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26/09 3:24 am Microsoft plans to replace Skype for Business with Teams

Microsofts Skype for Business will be replaced by Teams, which is slated to become the primary communications client within Office 365. The Teams instant messaging platform which is bundled with the companys Office 365 productivity suite was launched only six months ago as a rival to Slack. According to Microsoft, there are now 125,000 organizations using the software globally. Teams is already running on Skypes cloud-based infrastructure for video and audio calls, which Microsoft is evolving ..

26/09 3:15 am IDG Contributor Network: 4 reasons video conferencing still sucks and what ..

Recently, Microsoft guru Alex St. John posted an acute rant on video conferencing. He asks how we live in a world where we drive Teslas and VR is more than a possibility, yet video conferencing is stuck in the dark ages. What gives? As the founder of a video conferencing startup, I wholeheartedly agree with St. John. Some of the brightest minds are creating crazy technology around us plant-based meat, cancer detecting therapies, reusable rockets. Meanwhile, the state of video conferencing is ..

26/09 2:42 am Microsoft releases KB 4040724 fix for bugs introduced in this month's ..

Those of you who cringed after installing Patch Tuesdays missive for Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1703, can breathe a small sigh of relief. Two of the known bugs in that patch one that scrambled Edge, another that black-screened HP computers for 10 minutes at a stretch have been fixed, almost two weeks later. Microsoft also says it fixed cellular connectivity problems. If all of the buggy cumulative updates make you feel a bit creepy, compare and contrast the reality to last weeks ..

25/09 9:46 pm Win 8.1 monthly rollup leaves customers unable to use Microsoft account

This months Patch Tuesday brought some weird Windows bugs , but this ones probably the worst. Im seeing reports all over the web that folks running Windows 8.1 arent able to log in to their computers using a Microsoft account. Microsofts response at this point is that theyre aware of the problem, but if you want to use your machine, you need to log on with a local account. Woody Leonhard/IDG That isnt a whole lot of help for people who havent set up a local account or need to get to something ..

25/09 9:38 pm Why Tim Cook is thrilled Apple just made smartphones boring

Apple has achieved something very smart: It has positioned the iPhone X as the new smartphone equivalent of an Aston Martin, making every other smartphone on the planet (including its own) boring. Thats why iPhone 8 sales are slack. Millions already want to spend $1,000 on the future of smartphones. iPhone 8 sales reports Weve seen worldwidereports that the traditional queues outside Apple retail stores were lacklusterfor iPhone 8/Plus compared to previous iPhone releases. To read this article ..

25/09 6:00 pm Android file management: An easy-to-follow guide

When you think about your smartphone, apps and interfaces are probably the first things that come to mind. Beneath all that surface-level stuff, though, our modern mobile devices are filled with files folders upon folders of 'em! just like the clunky ol' computers we've relied upon for ages. We may not come face to face with our phones' file systems too often, but it's valuable to know they're there and to know how they can work for us when the need arises. After all, your Android device is a ..

 This is why we can't have nice server names

Management gives this IT pilot fish responsibility for naming the new server that runs a real-time operating system for control software -- and fish has an idea. "I decided to let the programmers decide what to name it," says fish. "One programmer got his buddies together and they stuffed the ballot box with 'Mongo,' the guy in the movie Blazing Saddles who rides an ox and punches out a horse -- very strong and not very bright. So that's what we wound up calling it. "Then every time any issues ..

24/09 9:26 pm Microsoft stumps for Windows 10 1703 to get enterprises on the right ..

Just weeks before it releases the next upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft is trumpeting last spring's version, claiming that the latter is "the most performant and reliable" ever. The drum beating for Windows 10 Creators Update, aka 1703 in Microsoft's yymm format, comes less than four weeks before the slated Oct. 17 launch of its successor, titled "Fall Creators Update" and numbered 1709. On reliability, Microsoft asserted that 1703 is much more stable than its mid-2016 predecessor, known as ..

24/09 7:55 pm Let's put to rest any doubt about Apple's ability to innovate

Wall Street, Wall Street. Doesn't the world have enough to worry about? You can stop worrying about Apple. If you didn't know it before the companys Sept. 12 hardware announcements, you should know now that Apple was not a one-man band before Steve Jobs died in 2011. It may have lost a little of Jobs showmanship, but Apple's powerhouse design teams are still hard at work and doing just fine, thank you. To wit: The Apple design team significantly boosted pixels per inch (the specification that ..

