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25/05 1:20 pm 'Respond to our demands in 48 hours, or else...'

PAS Youth threatens legal action against the EC if the latter does not respond to alleged mass movement of voters in Kelantan.

25/05 1:16 pm Guan Eng, BN try to one-up each other in assembly sitting

This after BN lists 51'broken promises' made by Guan Eng to Penangites.

25/05 1:13 pm Gerakan: Compel political coalitions to name PM candidate

Youth Wing Chief calls on Elelction Commission to make it compulsory for contesting coalitions to name prime minister designate.

25/05 12:16 am Singapore files written observations over revision of Pedra Branca

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said its observationis a comprehensive rebuttal to Malaysia's application in Feb.

25/05 11:43 am Dr M mourns loss of his 'child', wonders if this signals 'great sell out'

'As I slip into my final years, month or days, I will watch as our beloved country is sold to foreigners...'

25/05 11:26 am Reports of fire at HUKM's clinical block, fire engine deployed

HUKM spokesperson says it is investigating the matter and would issue a statement soon.

25/05 11:19 am Some secondary school students still illiterate in English

UPDATED 11.52AM The TN50 dialogue on education reveals serious English proficiency issues among students.

25/05 11:07 am The fault lines inZakir Naik controversy

YOURSAY I still believe Malay Msians are not that easily fooled by Perkasa or Zakir.

25/05 10:48 am Teacher ordered to enter defence for UPSR leak

Court of Appeal in a majority decision orders L Subbarau @ Kamalanathan to make his defence on six counts for having images of leaked exam papers.

25/05 10:38 am US warship sails close to China-made island in South China Sea

The US patrol is thefirst such challenge to Beijing, since US President Donald Trump took office.

25/05 10:20 am Umno Youth leader backs revival of English-medium schools

Khairul Azwan Harun however, says he's unsure if policy adjustments are needed to allow such schools to be revived.

25/05 10:19 am 'Slightly obese' Ku Nan flays 'lazy' Putrajaya residents

'You can jog, cycle, but when you go to work you want to drive. Walk la.'

 S'gor sultan: PAS excos to retain positions until GE14

UPDATED 11.10AM Sultan Sharafuddin also calls upon the public to stop speculations on state government's stability.

25/05 9:56 am Mahathir admits Anwar one of Harapan's PM candidates

The ex-PM however stresses Harapan must first win the general election, or it's just 'syiok sendiri'.

25/05 9:47 am Sabah PKR chief confident of electoral pact with Warisan

Christina Liew also says, contrary to BN's claim of opposition infighting, her party gets along well with other Harapan parties in the state.

25/05 9:16 am Syahredzan: Glimmer of hope for legal challenges against electoral roll

Lawyer also claims that Malay voters are prepared to shift their political support from BN, but lack a viable alternative.

25/05 8:45 am Tunku's values still ring loud today

New book hopes to inspire Msians to appreciate values and thoughts of nation's founding father.

25/05 8:42 am Dr M mourns Proton fast becoming a 'foreign car'

UPDATED 9.39AM The ex-PM says after the Geely 49.9pct buy, the nation's icon will no longer be a national car.

25/05 8:31 am For Dr M, what is shame compared with sins?

YOURSAY When one is full of maruah, there is no space for shame.

25/05 8:16 am Muhyiddin: Funds went to Umno, not my own pockets

UPDATED 9.13AM The ex-DPM says Nazri's accusations were referring to funds for party use.

25/05 7:22 am Poll finds Wan Azizah unpopular choice for PM

Invokes poll shows Anwar is still the most popular candidate, with Hadi third.

24/05 11:50 pm Explosions rock Jakarta bus terminal

At least three people areaffectedinthe twin explosions, say cops.

24/05 9:51 pm Ku Nan: Dress 'shabby' remark was just a joke

The opposition twisted his words to create trouble, says FT minister.

24/05 9:30 pm Stop jumping the gun, petrol dealers tell media

The media's early fuel price updates are erroneous andhaveresulted in indirect losses, says M'sia Petrol Dealers Association.

24/05 9:12 pm Jagdeep: Penang property prices saw the highest reduction in M'sia

Prices of properties in the stateare now at affordable levels, saysexco.

24/05 8:36 pm Detainee died in hospital while seeking treatment, say cops

Malacca police deny report saying the man died in police custody.

24/05 8:25 pm Singapore convicts fifth person over 1MDB scandal

Former broker Kelvin Ang Wee Keng was fined S$9,000 for bribing an analyst to expedite a favourable valuation report.

24/05 8:07 pm Azmin not privy to S'gor Treasury audit on PKR MPs

'I don't know about that because it is not my duty to interfere in the process by the audit department.'

24/05 8:04 pm EIA report on Penang reclamation project finally on display

Report is available online and on display at 10 locations in Penang.

24/05 7:22 pm Kapar MP also target of S'gor Treasury audit

G Manivannan however, refuses to confirm the matter.

24/05 6:52 pm How Najib plans to win

COMMENT PM Najib is using various methods to deprive the opposition of funding as GE14 looms, says former premier.

24/05 6:31 pm Nazri does the math on how Shafie, Muhyiddin got more from RM2.6b

Minister shows the formula to estimate pre-election funding for the two former Umno leaders.

24/05 6:18 pm Fuel prices go up 4 sen across the board

This is the second consecutive week for a fuel price hike since April 20.

24/05 6:15 pm Trump tells Duterte of US nuclear subs in Korean waters, reports NYT

The comment, drawn from a transcript of a phone call between the two, is likely to raise questions about Trump's handling of secrets.

24/05 5:44 pm Kelantan PSM chief recalls slapping incident

Khairul Nizam Abd Ghani claims he was slapped by a housing development manager.

24/05 5:16 pm Reveal election spending during your time, Nazri dares Dr M

UPDATED 7PM How much was collected? How much was spent? How much was left? Nazri wants these three questions answered.

24/05 5:01 pm Zakat officers probed by MACC to be placed in 'pool'

State exco Abdul Malik Kassim says the five will be relegated to other jobs within ZPP, which does not involve them handling zakat money.

24/05 4:37 pm Survey: Anwar is opposition's top pick for PM, followed by Hadi, Dr M

UPDATED 5.40PM Among the Malays who chose an opposition candidate however, Hadi is the top pick.

24/05 4:13 pm Poll: Najib has slight edge over Harapan in three-cornered bid for PM post

Also listed in the survey together with eight names from Harapan was PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

24/05 4:08 pm 'Ex-politicians can become judges, as long as they have integrity'

Precedents have been setin countries such as the UK, Australia and India, says former top judge Gopal Sri Ram.

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