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Google Attribution Aims To Link Offline Purchases to Online Ads - Newsfactor - 25/05 8:10 am

Machine learning can help marketers better track the success of their ads, whether customers ultimately end up buying online or off, thanks to a new tool just unveiled by Google.

Microsoft Said To Buy Cyberecurity Firm Hexadite for $100 Million - Newsfactor - 25/05 8:10 am

Redmond may not be saying anything, but reports indicate that Microsoft has agreed to buy Israeli cybersecurity firm Hexadite for $100M. Hexadite uses AI to analyze and address small-scale network attacks.

Qualcomm Showcases Electric Vehicle Charging on the Fly - Newsfactor - 25/05 8:10 am

The Holy Grail for electric vehicles is to someday be able to wirelessly re-charge batteries on the fly, rather than having to stop, plug in and wait hours before hitting the road again.

Computer Beats Chinese Champion in Ancient Board Game of Go - Newsfactor - 25/05 8:10 am

A computer defeated China's top player of the ancient board game go, earning praise that it might have finally surpassed human abilities in one of the last games machines have yet to dominate.

Apple and Nokia: From Frenemies to Friends? - Newsfactor - 25/05 8:10 am

Shares of Nokia are on the rise after the company's rocky-at-best relationship with tech giant Apple took a turn for the better; the two are now cooperating on new digital health technologies.

Microsoft Launches New Surface Pro, Offers 13.5 Hours of Battery Life - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

Tech giant Microsoft has announced the latest version of its popular Surface Pro laptop, which comes with an upgraded Kaby Lake 7th generation Intel Core processor and offers 13.5 hours of battery life.

Global Smartphone Sales Grow as Apple, Samsung Lose Share - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

As more people around the world become smartphone users, a growing number of them are willing to pay more for better devices, according to new data released by the analyst firm Gartner Inc.

Google Aims To Connect Online Ads to Real-World Sales - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

Technology giant Google already monitors your online shopping -- but now it's also aiming to keep an eye on what you're buying in physical stores to try to sell more digital advertising.

Heavy Duty Delivery Drones Coming - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

China's biggest online retailer,, announced plans to develop drone aircraft capable of carrying a ton or more for long-distance deliveries. they will carry consumer goods to remote areas.

Online Retail Site Boxed CEO Takes Bulk-Buying Mobile - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

Boxed co-founder and CEO Chieh Huang is focusing on millennials who want bulk-size deals on items like toilet paper and peanut butter -- but who can't or won't drive to warehouse stores.

Facebook's Secret Rules and Guidelines Exposed - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

Social media giant Facebook's secret rules and guidelines for its users have been revealed after an investigation that will fuel the global debate about the role and ethics of the company.

WannaCry Hackers Still Trying To Revive Attack, Says Accidental Hero - Newsfactor - 24/05 8:08 am

The "accidental hero" who registered a web address that became the so-called kill switch for WannaCry says hackers are trying to overwhelm the site to resurrect the ransomware.

WannaCry Ransomware Update: Windows 7 Hit Hardest - Newsfactor - 23/05 8:04 am

More than a week after the massive WannaCry ransomware attack hobbled computer systems around the world, security experts continue to assess the damage and keep watch for new outbreaks.

HP Launches New Premium Laptops at Cannes Festival - Newsfactor - 23/05 8:04 am

Tech giant HP took advantage of its participation in the Cannes Film Festival to release several new premium laptops aimed at creative professionals, including new entries in the Spectre and Envy lines.

Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Drone Registration Rule - Newsfactor - 23/05 8:04 am

An appeals court struck down an FAA rule that required owners of drones used for recreation to register their craft. The ruling was a victory for hobbyists and a setback for the federal agency.

Ford Replaces CEO Mark Fields in Push To Transform Business - Newsfactor - 23/05 8:04 am

Automaker Ford is replacing CEO Mark Fields as it struggles to keep its traditional business running smoothly while remaking itself as a nimble, high-tech provider of new mobility services.

What Twitter's Privacy Changes Mean for You - Newsfactor - 22/05 7:13 am

Amid declining revenues, Twitter's new privacy policy suggests ambitions of becoming more like Facebook -- more tracking of us

E-Tail Shipping Price War Escalates for Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon - Newsfactor - 21/05 7:25 am

E-tailers Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon are engaged in a game of shipping tag, each trying to adjust their free threshold and other strategies to a level that can lure shoppers from one another.

Robots, Rappelling, Rifles: Showcase of Special Ops Gadgets - Newsfactor - 21/05 7:25 am

It's like a supermarket for Navy SEALs. A grocery store for Green Berets. A Costco for commandoes. It's a conference for military special operations forces and their gadgets, weapons and tools.