 Let's put to rest any doubt Apple can't innovate

Wall Street, Wall Street. Doesn't the world have enough to worry about? You can stop worrying about Apple. If you didn't know it before the companys Sept. 12 hardware announcements, you should know now that Apple was not a one-man band before Steve Jobs died in 2011. It may have lost a little of Jobs showmanship, but Apple's powerhouse design teams are still hard at work and doing just fine, thank you. To wit: The Apple design team significantly boosted pixels per inch (the specification that ..

23/09 6:31 pm The latest iPhones show why A.I. is the new electricity

Apple has now rolled out its shiny new iPhones. On Sept. 12, Apple executives predictably pronounced the latest phones "revolutionary." But the real revolution is happening under the surface and behind the scenes. The new iPhones come with cutting-edge brand-new features. For example, Apple touted Face ID for faster login, Portrait Lighting to make faces brighter in photos, and Animoji, which are avatars that change facial expression when the user does. Apple Face ID setup. To read this article ..

22/09 7:44 pm 10+ ARKit apps youll want to use today

If youve upgraded to iOS 11 you may want to take time to explore some of the more interesting ARKit apps Ive come across. Stephanie Llamas, VP, Research and Strategy at SuperData Research says the mobile AR market will grow from $1.01b in 2017 to $18.69 by 2020, but while games account for 82 percent of revenue today, they will account for just 18 percent by 2020. Ive not included too many games in this collection, (though I am still playing The Machines ) . To read this article in full or to ..

22/09 7:21 pm Can Amazon truly become a mobile payment power?

In the U.S., mobile payment schemes are numerous ( Walmart Pay , Target Pay) but only a few have gained any traction ( Apple Pay , Samsung Pay , Chase Pay , Vodafone Pay ). But one longtime Wall Street financial analyst tracking retail thinks that Amazon may be positioned to disrupt mobile payments just as it has disrupted so much of retail. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

22/09 6:00 pm Pragmatic programming, redefined

Flashback a few decades to when this programmer pilot fish is on the team developing a large, complex turnkey business system running on PDP-8 minicomputers . "I had a pair of two-year degrees from a local technical college, but two of my co-workers who were hired at the same time as I was had masters degrees in computer science," says fish. "Needless to say, my hands-on degree program that included mainframe assembler classes prepared me for this near-bare-metal programming environment much ..

22/09 5:59 am Googles HTC move borrows from Apples playbook

Google's $1.1 billion acquisition of HTC's smartphone engineering arm is not a direct assault against its chief rival, Apple. But it is a recognition of Apple's successful strategy. It is also an acknowledgement that an ecosystem dominated by hardware manufacturers and telecom providers each with a set of priorities and plans that doesn't dovetail with Google's results in a myriad of devices that run the gamut of quality. With that in mind, Google's buyout of HTC's engineering IP will enable it ..

22/09 1:54 am Where we stand with messy September Windows and .NET patches

This months Windows and .Net patches hold all sorts of nasty surprises some acknowledged, some not, some easy to skirt, some waiting to swallow the unwary whole. Heres a quick overview of whats going on with this months missives. Most important: If you cant keep yourself (or your clients) from clicking Enable Editing in Word, you must install a broad range of .NET patches (if youre running Windows 7 or 8.1) or cumulative updates (if youre running Windows 10), like, NOW. Windows 10 Creators ..

22/09 1:11 am Keybase takes on Slack with new end-to-end encrypted team messaging tool

Keybase has unveiled a Slack-style team messaging service that promises to protect private communications with end-to-end encryption. The company launched in 2 with the aim of making encryption technology more accessible to consumers. Its latest service, Keybase Teams, has a look similar to Slack with features such as chat rooms and channels. Admins can add set up groups of users to work on a particular project, and encrypted files can be uploaded and shared. An early release version of the ..

21/09 9:57 pm 53% off Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Travel Bag - Deal Alert

Do you have a ball of tangled up wires and adapters somewhere in the bottom of your bag? This Universal Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer provides a flexible organization solution for your electronics and computer accessories. It helps make you better organized with all the small items and gadgets. Made of durable and weather-resistant nylon with well padded semi-flexible covers. It's compact size of 8.8 x W 6.1"allows it to easily stored in you laptop bag or backpack. This travel ..

