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Zimbabwe's Mugabe resigns, ending four decades of rule - 22/11 12:16 am

Celebrations break out after parliamentary speaker announces Mugabe's resignation.

At town hall, Dr M questioned over 'Anwar masturbation' claim made 19 .. - 21/11 11:59 pm

Mahathir tells youth dialogue how he sat on Anwar's 'misdeeds' years before the latter's arrest.

Only 1,200 detained: Mahathir defends ISA record - 21/11 11:39 pm

Ex-premier claims his more 'ruthless' predecessors detained over 2,000 people each.

No compromise with civil servants not registered to vote, says .. - 21/11 11:23 pm

Idris Haron claims that registering to vote is part of a civil servant'sresponsibility.

Release of MH370 final report to hinge on new search negotiations - 21/11 10:33 pm

PARLIAMENT Talks ongoingbetween gov't and US exploration companyto conduct fresh search for missing plane.

Penangs weak administration to be highlighted at Umno General .. - 21/11 10:26 pm

'We want to carry themessage that a change in government may not necessarily bring good to the people,' says Penang BN.

Low: JITN needed to improve perception of weak governance - 21/11 10:09 pm

Minister also says negative perceptions due to CPI ranking andMACC arrests show that more oversight isneeded.

'After raid and Sosma arrest, Bersih vindicated as case closed' - 21/11 8:58 pm

Maria Chin says detention only intended to intimidate her and M'sians who 'love peace, democracy and justice.'

Page: BM can still be safeguarded even with English-medium schools - 21/11 8:42 pm

Parents groupalso says students from English-medium schools will find it easier to study in the UK.

Fifa bans three officials for life over corruption charges - 21/11 8:22 pm

US federal charges for senior officials includewire fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

Over 440,000 OKU registered with Welfare Dept, deputy minister says - 21/11 8:11 pm

However, Azizah Mohd Dun says target of those registeringthroughthe OKU Information System not reached.

Miti to come up with 4th Industrial Revolution framework by year end - 21/11 8:02 pm

Miti sec-gen also says no date yet on signing of CPTPP, the successor to the TPP.

Philippine court hears bid to declare Duterte's drug war illegal - 21/11 7:03 pm

Petition arguesthe spree isunconstitutional because cops are allowed to freely interpret the term 'neutralise'.

Over 2,000 wild animals killed on roads in the past five years - 21/11 6:08 pm

Environment Ministry also confirms only two Sumateran rhinos left in the wild, and just 250 tigers.

Gov't pledges action against AirAsia over 'exorbitant fare' - 21/11 6:03 pm

PARLIAMENT This after Bung Moktar complains he was charged RM2k from Sandakan to KL.

PAS: How to manage nation when Dr M can't even register Harapan? - 21/11 5:45 pm

Mohd Amar says Harapan parties should just step aside and let PAS take on BN alone.

Sabah urged to allocate more funds for non-Muslim places of worship - 21/11 5:45 pm

Many non-Muslim places of worship andschool buildings need urgent repairs, claims Kiulu rep.

Rosmah's aide: Will Mukhriz declare boats to Rafizi? - 21/11 5:43 pm

Rizal Mansor says this in light of the asset declaration exercise by prospectiveHarapan candidates.

Ministry: Enough resources to deal with leak of 46m users' data - 21/11 5:34 pm

Communications Ministryadvises public to refer to the PDPDif private info leaked.

DBKL confiscates tent of protesters camped outside Parliament - 21/11 4:30 pm

The group, however, vows to continue protesting in the heavy rain.

Iranian president declares end of Islamic State - 21/11 4:17 pm

A senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards also declared the same in a message to the country's leader.

PSM is the one bullying us, cries Perak DAP chief - 21/11 4:12 pm

Nga Kor Ming says DAP has been patient with PSM and are still open to negotiations.

'RM90m for PAS': Amanah wants MACC to probe claims in Clare's defence - 21/11 4:01 pm

Wing's deputy chief says the claims warrant a 'swift and thorough' investigation.

School curriculum to be reviewed every five years - Kamalanathan - 21/11 3:37 pm

The deputy minister says this is to ensure the curriculum remain relevant to the times.

Zahid mum on company allegedly owned by aide - 21/11 3:20 pm

However, he confirms that Bukti Megah Sdn Bhd was appointed to handle the rehiring of undocumented workers.

Dr M claims Najib's fear of defeat behind ROS' 'no answer' - 21/11 3:18 pm

He also does not rule out ROS approving Harapan's registration 'five minutes before Parliament is dissolved'.

Nga: Perak Umno Youth lodged fake police report on fake video - 21/11 3:17 pm

DAP MP Nga Kor Ming saysit is clear that the video was fake and edited.

Act against officers who clamped tyre, woman tells Penang council - 21/11 3:01 pm

Ooi Chee Lin, who was with her wheelchair-bound mother,wants the officers to face the music.

Najib praises Pak Lah, says he is 'supportive', unlike... - 21/11 2:49 pm

The other predecessor, he says, will not succeed in forcing a disruptive change.

PM extols Islamic virtues, silent on Yemen - 21/11 2:41 pm

Najibsays Muslims have a 'sacred duty' to fight injustice.

Parliamentary bloc voting shows democracy - Azalina - 21/11 2:33 pm

Minister urges all MPs to respect the decision as the voting process was conducted according to Parliament Standing Orders.

Khalid: Not all Harapan MPs knew about bloc vote ambush - 21/11 2:30 pm

He says if all Harapan MPs knew the plan and stayed, BN reps would have suspected something.

PAS 6 who voted against Budget may not have got instructions - 21/11 2:27 pm

And the block vote could have caught them by surprise, says their colleague Bukit Gantang MP Idris Ahmad.

Invoke's asset declaration exercise a double-edged sword - 21/11 2:15 pm

COMMENT While asset declaration seems important, other issues are more urgent for Harapan to focus on.

Bung strikes again this time on his private part being 'felt up' at .. - 21/11 2:02 pm

'I am really disappointed about the pat down, sometimes, our ' benda sulit ' (private part) is touched'.

NUTP backs call to avoid straight A's festivities - 21/11 1:57 pm

No need to make weaker UPSR candidates feel inferior, says education minister.

Re-introducing English medium into our schools - 21/11 1:05 pm

COMMENT Policymakers need to stop flip-flopping on the issue andfocus on a robust blueprint for nation's well-being.

M'sia proposes collaboration to promote green economy - 21/11 1:04 pm

Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia to enhance efforts such as green technology and wildlife conservation.

Evaluating Invokes model of political financing - 21/11 1:01 pm

COMMENT Invoke's initiative to offer funds to GE14 candidates raises a number of troubling questions.

Pua: Why isn't PM asking cops for 1MDB documents? - 21/11 12:42 am

Surely it cannot be difficult to at least sight the documents, says the PJ Utara MP.

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