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21/07 7:45 am With bumi status for Indian Muslims, real Malays to lose out

YOURSAY Bumiputera status should not be given as a gift for loyalty to Umno.

21/07 7:12 am 1MDB raised in UK House; Nazir wants China deals scrutinised

KINI ROUNDUP Here are the key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.

21/07 12:11 am 'All 191 Umno division heads solidly behind Najib'

Tengku Adnan, who is also Federal Territories Minister, says such support is important in ensuring that the party is strong and in no way threatened.

20/07 9:54 pm FGV appoints Khairil Anuar as OIC

The company says, Khairil Anuar is the second generation of Felda settlers and hails from Felda Sungai Klah, Sungkai, Perak.

20/07 9:30 pm Arrests soon over FIC's hotel purchase, says MACC

Just wait, says MACC chiefwhen pressed for the specific date of the arrest.

20/07 9:17 pm Amnesty condemns Putrajaya's trend of deporting human rights activists

UPDATED 10.21PM The deportation of a Bangladeshi human rights activists is the fourth in recent months.

20/07 6:49 pm Dr M now says he hasn't decided on contesting in GE

'I would only contest if we are in a really desperate situation but I dont think we are.'

20/07 6:33 pm Najib's remarks not related to Mukhrizs suit against Sariffuddin, says ..

Hafarizam wants court to dismiss Mukhrizs application to cite PM for contempt.

20/07 6:11 pm More indictments to come in Scorpene case, say NGOs

France has a two-tiered court system, and the Scorpene case is at the first stage, says C4 director.

 Kua: After 'betrayal', Harapan now answerable for Dr M's scandals

Suaram adviser claims appointing Mahathir as chairperson of Harapan is the biggest betrayal of the reformasi movement

20/07 5:14 pm 'Increase minimum marriageable age to 18 for girls'

Children below 18 are not emotionally and economically ready to shoulder the responsibility, says DAP's Teo.

20/07 5:01 pm Hindraf's suit against Zakir Naik for hearing on Sept 7

S Karthigesan, representing the 19 plaintiffs says judge Azizah Nawawi fixed the date in chambers today.

20/07 5:00 pm Ku Nan warns civil servants about 'curse' of leaking gov't secrets

Federal territories minister reminds them of the oath taken before assuming their positions.

20/07 4:48 pm Influx of Chinese investors targeting M'sian properties

Asia Pacific Research Head, Nicholas Holt says this year was the busiest with many Chinese investors discussing with the agency.

20/07 4:11 pm Only China is in investment mode, says Johari

Second finance minister says this in response to Nazir Razak's warning.

20/07 3:48 pm Hadis open letter: Give Islamic approach a chance

PAS president states there should be no compromise with those who oppose the implementation of Islamic practices, values and laws.

20/07 3:24 pm Bumi support for BN and Harapan almost even, Invoke survey claims

Rafizi says the findings suggest Harapan can win GE14.

20/07 3:08 pm PAS leader returns fire, riddles PKR with examples of 'backstabbing'

War of words continues over Permatang Pauh, with Mokhtar Senik asking, 'Who is testing whose patience?'

20/07 2:49 pm 'Voters more worried about bread-and-butter issues than 1MDB'

Cost of living and the impact of the GST top the list of worries, according to PKR-linked Invoke survey.

20/07 2:29 pm 'DAP run by collective leadership, even without Kit Siang or Guan Eng'

The DAP sec-gen says this to justify why his father does not have a role in the Harapan leadership, which is also collective.

20/07 2:11 pm Sudahlah! Ku Nan tells Mahathir to let Najib do it 'his way'

UPDATED 5.29PM The minister also describes the former premier as 'dah tak betul'.

20/07 1:52 pm Vernacular vs national schools - Gerakan's Yong cites three core issues

He says the government must understand the reasons behind the negative perception towards national schools.

20/07 1:24 pm Why is ROS so afraid to meet the DAP, asks Guan Eng

The party, adds its sec-gen, wants to discuss the order for it to conduct the fresh CEC elections.

20/07 1:08 pm S'gor cries foul over destruction of electoral rolls

The state government was only informed about the matter by EC's lawyers today.

20/07 12:53 am Election Commission wins appeal on dubious voters case

Court of Appeal rules it need not release 1993 and 2004 electoral rolls containing 136,272 voters without detailed addresses.

20/07 12:47 am PKR threatens to name and shame Wangsa Maju 'phantom voters'

Study of new voters in Wangsa Maju reveals many irregularities, including five people using a police station as their home address.

20/07 12:29 am Lawyer urges magistrate to look into fundamental rights

A constitutional issue is at stake in the Peaceful Assembly Act charge, argues Eric Paulsen.

20/07 12:17 am ROS stands by decision on DAP's re-election

'It is DAP's right to bring the matter to court,' says director-general Mohammad Razin Abdullah.

20/07 12:15 am Kit Siang claims Najib 'whistling in the dark' about civil servants' ..

He also criticises the scurrilous attack launched against Mahathir and Harapan leaders.

20/07 12:04 am Cops fail in remand bid against 28 Gatco settlers

UPDATED 1.18PM Judge cites insufficient grounds for further detention and health concerns over detainees, says lawyer.

20/07 11:40 am Immigration detained activist from Bangladesh, claims Suaram

It demands the department stop its persistent harassment against human rights defenders visiting M'sia.

20/07 11:10 am Islamic institutions must focus on women and children

COMMENT The recent Telenisa survey shows the need to address issues facing Muslim women and children in M'sia.

20/07 10:22 am Russiagate - Trump's son, close associates to appear before Senate

The three men are the closest associates of the president to be called to speak to lawmakers.

20/07 10:17 am Scrutinise China investments, Nazir urges government

And we must get away from this M'sian excitement for everything that is large and sexy, says the CIMB Group chief.

20/07 10:15 am Trump says he should not have picked Sessions as AG

He didn't know Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

20/07 9:15 am Jun Hoong wins historic gold medal at Fina World Championships

She is first ever Malaysian athlete to secure the gold medal at the world championship.

20/07 9:06 am PAS won't flay MO1, but wants public flogging for others

YOURSAY They should bring to book those who break the laws, irrespective of their status in society.'

20/07 8:57 am Damages awarded to custodial death victim's family appealed

AG's Chambers argues the award is wrong in principle as exemplary damages are given to those still alive.

20/07 8:17 am A royal twist on Dr M being at the helm

An analyst says rulers will be convinced Dr M can ensure Malay domination of government.

19/07 11:35 pm DAP says ROS directive based on 'fake news', no decision on polls yet

UPDATED 12.23AM The party is seeking a clarification meeting with ROS to discuss the way forward, says sec-gen.

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