21/09 9:53 pm 62% off RAVPower 14000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter - Deal Alert

A compact power bank, a car jump starter, and a LED flashlight, all fit into a minimal and portable design. Whether it is your car or your USB devices, never run out of power again. Store it in the glovebox or simply drop it in your bag. Have a concentrated 14000mAh source of power always with you -- enough for up to 20 vehicle jumpstarts or many device recharges before the unit itself needs to be recharged. RAVPower's jump starter typically lists for $160 but is currently discounted 62% on ..

21/09 8:59 pm Personalized iPhone healthcare for the rest of us? Doctella has an app for ..

Apples health-related solutions open the door to a new era of c onnected and personalized digital health , but the cost of app development means individualized patient solutions were a pipe dream -- until now. I spoke with Doctella co-founder and CEO, Amer Haider to learn how he hopes to unlock this opportunity. Making it personal Apple continues to invest deeply in digital health . To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

21/09 8:00 pm IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft Security stopped being an oxymoron with ..

One of the most frustrating things to watch during the early years of Microsoft (Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author) was their lack of interest in security. It was almost as if, when anyone there heard the term, theyd cover up their ears and say la, la, la, la, la until you went away. And, as the century turned, Microsoft security meant anything but security, it was mostly bad joke that hit products like Windows and Internet Explorer particularly hard. But this weeks announcement ( ..

21/09 6:54 pm Google tightens grip on Android hardware with HTC deal

Google is buying its way back into the smartphone business, almost four years after selling its stake in Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. It's a sign that Google is committed to tighter integration between the Android operating system and specialized smartphone hardware. That could be good news for app developers and Android phone buyers alike: As Apple has shown with the video processing and artificial intelligence features of its iPhone X, there is much to be gained by tightly coupling software ..

21/09 6:16 pm How Windows 10 S is different from the Windows 10 you know

The sleek new Surface Laptop comes with it, and so do $300 two-in-one tablet PCs for education. But exactly what is Windows 10 S, and how is it different from other versions of Windows 10? The S in Windows 10 S doesnt stand for anything, although Microsoft throws around words such as safe , secure , streamlined , superior performance , simple and student to explain it. Standardized and super locked down might be closer to the mark. This is a full version of Windows with some limitations, one ..

21/09 6:00 pm Well, what else would you call it?

Like most IT shops, the place where this pilot fish works tries to give names to servers and printers that make sense. "We want the devices to have monikers that are about the department, usage or location," says fish. "We usually use a two-character department code, followed by an abbreviated usage or location. "Our finance department has a printer that's used to print reports, checks and warrants on perforated tractor-feed paper. We named it FNCHECKS, as that is what it's often used for. ..

21/09 3:40 am Apple upgrades Safari for older versions of macOS

Apple upgraded the macOS Safari browser to version 11 this week, adding a feature that has drawn the ire of the online advertising industry. Safari 11 can be downloaded to Macs running 2016's Sierra or 2 's El Capitan from the Mac App Store. Users can access that e-mart by clicking on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen, then choosing "App Store..." The browser upgrade should appear under the "Updates Available" section. The browser will also be bundled with macOS 10.13, aka High ..

21/09 3:18 am Mingis on Tech: Android vs. iOS How the two mobile OSes compare

It was supposed to be a genteel discussion, a dispassionate side-by-side comparison of Apple's iOS and Google's Android: How they stack up on security, OS updates, App stores, customization and innovation. And mainly, it was just that, as Computerworld 'sAndroid blogger JR Raphael and Apple expert Michael deAgonia both explained which side of the mobile OS fence they're on and why. (Playing the role of referee: Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis.) But, hey, these guys aren't really ..

21/09 2:57 am Coming soon to the office: iOS 11's augmented reality

With the official launch of iOS 11 this week, Apple has introduced more PC-like capabilities to its mobile devices especially the iPad so workers can more often use them for daily tasks. While that's good news for companies focused on a mobile-first strategy, what could be an even greater boon for business is iOS's native augmented reality (AR) play, via its ARKit SDK . While Apple's AR move may appear at first blush to be focused on consumers with animated emojis and masks, native AR toolkits ..

21/09 1:44 am Tower of Babel Outlook 2007 security patch KB 4011086 yanked, replaced

With one month left until Outlook 2007 hits end of life, Microsoft released a fix yesterday for the September security patchs polyglot ways. You may recall KB 4011086 as the Outlook 2007 patch that displays Swedish menus in the Hungarian language version, Portuguese in Italian, Swedish in Slovenian, Spanish in Italian, and many more. One hitch: You have to manually uninstall the old patch before you can install the new patch. For those of you using Outlook 2010 who got hit with the same ..

