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Homeland Security Notifies 21 States of Election Hacking - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

The federal government told election officials in 21 states that hackers targeted their systems before last year's presidential election. The states targeted included key political battlegrounds.

Cyberattack at Deloitte Reveals Clients' Secret Emails - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

One of the world's "big four" accountancy firms has been targeted by a sophisticated hack that compromised the confidential emails and plans of some of its blue-chip clients.

Uber CEO Issues Public Apology to London Users - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

The new CEO of Uber apologized for past mistakes in a public attempt to show London authorities that the company, known for aggressive tactics, is willing to change to operate in the city.

Intel's Newest, Fastest Processors: What You Need To Know - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Arriving on the market next week, the new 8th-generation Intel Core desktop processors are aimed at gamers and digital content creators who want more speed and power for the applications they run.

Skype for Business Is Out, as Microsoft Goes All In on Teams - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Microsoft is ending Skype's foray into business communications, packaging its tools into Microsoft Teams, the company's challenge to workplace collaboration startup Slack.

Target To Boost Hourly Base Pay to $15 by End of 2020 - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Discount retailer Target is raising its minimum hourly wage to $11 starting next month and then to $15 by the end of 2020 in a move it says will help it better recruit and retain top-quality staff.

Chipmaker Imagination Bought by China-Backed Tech Firm - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Shares in Imagination Technologies jumped after the UK chipmaker announced a takeover by a China-backed private equity firm that was blocked by Donald Trump from buying a US rival.

Opportunistic Experian Wants To Protect You from the Dark Web' - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Consumers' and lawmakers' attention is rightly focused at the moment on the security breach involving Equifax. But a new ad from rival Experian highlights a more troublesome aspect of credit agencies.

New Expedia CEO Has a Hard Act To Follow - Newsfactor - 26/09 7:10 am

Mark Okerstrom sat 6 feet to the right of his boss, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, for more than five years. The two even dressed as ketchup and mustard in matching Halloween costumes one year.

IT Managers Need To Lock Down Workplace Equipment - Newsfactor - 25/09 5:55 pm

While cybersecurity solutions cannot stop devices with confidential data from being stolen, proper physical security solutions can. Implementing a first line of defense with physical solutions is a key step.

SAP Buying Gigya for Customer Identity and Access Management - Newsfactor - 25/09 5:55 pm

Enterprise software giant SAP plans to acquire California-based Gigya for its "registration-as-a-service" platform that helps companies manage customer profiles and opt-in preferences efficiently.

Tech Startups Using AI To Disrupt the Recruitment Industry - Newsfactor - 25/09 5:55 pm

Hiring the best talent and creating a diverse workforce is a top priority for businesses -- and is arguably one of their biggest challenges. But help is now at hand from tech startups using AI.

The GIF Celebrates 30 Years of Dancing Babies - Newsfactor - 25/09 5:55 pm

The humble GIF is turning 30. The multi-purpose bitmap image format has established itself as part of internet culture, so much so that people have stopped arguing over how it's pronounced.

Should You Upgrade? 4 Things To Know about Apple iOS 11 Update - Newsfactor - 25/09 5:55 pm

Holding off on upgrading your trusty old iPhone? You won't need a spiffy iPhone 8 to get new maps, photos and other features and enhancements with Apple's free software update.

Lifelock Offers Equifax Breach Protection -- from Equifax - Newsfactor - 24/09 7:27 am

ID theft protection firm Lifelock is one of the big winners from the Equifax data breach. But when you buy its protection, you're signing up for credit reporting and monitoring from, yes, Equifax.

Next Tech Transportation Race: Self-Driving Boats - Newsfactor - 24/09 7:27 am

Spurred by the car industry's race to build driverless vehicles, marine innovators are building automated ferry boats, cargo ships that can steer themselves and remote-controlled ships.

Review: iTunes Video Upgrade Makes the New Apple TV Worth It - Newsfactor - 24/09 7:27 am

It might seem odd to review the new Apple TV streaming device, one specifically designed to display super-sharp video known as 4K, without owning a 4K TV. But in a way, that's the point.

Should You Upgrade? Four Things To Know About Apple's iOS 11 Update - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

Holding off on upgrading your trusty old iPhone? You won't need a spiffy iPhone 8 to get new maps, photos and other features and enhancements with Apple's free software update.

Nest Labs Debuts Smart Doorbell with Facial Recognition Technology - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

Home device maker Nest Labs is adding Google's facial recognition technology to a camera-equipped doorbell and rolling out a security system in an attempt to end its history of losses.

