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22/11 3:40 am Microsoft's Windows 10 update strategy is showing strains

Windows 10's rapid release machinery and short-lived support schemes showed some strain in 2017, as Microsoft reduced the number of annual feature upgrades and felt enough pressure to extend the lifespan of a 2 version well into next year. But the radical release-and-support strategy, which Microsoft asserts has transformed Windows into a service, has not resonated with every customer. Windows 10 upgrades come too frequently, leaving too little time for adequate compatibility testing of ..

22/11 1:13 am A breakthrough in Surface Book battery problems?

Im not vouching for Microsoft, mind you, but if the latest official assertion about the Surface Book 2 battery is true, its a game changer. Since the dawn of Surface time, theres been no way to have a battery replaced: Your only option was to swap out the entire unit, an expensive proposition. A recent post by a Microsoft employee on the official Microsoft Answers Forum raises a glimmer of hope that batteries in the Surface Book 2 can be replaced. Surface owners have complained about ..

22/11 1:04 am How to make free calls from your own number on any old phone

Ah, the holidays. A time for relaxing, enjoying oversized meals, and making semi-annual phone calls to relatives you don't really like. Hey, I'm not here to judge. I just thought our upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and soon-to-follow Festivus season seemed like a perfect time to talk about an easily overlooked option that's waiting to be embraced (in a totally platonic and consensual manner, of course): the ability to turn any old phone into an active call-making device connected to your current ..

22/11 12:05 am 8 great gifts for Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro users

We've already looked at gifts for iPhone users . It seems appropriate to also grab a glance at a few great gift ideas for notebook Macs. A home hub: Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock MacBook Pro users will want an Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock (c.$300). Not only does the powered dock recharge any devices even when you take your Mac away, but it provides a seamless and efficient way to continue to use all those old USB devices all through a single port. Not only this, but you can run an external monitor and ..

21/11 10:52 pm IDG Contributor Network: Why 2017 is the year that changed Windows ..

2017 was a truly transformative year in the history of corporate IT. I would even go so far as to say that, in my 25-year history working with Windows in large organizations, I think this has been the single most significant year yet. The transformation has been the realization that the way we think about every aspect of Windows management, from minor change to full-scale migrations, has to change. Its worth repeating that the instruments of this collective revelation were WannaCry and ..

21/11 10:28 pm Today, 75% off Lumina 5200 mAh Portable Power Bank Charger - Deal Alert

This powerful full-speed 5200mAh charger from Lumina features huge 2.4A output to keep your devices powered up while you're out, or in an emergency. The charger currently averages 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 380 reviewers ( read recent reviews here ). This item has been included as one of Amazon's "Prime Week" deals of the day, so right now its typical list price of $49.99 has been cut 75% down to just $12.74. See this deal now on Amazon . To read this article in full, please click here

21/11 7:00 pm I'd love to help, and I will, if you'll just...

This pilot fish has been both a regular IT employee and a consultant, and he's noticed a few key differences in what that means in practice -- especially with users. Case in point: "As an employee, I've been dragged into every request that someone on the business side thinks I can help them with," says fish. "That's mostly related to the systems and data I support, but a lot that's totally unrelated. "Unfortunately, they don't want to hear that you're busy or have other priorities or don't know ..

21/11 4:30 am Mingis on Tech: Coding for Alexa

Alexa, the helpful assistant best known as the voice of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices, offers a range of "skills" right out of the box. It can perform a variety of tasks such as looking up information, setting a timer, playing music, activating smart home devices . But what happens if there's a certain skill you want that Alexa doesn't do? You can do what Sharon Machlis did and code your own. Machlis, IDG's director of editorial analytics and data, explained to Computerworld Executive Editor ..

21/11 3:03 am Symphony targets collaboration users outside financial services

Symphony has been called a Bloomberg-killer since its launch in 2014 because it offers a cheaper alternative to the chat function in the popular data terminals long considered a mainstay for traders. The secure messaging and collaboration platform started out as an in-house chat tool at Goldman Sachs, providing secure communications between employees and allowing them to easily share sensitive documents. Symphony is now valued at over $1 billion, according to reports , and has 235,000 ..

20/11 11:22 pm 10 great gifts for Apple iPhone users

What better for a slow news day than a quick and easy guide to some of the best iPhone-related accessories you can get for the Apple user in your life this season? A Bluetooth speaker: JBL Flip 4 If you want a Bluetooth speaker system thats high on audio quality and connection stability, take a look at this relatively affordable system from JBL. Not only is it highly portable, but it's waterproof enough to be thrown into three feet of water for up to half an hour and still work fine. (The ..

