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Whither our sense of right and wrong? - 18/02 7:00 am

If a recent newspaper article is an indication, we seem more worried about sexual orientations than sexual crimes.

Rahman Dahlan raises more questions on sale of Ijok land - 18/02 12:13 am

The BN strategic communications director queries what happened to the rest of the money from sale of land after compensation paid to settlers.

Baru ura-ura Dr M tanding, sudah dapat RM1.3 bilion, kata Azmin - 17/02 10:56 pm

Timbalan presiden PKR menyindir pengumuman peruntukan RM1.315 bilion untuk 5 projek baharu di Langkawi.

Tarian singa tak lut masalah ekonomi negara - 17/02 10:43 pm

Pembuat kostum Siow Ho Piew berkata permintaan tidak terjejas kerana penari singa akan dipanggil untuk membawa tuah kepada perniagaan terutama ketika ekonomi kurang baik.

Tarian singa tak lut masalah ekonomi negara - 17/02 10:41 pm

Pembuat kostum Siow Ho Piew berkata permintaan tidak terjejas kerana penari singa akan dipanggil untuk membawa tuah kepada perniagaan terutama ketika ekonomi kurang baik.

Calling for a helicopter going to be as easy as catching taxi in 3 months - 17/02 10:40 pm

Eleven helicopters to be made available.

Criminologist lodges report against Perlis mufti over FB post - 17/02 10:14 pm

Criminologist Shamsher Singh Thind says the post by the mufti was intended to incite hate against Penang's Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy.

PH promises RCI to restore Bornean states’ rights if it wins in GE14 - 17/02 9:46 pm

Sabah PH chairperson Christina Liew says the RCI is needed to ensure the rights of Sabah and Sarawak are fully and fairly implemented.

Namewee pertahan video ‘anjing’, nafi dirakam depan masjid - 17/02 9:12 pm

Penghibur kontroversi itu berkata beliau tidak niat untuk menghina mana-mana agama ataupun bangsa.

Najib announces 5 projects worth RM1.3 billion in Langkawi - 17/02 8:55 pm

The prime minister says the projects are proof the ruling government is safeguarding the welfare of the people in Langkawi.

Indonesia inks US$1.1 billion deal with Russia to buy 11 jets - 17/02 8:21 pm

The deal comes after Indonesia said in August that it would seek to trade palm oil, coffee and tea for Russian fighter jets.

Zahid harap Indonesia tidak henti penghantaran pembantu rumah - 17/02 8:13 pm

TPM berkata tindakan drastik akan merugikan kedua-dua negara dan memberi jaminan kerajaan tidak melindungi majikan yang zalim.

China warns it may retaliate if US imposes metal tariffs - 17/02 8:12 pm

Beijing says of US' decision impacts Chinas interests, they will certainly take necessary measures to protect its own rights.

Dead Indonesian maids family demands 3 years unpaid salary - 17/02 8:02 pm

The family of Adelina Lisao, who is alleged to have been abused by her employers, claims she has not been paid salary for three years, and wants the money, according to a report.

60 Thai policemen probed over ang pow from an alleged gambling operator - 17/02 7:57 pm

Incident comes a week after the deputy national police chief barred cops from accepting ang pow from Chinese businessmen.

Perayaan Tahun Baru Cina PBS serlah kesatuan BN - 17/02 7:50 pm

Pimpinan BN terkemuka diketuai Ketua Menteri Musa Aman bersama-sama parti tertua Sabah, PBS meraikan Tahun Baru Cina.

Namewee says video is just for entertainment, not offensive - 17/02 7:47 pm

Controversial singer insists video did not touch on religious, racial sensitivities, neither was it shot in front of a mosque as alleged.

Bashed-up female guard gets RM200 compensation, issue settled - 17/02 7:11 pm

Police say the matter has been resolved amicably, with both parties coming to a settlement after the guard admitted she provoked the visitor to the condominium.

PBS CNY a celebration of BN unity - 17/02 6:53 pm

Prominent BN leaders led by Chief minister Musa Aman joined PBS, the oldest local party in Sabah, to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Two injured, 90 evacuated as Bukit Tinggi hotel wall collapses - 17/02 6:52 pm

An elderly man and a young boy have been sent to the Bentong Hospital with injuries caused by falling debris following the incident at 2am, says fire brigade official.

