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United’s Lukaku fined for Beverly Hills noise complaints - 22/11 6:25 am

The 24-year-old Belgium striker did not to appear at Tuesdays court hearing and is also not required to show up at court to deliver the payment, which is due by Dec. 18.

West Brom caretaker Megson not interested in reprising role - 22/11 6:22 am

West Brom, who are 17th in the table with 10 points after two wins, four draws and six defeats, ended Puliss nearly three-year stint at the club on Monday after a 4-0 defeat by Chelsea, before appointing former boss Megson as caretaker.

Australian Open to feature 25-second shot-clocks - 22/11 6:19 am

The Grand Slam Board, responsible for the rules at the four majors, confirmed on Tuesday that the Australian Opens request to raise the time from 20 to 25 seconds and strictly enforce it with an electronic shot-clock had been accepted.

Williams deny Kubica deal is done - 22/11 6:17 am

Canadian teenager Lance Stroll is certain to stay with the former world champions but a handful of drivers are in the frame to replace Massa.

Wales suffer Williams blow ahead of New Zealand showdown - 22/11 6:14 am

Wales defence coach Shaun Edwards said the absence of the pair offered an opportunity to others to step up.

Do not write off a Simeone team, says Roma chief Monchi - 22/11 6:11 am

The Italians could eliminate Atletico from the Champions League on Wednesday with a victory at the Wanda Metropolitano, while Simeones men are struggling in La Liga too, fourth and 10 points behind leaders Barcelona.

Thailand seeks Malaysias help to send back Uighur escapees - 22/11 12:38 am

The Uighurs have escaped from an immigration detention centre in Sadao.

Molotov cocktail thrown into surau compound in Damansara Damai - 22/11 12:22 am

Nobody was injured in the incident.

RoS: Mahathirs claim over delay in PH registration inaccurate - 22/11 12:06 am

Director-general Surayati Ibrahim says the Registrar of Societies is examining all aspects of Pakatan Harapans application.

Global partnership can combat terrorism financing, say experts - 22/11 12:05 am

They urge the government, private sector and banks to maximise role of technology and innovation.

Puncak Niaga sues Selangor, MBs for RM14b - 21/11 11:57 pm

Water supply company says state government is vicariously liable for the acts of Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali as Selangor menteri besar.

Semua salah guna kuasa akan disiasat, kata Kit Siang - 21/11 11:34 pm

Pakatan Harapan akan menyiasat semua persepsi salah guna kuasa dulu dan sekarang, kata veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang.

Met Dept warns of continuous heavy rain in east coast - 21/11 11:32 pm

Strong winds expected to blow from the South China Sea.

Assistant minister accuses Warisan veep of lying about Sabah Air - 21/11 11:22 pm

Ramlee Marhaban says Junz Wong is trying to gain political mileage by making baseless accusations.

Growth burst bolsters Southeast Asia as fed hikes loom - 21/11 11:13 pm

Economies across the region are poised to carry better-than-expected growth performances into 2018, putting them in a stronger position to withstand rising global interest rates.

PPBM seeks RoS guidance to resolve AGM issue - 21/11 11:10 pm

Party president Muhyiddin Yassin says PPBM has been given time to offer proposal to resolve issue of failure to hold AGMs at central and divisional levels.

Saya lakukan apa yang boleh untuk Anwar, kata Dr M - 21/11 11:04 pm

Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata ia mengambil masa 3 tahun dan temubual dengan mereka yang didakwa mangsa sebelum mempercayai tuduhan terhadap Anwar.

Any abuse of power will be investigated, says Kit Siang - 21/11 10:38 pm

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang says Pakatan Harapan will investigate any perception of abuse of power if it forms the government.

Zimbabwe lawmakers begin historic debate on Mugabe impeachment - 21/11 10:33 pm

There were tense protests outside parliament as hundreds of demonstrators -- from rival political parties -- shouted for Mugabe to go.

I did what I could for Anwar, says Dr Mahathir - 21/11 10:25 pm

Former PM says it took three years and interviews with alleged victims before he believed allegations against Anwar.