20/11 10:50 pm Today, Eufy Genie Speaker With Alexa is Just $19.99 - Deal Alert

This Alexa-enabled smart speaker from Eufy is discounted 43% today on Amazon as part of their "Black Friday Week" event (see all of today's active deals here ). Stream music from Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM and others. Control smart home devices. Ask for weather, sports score, news . Eufy Genie currently averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon where Its typical list price has been reduced 43% to just $19.99. See it on Amazon here . To read this article in full, please click here

20/11 7:00 pm Speech recognition grows up and goes mobile

For three decades this was speech recognition: You would talk to your computer, typically using a head-mounted microphone and either the unpublicized speech-recognition app in Microsoft Windows or a version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking , from Nuance Communications. If you enunciated carefully, words would appear on the screen or commands would be executed. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

 Speech recognition grows up and goes mobile

For three decades this was speech recognition: You would talk to your computer, typically using a head-mounted microphone and either the unpublicized speech-recognition app in Microsoft Windows or a version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking , from Nuance Communications. If you enunciated carefully, words would appear on the screen or commands would be executed. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

 Sometimes saying sorry really ISN'T the thing to do

Flashback to the days of text-based email, when this company has a 32K limit on how big an email message can be -- and that's usually fine, says a pilot fish working there. "But then someone sent a message to everyone in the corporation -- there were a few thousand of us -- and it crashed every email client in the organization," fish says. "There were so many addressees that when you tried to read it, the program halted at the 32K point, so we couldn't even see what the earth-shattering message ..

19/11 10:08 pm The 14 best Firefox add-ons of 2017

Firefox isnt the most popular browser in the world that honor now goes to Google Chrome but it still has an ardent following. And after slipping in recent years, it has been on something of a rebound this year. On top of that, Mozilla made a big deal about the release of the latest version Firefox Quantum which the company says is twice as fast as the browser was earlier this year. (Its available for download if you havent tried it yet, and want to.) To read this article in full, please click ..

18/11 6:00 pm Why virtual assistants are the killer app for wearables

Star Trek got it right. In the future, well interact with computers mostly by talking. But for those computers to be available for instant interaction, theyll have to be attached to our physical persons. Im talking about virtual assistants on wearable devices. Technologists are ambivalent about both virtual assistants and wearables. Some love and rely upon them. Others are indifferent. Thats why it may seem unlikely that these two technologies, used together, are the future of computing. Still, ..

18/11 12:36 am Strong and stable: The iOS security guide

Apples smartphones are highly secure , but if your private or enterprise data matters to you, its essential to ensure your iPhone (or iPad) is as secure as possible. Why security matters Just because almost all mobile malware targets Android doesnt mean iPhone users can be complacent. Quite the reverse: We need to be even more alert in case attackers use complacency against us. What follows are a few simple tips to help you secure your iPhone (and iPad). Theres no way to deny that iPhones are ..

17/11 10:15 pm IDG Contributor Network: Critical updates to IE and Flash for November ..

November brings a relatively light series of updates from Microsoft. We see a return to form, with Microsoft releasing another critical update to Adobe Flash and several critical patches to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge. Office and Windows platforms (desktop and server) have less severe reported exposures with no reported critical updates for November. Unfortunately, there are already a few reported deployment issues with the Windows updates, with the follow patch-related Knowledge ..

17/11 10:06 pm Patch alert: Microsoft acknowledges printer bug; forced 1709 upgrades ..

The patches have been out for only a few days, but as best I as can tell at this early juncture, Novembers Patch Tuesday bugs arent as bad as they were in October . Thank Redmond. If you use an Epson dot matrix printer, if youre seeing an error that CDPUserSvc has stopped working, or if you were forcibly upgraded from Win10 Creators Update, version 1703, to Fall Creators Update, version 1709, I have some good news and some bad news. Dot matrix dissed Microsoft has acknowledged a bug in its ..

17/11 9:55 pm IDG Contributor Network: The big unspoken problem with digital assistants

AI-driven digital assistants are fast becoming our way to interfacing with everything. We largely had them in our phones first, then in our homes, but they are coming in our cars, and they are appearing in our offices. Each of these AI virtual assistants is learning with increasing efficiency what we like, what we want, how to anticipate our needs, and, eventually, how to best make us happy. But the big unspoken problem emerging is that each of these things is largely an entirely separate ..

17/11 7:34 pm Review: The iPhone X is the best phone for business, period.