Zahid hopes Indonesia will not stop sending maids to Malaysia - 17/02 6:40 pm

Saying such a measure will be bad for both countries, the deputy prime minister adds he will meet with Indonesias manpower minister to seek a solution.

Lion magunatip dance wows the crowd at a Chinese New Year open house in .. - 17/02 6:33 pm

Chinese lion dance performers mesmerise the crowd with a Sabah native Murut warrior bamboo dance, known as the magunatip.

Filipino actress says theme parks must be safe, after daughters harassed - 17/02 6:30 pm

Beauty queen whose daughters were allegedly traumatised by men at a Malaysian theme park says innocent children and tourists should not be subjected to such disturbance.

Iran protests ban on wrestler who threw bout to avoid Israel - 17/02 6:29 pm

Iran Wrestling Federation says such situations were bound to recur and be even 'more serious and complicated' in future.

Malaysian and friend charged with extortion over sex video in Singapore - 17/02 6:23 pm

Court documents show the two youths had threatened a teenager to hand over RM5,936 or they would circulate a sex video of him on social media.

Pakistan court sentences child killer, rapist to death - 17/02 6:08 pm

The suspected serial killer, Imran Ali, 24, will be tried for rest of the cases later.

Let Najib decide on all BN candidates for GE14, says Salleh - 17/02 6:05 pm

The minister says the decision as to who should contest should be left solely to the BN chairman and the duty of members is just to support whoever is selected.

Skating star Hanyu battles emotions to discuss quake trauma - 17/02 5:59 pm

Yuzuru Hanyu says he was affected by the 2011 earthquake and felt sorry for the other victims.

Female guard protected me from being punched, says condo residents’ .. - 17/02 5:37 pm

Tanjung Court Condominium residents chairman says the female guard who was assaulted by three men over access into the condominium in Penang was trying to protect him.

‘America’s sweetheart’ Rippon has his Olympic moment - 17/02 5:21 pm

The feisty 28-year-old, who came out as gay in 2015, has enthralled on the ice and entertained off it, with his straight-talking style and devilish sense of humour.

Call for justice as Filipina’s body returns home from Kuwait - 17/02 5:02 pm

'Justice for Joanna D Demafelis' was emblazoned on banners and on T-shirts worn by a crowd which included a congressman and local officials.

Suicide blasts kill 19 in northeast Nigeria - 17/02 4:54 pm

The Civilian Joint Task Force blames Boko Haram jihadist for the attack.

Uber plans to sell Southeast Asia business to Grab, says CNBC - 17/02 4:41 pm

In return, Uber wants a substantial stake in Grab.

9 dead in fire at waste facility in southern China - 17/02 4:37 pm

Preliminary investigations reveal that fireworks residue caused the fire

Indian cops arrest three in US$1.8 billion PNB fraud case - 17/02 4:26 pm

Individuals nabbed include 2 bank employees suspected of steering fraudulent loans to companies linked to billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi and his uncle, Mehul Choksi.

Powerful earthquake shakes Mexico City - 17/02 4:15 pm

A powerful earthquake shakes Mexico City, triggering the capital's quake alarm system and causing buildings to sway.

Indonesia mulls temporary ban on maids to Malaysia - 17/02 4:08 pm

Indonesian ambassador says the proposal, aired by President Jokowi last year, has gained urgency following the death of domestic helper Adelina Lisao in Bukit Mertajam.

Umno likely to win Johor, FB users uninterested in Mahathir, says Politweet - 17/02 3:25 pm

According to the research outfit, 66.67% of potential voters on Facebook in Johor showed interest in Najib Razak as of December last year but only 13.73% were interested in Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Pairin mum on whether hes contesting in GE14 - 17/02 3:00 pm

Last December, Pairin said he would consider the partys advice to contest in the general election, even though he had earlier said he would be retiring from politics.

Orang Asli dirikan sekatan halang pembalakan Gua Musang - 17/02 2:20 pm

Mereka berkata pembalakan dan perlombongan yang berleluasa mengganggu kehidupan mereka.

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