Indonesian’s odd name lands him new job - 21/11 10:10 pm

His unusual name not only spared him a traffic ticket but also landed him a job with the police who stopped him.

PAGE: Sokong sekolah aliran Inggeris, jangan pinggir Bahasa Melayu - 21/11 9:50 pm

Kumpulan ibu bapa berkata guru Bahasa Inggeris di Johor berkaliber tinggi dan sebaga permulaan Johor boleh adakan sekolah aliran Inggeris di semua daerah.

Lebanon’s PM Hariri to return, but what next? - 21/11 9:44 pm

If Hariri's resignation stands, consultations will need to begin on who will form a new government, just under a year after the last one was agreed.

Upko: Shafie like salesman selling second-hand goods - 21/11 9:43 pm

Donald Mojountin urges the Warisan president to stop fanning religious sentiments over the use of Allah.

Bali volcano spews smoke and ash, raising eruption fears - 21/11 9:39 pm

Nearly 1,600 people died when Agung last erupted in 1963, but officials said Tuesday that the rumblings did not pose an immediate threat to those living in its shadow.

FIFA bans three disgraced officials for life - 21/11 9:36 pm

The three are among the 42 officials and marketing executives who have been indicted by the United States justice department as part of its sprawling probe into football corruption.

DPM: Insufficient info on Islam creates negative views - 21/11 9:34 pm

Zahid Hamidi says the actions of terrorist organisations are against the concept of jihad.

Deputy minister: Mavcom to look into claims on AirAsia charges - 21/11 9:33 pm

Ab Aziz Kaprawi says the Malaysian Aviation Commission will take appropriate action if necessary to protect consumers who purchase airline tickets.

DBKL cracks down on companies displaying illegal ads - 21/11 9:12 pm

KL City Hall to revoke the licences of businesses that advertise on lamp posts and traffic lights.

PAGE: Yes to English-medium schools, but don’t sideline BM - 21/11 9:00 pm

Group says English language teachers in Johor are of a high calibre, and state can have English-medium schools in every district for a start.

Cabinet to look at upgrade for primary school administrators - 21/11 8:43 pm

The Perak Headmasters Council wants primary school administrators be put on par with their secondary school counterparts.

2 friends jailed for planning to join IS in Syria - 21/11 8:39 pm

The High Court has sentenced them to 8 years jail each.

PPBM masih baru, JPPM setuju bantu, kata Muhyiddin - 21/11 8:27 pm

JPPM menerima penjelasan berhubung isu mesyuarat agung tahunan parti dan bersetuju untuk membantu parti itu.

PPBM masih baru, JPPM setuju bantu, kata Muhyiddin - 21/11 8:26 pm

JPPM menerima penjelasan berhubung isu mesyuarat agung tahunan parti dan bersetuju untuk membantu parti itu.

Ringgit hits 13-month high against US dollar - 21/11 8:12 pm

It also traded higher against a basket of major currencies.

Perak civil servants to get RM2,000 special aid - 21/11 8:10 pm

Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir says it will be given in two portions.

Bung lashes out at airline companies serving Sabah - 21/11 8:02 pm

Kinabatangan MP says AirAsia should not focus too much on imposing hidden charges but consider the plight of its low-income passengers.

Maria Chin: Polis tutup kes, bukti tuduhan dusta - 21/11 7:40 pm

Pengerusi Bersih 2.0 itu berkata tindakan itu membuktikan dakwaan terhadap Bersih dan NGO di bawahnya adalah palsu, tidak benar dan dusta.

Menteri, Mavcom bincang dakwaan Air Asia kenakan caj tidak berpatutan - 21/11 7:34 pm

Ab Aziz Kaprawi berkata Surunjaya Penerbangan Malaysia (Mavcom) akan bertindak sekiranya dakwaan Air Asia mengenakan caj tidak berpatutan terbukti benar.

Zaid: What has Amar done in Kelantan besides clearing up forests? - 21/11 7:34 pm

Zaid says the PAS vice-president sounds exactly like an Umno puppet when criticising Dr Mahathir for RoS not registering Pakatan Harapan.

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