Ten years ago, the original iPhone ushered in a new world for mobile computing and sparked the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement at work. Soon after it arrived, iPhones were showing up everywhere in the office, forcing companies to quickly scramble to figure out how to manage them. Michael DeAgonia The iPhone X, with its distinctive "notch" at the top and the inky blacks of an OLED display. That sleek (and deceptively simple) device not only debuted a new touchscreen that would radically ..

17/11 7:00 pm 10 ways well move beyond the keyboard

Communication evolution Image by Thinkstock Since the very first days of the computer age weve been tinkering with how, exactly, we talk with our machines. The traditional keyboard and mouse have had a long run, but the touchscreens that now dominate mobile devices wont be the last word. Cozy up with your old-fashioned touchpad and mouse and settle in for a leisurely scroll through the future of input devices. To read this article in full, please click here

 Now THAT'S a job interview!

It's the 1990s, and this network admin pilot fish is being interviewed for a job at a manufacturing plant -- and he's curious about who he'll be replacing. "After interviewing with a few managers, I found out that the current network admin was actually hired to be a programmer, though he had a very extensive background in PC repair and had network certification," fish says. "They called the network admin and he came to the interview room and took me on a tour. That included a visit to the ..

17/11 5:00 am 10 blockchain startups and how they can help your enterprise

10 blockchain startups and how they can help your enterprise Image by Peter Sayer/IDG Barely a day goes by, it seems, without another blockchain startup announcing a round of venture capital investment or, increasingly, an "initial coin offering" an unregulated way of raising funds that relies on cryptocurrency, not contract law, to record investors' stakes. To read this article in full, please click here

17/11 4:33 am Microsoft grants enterprises 6 more months of support for Windows 10 1511

Microsoft has reversed the retirement of Windows 10 version 1511, extending support for the 2 feature upgrade by six months for commercial customers. "To help some early enterprise adopters that are still finishing their transition to Windows as a service, we will be providing a supplemental servicing package for Windows 10, version 1511, for an additional six months, until April 2018," said Michael Niehaus, director of product marketing for Windows, in a post to a company blog . The additional ..

17/11 3:35 am IDG Contributor Network: How 5G will spur remote collaboration

People have long dreamed of using broadband communication to reduce business travel, consult with distant specialists, and narrow the opportunity gap between urban and rural communities. To be sure, broadband communication has not yet delivered everything it promises, but it has had a dramatic impact. Webinars and online document sharing are now common. 5G wireless could turn out to be a catalyst for taking broadband service to the next level, enabling higher speeds, ubiquitous access (from the ..

17/11 1:46 am How to turn Google Assistant into a powerful list-making machine

If there's one thing I've learned about Google Assistant since its debut, it's that some of the service's most useful features are the ones that require a little bit of effort to set up. Sure, Assistant can do all sorts of handy stuff out of the box like perform calculations and conversions, provide weather and traffic updates, and give up-to-the-minute information on almost anything imaginable. It can send messages, play music, and control your Android device in numerous ways. But those are ..

17/11 12:44 am Facebook's Workplace takes off with 7,000 users at Virgin Atlantic

The nature of Virgin Atlantics business means many of its workers are continuously on the move around the globe. Ensuring effective communications channels a challenge for any company isnt easy: nearly half of the airlines 10,000 employees are cabin or cockpit crew members. Two months ago, the airline rolled out Facebooks Workplace, the business version of the social network tool , in a bid to improve information-sharing between staff and senior execs. It currently functions primarily as an ..

16/11 10:53 pm 7 things youll want to try first with your Apple Watch

Black Friday is coming and lots of Apple fans will probably search for cut price deals on the popular Apple Watch and its vast medley of straps. Here are some of the first things youll want to do with the Apple wearable (other than set it up, of course). Use Apple Pay Apple Pay on the watch is one of those things that may not sound like much, but the simple convenience of being able to wriggle your wrist to pay public transit charges, buy groceries, or make other small payments quickly becomes ..

16/11 7:00 pm 40 Chromebook tips for maximum productivity

Chromebooks may be all about simplicity, but don't be fooled: Beneath their intuitive outer layer lies a web of advanced options. And you don't have to be a power user to embrace it. Make your way through these 40 tips, and you'll be zipping around Chrome OS like a pro in no time. Getting around Chrome OS 1. The Chrome OS launcher the app-drawer-like interface that appears when you tap the Search key or hit the circle icon in the lower-left corner of the screen is actually a powerful universal ..

