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25/09 10:56 pm After being summoned by Jawi, Turkish journalist now detained at KLIA

The Islamic Renaissance Frontcalls the detention 'creeping Talibanisation'.

25/09 9:31 pm Judiciary makes history with elevation of four women judges to higher ..

Chief Justice Md Raus Sharif says the appointments are based on merit and not to merely fill the quota.

25/09 8:47 pm EPF enjoys higher returns from US investments - Najib

'I went to the White House to represent a successful country; not to kneel or ask for alms or loans from Trump.'

25/09 8:02 pm Johor prince appalled over Muslim-only laundrette in own state

The prince takes to Instagram to express disbelief at the 'extreme' move to allow only Muslims at the premises.

25/09 7:36 pm Ahead of UM polls, Umany complains of unfair disqualification

A UM official, however, insists the restrictions imposed are in line with the student representative council's election guidelines.

25/09 6:56 pm DAP to Wan Junaidi: Why the '20 year silence'?

DAP man accuses Wan Junaidi of 'selling out' Sarawak by holding his tongue for two decades.

25/09 5:38 pm Prasarana believes ex-IGP Khalid will enhance public transport safety

Khalid's police experience neededin public transport sector, says Prasarana president.

25/09 5:35 pm 'How was Najib misconstrued when he didn't ask anything from Trump?'

MP SPEAKS Lim points out that the White House transcript only showed Najib making offers.

25/09 5:13 pm GLCs must meet bumiputera empowerment KPIs, says Najib

PM likens it to the compulsory pass of the BM subject in SPM examination.

25/09 5:01 pm Hadi demands show of loyalty for Fastaqim rally

Members should show commitment to defend Islam and save Malay

25/09 4:15 pm Pathologist's testimony was flawed, lawyer tells High Court

Eric Paulsen argues that custodial death victim P Karuna Nithi, who had fatty liver disease, would not have diedif he was not abused in lock-up.

25/09 4:14 pm Putrajaya to study Johor Sultan's proposal for rail project

UPDATED 5.20PM Johor ruler disagrees with curved tracks over the Johor Straits.

25/09 4:02 pm Police report on school fire sent to AG

Bukit Aman says waiting for instructions from AG on charges to be brought against suspects.

25/09 3:46 pm PAS wants Penang govt probed for the massive floods

The party lodges a report with MACC on abuse of power and graft it linked to the Sept 15 floods.

25/09 3:21 pm MB demands Utusan retracts 'Azmin allows beer fest' report

Menteri Besar's Office says MB's duty is to uphold and follow the laws, by-laws and procedures of the state.

25/09 3:09 pm Mufti: Narrow-minded Muslims-only laundrette will lead to extremism

Johor counterpart disagrees, says it will allay fears over impurities turning up in the wash.

25/09 2:41 pm DAP may field candidates in Kelantan

UPDATED 3.05PM If successful, it will be DAP's first electoral outing in Kelantan in 31 years.

25/09 2:07 pm Amanah calls Muslims-only laundrette immature

Laundrette refusing to serve non-Muslims draws ire of Amanah veep Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus.

25/09 1:33 pm Dont be like a husband scolding the wife at home, Najib told

Penang CM makes this call when referring to the PMs response to complaints about GST.

25/09 1:30 pm Minister insists RM2.6b spent to solve Penang's flood woes

Wan Junaidi says he has a list of such projects, but does not show it to the press.

25/09 12:37 am Immigration need not refer to Jakim on ban list, says MCA boss

Liow claims 'moral policing' should not be conflated with Jakim's core duties.

25/09 12:33 am Wan Junaidi: Dr M has no impact in S'wak, talks rubbish

People curious about the 'rubbish' that will come from Dr M's mouth, says Wan Junaidi.

25/09 12:21 am Najib's Boeing buy a promise to Trump he can't keep?

COMMENT MAS statement it will lease plans contradicts what Najib told Trump.

25/09 11:47 am PKR: So Mr PM, what did we get from the US?

PKR's Fahmi Fadzil asks if recovery of1MDB-linked assets was discussed at White House.

25/09 11:25 am Tahfiz school denies problem with parents of fire victims

The school management denies a report it is embroiled in problems with the victims' parents.

25/09 10:56 am MIC chief says will ensure candidates fit PM's desired characteristics

This is in response to Najib yesterday saying MIC must appeal to all races, not just Indians.

25/09 10:43 am Gerakan may swap five seats in GE14

'We must also pay attention to the fence-sitters to ensure they reject the opposition,' says Mah.

25/09 10:27 am Kedah flood victims rise to 3,621

The northern floods show no sign of easing as high tide worsens the situation.

25/09 10:24 am Najib, father of the Indian community's progress, a ridiculous claim

ADUN SPEAKS The prime minister claiming credit for bringing them 'development' is a sign of his desperation.

25/09 10:10 am When Malaysians refuse to choose a side

COMMENT The strength we should feel as a major voting bloc has been worn down by the current circumstances we find ourselves battling.

25/09 9:54 am Liow urges KL folk to return to BN, shun DAP

The MCA chief parrots Najib in using criticisms of China deals against the opposition.

25/09 9:39 am Dr M: Is MAS buying Airbus or Boeing planes, or both?

He points to a report last month that says MAS has decided on A350-900 Airbus aircraft.

25/09 9:20 am Author: People love liberals, but only when they are the minority

Turkish author Mustafa Akyol says when liberals fight for Muslim rights, they are seen as good.

25/09 9:02 am Harapan to discuss NewGen's plans to come aboard

This will be done at Oct 2 presidential council meeting, chief secretary Saifuddin Abdullah says.

25/09 8:39 am Harapan raises the bar in S'wak amid uncertainties in peninsula

Harapan unveils its manifesto for the state - but its leaders become the main attraction in Kuching.

25/09 7:34 am No sign of anyone taking ownership of 1MDB, SRC probes

YOURSAY Since they are completed, do we expect charges against the wrongdoers?

25/09 7:06 am The real message behind beer fest ban

YOURSAY Why deprive the right of other faiths just because ones faith does not permit it?'

25/09 2:12 am Malaysia disassociates from Asean chair's statement on Rakhine

Foreign Minister Anifah man says the statement does not reflect the reality of the situation.

25/09 1:57 am Ku Nan firm against beer festival, dismisses pledge to boost security

The FT Minister says security comes under the police which does not approve of the event.

25/09 1:49 am Noh courts Khalid Ibrahim in alliance of ex-Selangor MBs

Noh wants the ex-PKR leader to help overthrow his former party in Selangor.

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