Japan's Emoji Creator Saw Nuance in Pictures - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

Despite their ubiquity, emojis started in 1998 with one man: A 25-year-old employee of mobile phone carrier NTT DoCoMo who created the first set of 176 in one month as he rushed to meet a deadline.

'I Will Rape You' Post Used To Advertise Instagram on Facebook - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

In the latest example of social media algorithms boosting offensive content, Instagram used a user's image that included the text "I will rape you before I kill you" to advertise on Facebook.

Uber Getting Kicked Out of London for Public Safety Issues - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

In another blow to a company already facing big questions over its corporate culture, Uber's license to operate in London won't be renewed because its practices endanger public safety and security.

Iranian Hackers Tied to Malware Attacks on Aviation, Energy Firms - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

A report says hackers likely working on behalf of the Iranian government have targeted the aviation and petrochemical industries in the United States, Saudi Arabia and South Korea since 2013.

After Equifax, Public Shaming But GOP Wary of New Rules - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

Prospects are good for a public shaming in the Equifax data breach, but it's unlikely Congress will institute sweeping new regulations after hackers accessed Americans' personal data.

Hacker in Spanish Custody Sought by U.S., Russia - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

In the latest move by Moscow to block U.S. prosecution of Russian cybercriminals, Russian authorities are fighting the extradition of an alleged Russian hacker from Spain to the United States.

Facebook Under More Scrutiny for Russia-Linked Election Interference - Newsfactor - 23/09 7:09 am

Ten months ago, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed as "crazy" the suggestion that his platform had any influence on the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Review: Apple Watch Goes Solo, But Hang Onto Your Phone - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

A new Apple Watch with its own cellular-network connection is Apple's next step toward an untethered world. Now you can make and receive calls and messages while leaving your phone at home.

Instagram Is Eating Away at Snapchat's Share of New Users - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

More new users are signing up for Snapchat than Instagram in the United States -- but probably not for long, according to new data from Jumpshot, a marketing analytics company.

Report: Hackers Were Snooping Inside Equifax for Months - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

Hackers broke into Equifax's computer systems in March, two months earlier than the company had disclosed, a report says. That gave the intruders months to probe system vulnerabilities.

Waymo Wants a Whopping $2.6 Billion from Uber - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

An Uber attorney says that tech behemoth Alphabet is seeking $2.6 billion in damages for just one of the nine trade secrets the company is claiming a former Uber executive stole.

AMD and Tesla May Partner on AI Chip; What This Means for Nvidia - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

Tesla is reportedly working with chipmaker AMD to develop chips for driverless vehicles that incorporate artificial intelligence technology. Will AMD steal market share from Nvidia?

SEC Reveals 2016 Hack that Breached Its Filing System - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

The Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that a cyber breach of a filing system it uses, caused by "a software vulnerability," may have provided the basis for some illegal trading in 2016.

Google Pays $1.1B To Acquire HTC's Pixel Team, Intellectual Property Rights - Newsfactor - 22/09 8:12 am

Under a just-announced $1.1B agreement, HTC employees who helped develop Google's Pixel smartphone will soon become official Googlers. In return, HTC receives a much-needed financial shot in arm.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Joins Microsoft's Leadership Team - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

Xbox has gained a seat at Microsoft's most important table. Phil Spencer, leader of Microsoft's video gaming unit since 2014, has joined the software maker's senior leadership team.

HTC Suspends Shares, Fueling Alphabet Takeover Rumors - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

Following media reports of a purchase by Google-parent Alphabet, Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will halt shares pending the "release of material" information.

Toshiba Will Sell Chip Business to Bain Capital Group - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

Japanese electronics and nuclear company Toshiba's board agreed to sell its chip business to a group led by Bain Capital, but the deal's future remains unclear amid Western Digital's opposition.

IOS 11 Is Out: What You Need To Know - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

Apple's new mobile operating system adds new capabilities for file management, augmented reality, photo/video creation, safer driving, and intelligent, automated language translation.

Under Siege, Facebook May Now Face an 'Era of Accountability' - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

The problems keep piling up for the world's biggest social network, Facebook, and it's unclear how long the Internet giant will be able to brush them aside as it barrels toward its next billion users.

Hangry! Bae! Words With Friends Adds 50,000 New Words - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

Tell your bae, BFF or your bestie: Mobile gaming favorite Words With Friends is adding thousands of pop culture words as part of its largest dictionary update in the game's eight-year history.

Report: Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses in the Works - Newsfactor - 21/09 7:08 am

According to new reports, Amazon is planning to release a pair of Alexa-enabled smartglasses as the latest addition to its range of voice-controlled devices, along with a home security camera.

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