 Throwback Thursday: Circular filing

This company's email system has a 200 MB limit for mailboxes -- but not for the "deleted items" folder, says a pilot fish tasked with saving space on the system. "More than one person had set up elaborately nested folders in their deleted items where they happily had 5 or 6 GB of mail," fish says. "They had heart attacks when we said we were going to automatically dump anything in there more than two weeks old. We had meetings, conference calls and anguished emails all waiting for us the next ..

16/11 2:52 am Microsoft forces Win10 1703 customers onto 1709, and other Patch Tuesday ..

Another massive outpouring of Microsoft patches yesterday more than 1,100 separate patches brought a few surprises and shouts of indignation from a forced but unannounced upgrade. Some bugs are already evident, and theres a storm brewing over one Office patch. But by and large, if you dont use Internet Explorer or Edge, its a non-event. Every version of Windows got patched yesterday (Win10 1709, Win10 1703, Win10 1607, Win10 1511 Enterprise, Win10 1507 LTSC, Win 8.1, Win RT 8.1, Win 7, plus ..

16/11 12:40 am Blockchain-as-a-service allows enterprises test distributed ledger ..

As enterprises look to deploy distributed ledgers, the industry's largest IT providers have launched blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS), offering a way to test the nascent technology without the cost or risk of deploying it in-house. The BaaS offerings could help companies who don't want to build out new infrastructure or try to find in-house developers, which are in hot demand . "The thing to be thinking about is that we're still in the early innings of this blockchain wave," said Bill Fearnley ..

15/11 10:46 pm 11% off August Smart Lock Pro With Connect Bundle - Deal Alert

With August Smart Lock Pro , you can lock and unlock your door, control keyless access, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. The 24/7 activity log means youre always in the know. With your phone in your pocket, simply open the door and youre in your home. Heading out? August Smart Lock Pro will also automatically lock the door behind you after you leave. The smart lockcurrently averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, where the list price on the Lock and Connect Bundle has ..

15/11 10:11 pm Lock it down: The macOS security guide

Malware is everywhere, and Macs are not immune. You can ignore the potential threat if you choose, but if you are an enterprise user holding confidential data, an educator in possession of private data, or even a Bitcoin collector who maybe clicked a few too many links on one of those dodgy faucet websites, you should know how to secure your Mac. First, some common sense security tips Before we get into some of the security technology inside your Mac (including a wide range of security ..

15/11 7:00 pm 7 free and cheap ways to learn about Windows administration

In most areas of IT, you can learn only so much from school or certification courses; eventually, its crucial to get hands-on experience. And so it is with Windows administration. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

 Wireless IT is harder than it looks? Who knew?

Flashback to the days when this midsize tech vendor is selling turnkey business systems to lumberyards, and a pilot fish working there is about to get a new assignment. "One day, my manager stopped by my desk with a handheld RF terminal," says fish. "He wanted me to write a program for it to do physical inventory for a customer. The device had a 4-line LCD display and a small alphanumeric keypad. "I went into the computer room and connected the base unit to a serial port on our PDP-8 ..

15/11 6:22 am Mozilla seeks return to glory with release of Firefox Quantum

Mozilla today delivered a re-engineered Firefox, branded "Quantum," that it claims is twice as fast as just a few months earlier, and unveiled a re-drawn UI (user interface) with minimalist leanings. The browser maker also dumped Yahoo as Firefox's default search engine in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, to return to Google, its partner - and primary financier - before a falling out three years ago. "It's by far the biggest update we've had since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004," Mark Mayo, the ..

15/11 3:10 am IOS 11.2 to unleash fast wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone X

Apple is preparing to release iOS 11.2, an update that will enable 7.5W "fast charging" for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Currently, iOS v11.1.1 supports only 5W wireless charging; iOS 11.2 is now in beta and expected to ship over the next month or so. While all three of the new iPhones are capable of taking a charge of up to 15 watts via the Qi v1.2 specification, the iOS platform doesn't support that raten of power transfer. In fact, it only supported 5W charging when ..

15/11 2:52 am 47% off HDMI Female to Female Coupler 2-Pack, Gold Plated High Speed ..

Here's an adapter that's always good to have on hand. Pop one of them on the end of an HDMI cable and extend your back-of-the-tv HDMI port around front where it's easier to access. Or use them to couple multiple HDMI cables together for extended reach. Supports 3D and 4k signals. The list price of $10.99 has been reduced to just $5.89 for the two-pack. See this deal now on Amazon . To read this article in full, please click here

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