Sorry, Snapchat, Instagram Now Has Fun Face Filters, Too - Newsfactor - 21/05 7:25 am

It was only a matter of time. Instagram, Facebook's most powerful weapon in its battle to destroy social media app Snapchat, is rolling out another popular Snapchat-like feature: Face filters.

AI and Machine Learning Take Center Stage at Google I/O 2017 - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

At last year's Google I/O conference, CEO Sundar Pichai said the world was shifting from mobile-first to one led by artificial intelligence. This year, the company is focusing on "making AI work for everyone."

FCC Vote Kicks Off a Battle Over Regulation of the Internet - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

A federal agency has voted to kick off the repeal of "net neutrality" rules designed to keep broadband providers like AT, Verizon and Comcast from interfering with the internet.

IBM Announces Blockchain Accelerator Program - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

Big Blue has announced a new initiative to support the development of blockchain networks among enterprises. The IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator builds on IBMs existing blockchain ecosystem.

Experts Question North Korea Role in WannaCry Cyberattack - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

A couple of things about the WannaCry attack are certain. It was the biggest in history and it's a scary preview of things to come. But one thing is less clear: whether North Korea was involved.

Sweden Drops Rape Case Against Julian Assange - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigation into a rape allegation against Julian Assange, five years after the WikiLeaks founder sought refuge inside Ecuador's London embassy.

Google Unveils Latest Tech Tricks as Computers Get Smarter - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

CEO Sundar Pichai and other top executives brought Google's audacious ambition into sharper focus at an annual conference attended by 7,000 developers who design apps for its digital services.

Some of Google's New Features Seem ... Familiar - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

Many new bells and whistles were just announced by tech giant Google, but several of these "new" features and services are already offered by rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Uber Threatens To Fire Former Google Engineer - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

More drama: Uber threatened to fire Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer at the centre of Uber's court case with Alphabet's Waymo, accused of stealing self-driving car trade secrets.

Arms: How Nintendo Is Reinventing the Motion Game - Newsfactor - 20/05 8:19 am

When Nintendo's new fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, Arms, was announced, there were concerns we'd be subjected to the aimless waggling that Boxing, and other Wii games, fell victim to.

What's New in Firebase? Google I/O 2017 - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

Tech giant Googles I/O 2017 developer event continues with more announcements, including announcements of new tools involving Firebase, the company's Web app and mobile development platform.

Google Launches Android Go for 'Next Billion' Smartphone Users - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

After announcing that its Android mobile operating system is now active on 2 billion devices, Google is targeting its next billion users with a new initiative called Android Go.

Shadow Brokers Threaten To Unleash More Hacking Tools - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

The hacking group that says it facilitated the WannaCry ransomware attack has threatened to leak a new wave of hacking tools it claims to have stolen from the National Security Agency.

Target Reimagines Itself and Wall Street Likes What It Sees - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

As attempts to turn its business around appear to be gaining some traction, Target's first-quarter profit rose almost 8 percent. Still, the company must learn to thrive amid intense competition online.

With Many Social Media Options, Small Businesses Need Focus - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

When Snapchat went public this year, it was a reminder to many small business owners that they need to be part of the social media evolution. But which network? Snapchat? Facebook? Instagram?

Wal-Mart's Online Sales Surge, Tops 1Q Expectations - Newsfactor - 19/05 8:08 am

Even as the competition intensifies, Wal-Mart delivered first-quarter results that show it's winning over shoppers at stores and online. It's a rare bright spot in a largely gloomy retail environment.

Google I/O Spotlights Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software - Newsfactor - 18/05 8:01 am

CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the Google I/O developer conference saying the company is rethinking all of its services in order to apply AI and machine learning technology as broadly as possible.

AMD's Epyc Server System-on-Chip Targets Data Center Needs - Newsfactor - 18/05 8:01 am

AMD designed its Epyc server system-on-chip for software-defined data centers. Epyc has been shown to outperform a two-socket, two-processor platform in both memory bandwidth and I/O capacity.

Intel Sharing at Heart of U.S., Europe Talks on Laptop Ban - Newsfactor - 18/05 8:01 am

The intelligence behind plans to broaden a U.S. ban on in-flight laptops and tablets to include planes from Europe took center stage as officials met to discuss the looming decision.

Qualcomm Sues iPhone Makers in Escalating Patent War - Newsfactor - 18/05 8:01 am

In the latest salvo in an escalating war over patent royalties, Qualcomm filed a breach of contract suit against four Taiwanese contract manufacturers that build iPhones and iPads for Apple.

Surfer Worked from Bedroom To Beat Cyberattack - Newsfactor - 18/05 8:01 am

As a vast "ransomware" attack raced from computer to computer, infecting tens of thousands around the world, a young tech expert worked from his bedroom in England to bring the rampage to a halt.

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