

Antivirus software is, naturally enough, designed to defend your PC from malicious attacks, but it seems that some of these apps are suffering from a worrying vulnerability dubbed AVGater.

Connected Toys May Pose a Security Risk for Children - ESToday - 15/11 7:09 am

A consumer group is urging retailers to withdraw a number of "connected" or "intelligent" toys that may be popular for Christmas, after finding security failures that could put childrens safety at risk.

Fake News in Catalonia; Is Russia Meddling? - ESToday - 14/11 7:07 am

Officials in Spain are warning EU partners about a disinformation campaign aimed at destabilizing its volatile Catalonia region, which Madrid claims appears to be coming from Russia.

Google Study Finds Phishing Is Top Online Threat - ESToday - 14/11 7:07 am

Internet data breaches threaten billions of people's usernames and passwords, but bad actors find phishing is the most effective way to hijack their victims' online identities, according to researchers.

IPhone X Face ID Fooled with a $150 Mask - ESToday - 14/11 7:07 am

Hackers at a Vietnamese cybersecurity firm say the iPhone X's Face ID biometric security feature is less secure than Apple says -- and claims to have fooled it with a mask made from $150 in supplies.

North Korea Is Finally Going Online -- Ever So Cautiously - ESToday - 14/11 7:07 am

Ever so cautiously, North Korea is going online. It's just not the World Wide Web. It's all being done on a tightly sealed intranet of the sort a medium-sized company might use for its employees.

Face to Face with Nest's Smartest Home Security Camera - ESToday - 12/11 7:20 am

Nest's new home security camera is supposed to be so smart that it can identify people it's been introduced to. That skill comes from facial-recognition technology made by Nest's sibling, Google.

Report: Apple Offered FBI Help with Texas Shooter's iPhone - ESToday - 11/11 8:09 am

As the FBI struggled to access the Texas church shooter's iPhone, the FBI did not ask Apple for assistance in the first 48 hours after the shooting -- critical timing, as Touch ID sensors could have been used.

Can a Piece of Tinfoil Really Fix Your Wi-Fi Problems? - ESToday - 10/11 7:17 am

Researchers have developed a cheap fix for Wi-Fi issues: a 3D-printed reflector covered in tinfoil to direct stronger signals where they're needed and away from areas that are more vulnerable to hacking.

Encryption, Terror and the FBI: Phone-Unlocking Debate Resurfaces - ESToday - 10/11 7:17 am

The Texas church massacre is providing a familiar frustration for law enforcement: FBI agents are unable to unlock the gunman's encrypted cellphone to learn what evidence it might hold.

Former Yahoo CEO Grilled About Data Breach, Blames Russia - ESToday - 10/11 7:17 am

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told lawmakers that the threat from state-sponsored hackers has changed the playing field so dramatically that even the best-defended companies can fall victim.

To Fight Revenge Porn, Facebook Wants To See Your Nude Pictures - ESToday - 9/11 7:20 am

Social media giant Facebook is asking users to send the company their nude photos in an effort to tackle revenge porn, in an attempt to give some control back to victims of this type of abuse.

Microsoft Says Windows 10 Devices Can Be Made Secure: Here's How - ESToday - 9/11 7:20 am

If you have an up-to-date device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1 devices, and mobile workstations, Microsoft has enabled new standards that it said can ensure "a highly secure experience."

Startup Aims To Be 'Ghostbusters' After Businesses Are Hacked - ESToday - 8/11 7:02 am

Software startup Sift Science offers enterprises what it calls its Trust Platform -- a lineup of products designed to attack potential danger areas of online fraud for industries and businesses.

Tweeter-in-Chief To Confront China's 'Great Firewall' - ESToday - 8/11 7:02 am

America's tweeter-in-chief is set to face off bit-to-bit against China's "great firewall." President Trump's arrival in Beijing on will test his preferred 140-character communications tool.

A New Twist: Trump a Victim of Hackers Years Before Election - ESToday - 7/11 6:57 am

Four years ago, well before the furor over allegations Moscow meddled in the 2016 election, at least 195 web addresses belonging to Trump, his family or his business empire were hacked.

Equifax Clears Executives Over Post-Breach Stock Sale - ESToday - 4/11 7:42 am

Credit report company Equifax, which was hacked over the summer, said a special committee found that none of the four executives who sold shares at the time did anything wrong.

Russian Hackers Had Worldwide Targets -- Not Just U.S. Election - ESToday - 4/11 7:42 am

The hackers who disrupted the U.S. presidential election had ambitions well beyond Hillary Clinton's campaign, targeting the emails of Ukrainian officers, Russian opposition figur

Social Media Giants Acknowledge Russian Meddling - ESToday - 3/11 7:21 am

In exhaustive hearings, execs from Facebook, Twitter and Google acknowledged that their platforms were used by Russia to try and create division over disparate issues like gun control and politics.

Facebook: Security Investments Will Affect Profitability - ESToday - 3/11 7:21 am

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company is serious about preventing abuse and that its investments in keeping "problematic content" off its social network will affect its profitability.

Google Docs Lockout Fixed, But Big Privacy Fears Raised - ESToday - 2/11 7:20 am

Some students and writers collaborating on shared documents via Google's cloud services were temporarily locked out of their files and told it was because their content violated Google's user policies.

IRS Fends Off 4 Million Hacking Attempts a Day - ESToday - 2/11 7:20 am

The IRS fends off 4 million hacking attempts a day, Commissioner John Koskinen said, saying the tax agency does a solid job of keeping intruders out of its databases.

Ransomware Payouts Hit Record Highs in 2017 - ESToday - 1/11 7:09 am

Businesses are now paying an average of $1,400 to rescue their IT systems from ransomware, and global damages from such attacks are expected to surpass $5 billion this year.

Beware: The Equifax Hack Isn't Over -- More Risks Ahead - ESToday - 1/11 7:09 am

Long after the Equifax breach, people struggled to freeze their credit reports as credit bureau websites failed, lured people to look-alike products or even redirected visitors to download malware.

Your VPN Needs These Eight Essential Features - ESToday - 1/11 7:09 am

To avoid any danger of you being razzle-dazzled by a VPN's fancy website, here's a look at the truly important features to bear in mind when picking the best VPN service for you or your business.

Fires Destroy Section of Hewlett-Packard Archives - ESToday - 1/11 7:09 am

California's wildfires destroyed much of an archive from tech pioneers William Hewlett and David Packard, such as a memo in which Hewlett proposes a calculator that can fit in his pocket.

AT&T Adds Private Content Management for Mobile Box Users - ESToday - 31/10 7:33 am

A new solution from AT and Box enables integrated, private content-management utilizing NetBond for Cloud. With a secure, private connection for wireless and wireline users, data never hits the Internet.

Researcher Says Equifax Ignored Data Breach Warnings - ESToday - 30/10 9:08 am

Months before the historic data breach of credit-reporting titan Equifax that saw hackers steal private data of nearly half the U.S. population, the company was warned it was open to such an attack.

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