20/09 10:37 pm Developers race to support iOS 11 and its Files app

It looks like developers were just waiting for Apple to introduce the Files app in iOS 11. Within hours of the introduction of the feature, weve seen multiple developers introduce Files support, and it seems abundantly clear the app is going to transform how people approach iOS productivity. What is Apple's Files app? Files is Apples approach to real file storage, edit and retrieval on iOS. It is an app in which you can access every item you hold in online storage services. The idea is that you ..

20/09 6:33 pm What is Trello? A guide to Atlassians collaboration and work management ..

Trello has grown quickly since it spun off from software firm Fog Creek three years ago, adding millions of users every few months. And it shows no sign of slowing since i ts acquisition by Australian collaboration software firm Atlassian : it now has 25 million user signups , up from 14 million last year. Whats driving interest in the work management application? The popularity of it is that it is a very easy to use, highly visual tool that allows people to get themselves organized and work ..

20/09 6:00 pm 8 free SharePoint tools to make IT admins smile

Microsoft SharePoint comes with a lot in the box, but many say the real strength of any software product is in the ecosystem that surrounds it. SharePoint is no exception, with many high-quality add-on products available from both Microsoft and third-party providers to enhance SharePoint and address some of its shortcomings. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story)

 Just think of it as interactive debugging

It's the early 1970s, and students in this university engineering course write their Fortran programs on paper, have them punched onto cards and then hand the decks in to be run, says a pilot fish who was there. "I was working on a difficult assignment: calculating the area under a curve using Simpson's Rule ," fish says. "By putting print statements throughout the code, the student could easily debug the program. "The problem was that we were charged for however much CPU and printer time was ..

20/09 3:45 am Mingis on Tech: All about Android 8.0 'Oreo'

If you're an Android user who's eagerly been awaiting Android 8.0, a.k.a. "Oreo," the good news is that Google's updated mobile OS has been out since late August and will be gradually making its way in the coming months to a device near you. Google If you have one of Google's own smartphones like the Pixel, you may well already have Oreo just like Computerworld blogger JR Raphael. And that means you've already had time to get used to its new features and tinker with it. To read this article in ..

20/09 1:44 am What Android's notification snoozing needs next

I love to snooze. I'm not just talking about my nightly beauty slumber, mind you (but yes, my skin is looking rather radiant today thanks for noticing). I'm talking about the new notification snoozing feature in Google's Android 8.0 Oreo release. If you've been hanging 'round these parts for long, you know notification snoozing is something I'd yearned for ever since I started using Google's Inbox app a couple years back. Snoozing is a core part of Inbox's organizational system, y'see: Instead ..

19/09 9:37 pm Outlook security patches intentionally break custom forms

When Microsoft released its Outlook security patches on Sept. 12, several readers complained that their custom form printing capabilities disappeared . Ends up the bug that broke VBScript printing isnt a bug at all. Microsoft announced over the weekend that it intentionally disabled scripts in custom forms, and those with printable custom forms need to make manual Registry changes to bring the feature back. Those of you who have installed any of this months Outlook security patches: Outlook ..

19/09 7:01 pm Apples silicon design team is taking control

Initial Geekbench data confirms Apples A11 Bionic chip to be a true speed demon, so much so that its closest competitors now seem to be battling last years iPhones when it comes to chip performance, but these arent the only silicon designs Apple is taking control of. Groove is in the heart Think about this : Apple makes its own A-series processors. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

19/09 6:11 pm How to restore an iPhone and use recovery mode

Technology isnt flawless. Every once in a while, the device you depend on fails you. Given that our entire digital lives are carried with us on our smartphones, you need to know what to do when things go awry. This is especially important because Apple recently unveiled the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (and the iPhone X, arriving in November). That means millions of iPhone users will soon be changing phones and updating to new hardware and iOS 11, which is due to roll out today . To read this ..

19/09 6:00 pm Can these tools help you write more good? Maybe even better.

You may have started to read this article because youre interested in its subject. If you continue, it may be because the way I wrote these opening paragraphs (called the lede) is holding your attention. And that could be thanks to the online tools I used to analyze these first four paragraphs. If youre unsure of your writing skill, online tools could give you insight into how to improve. This could benefit you in composing compelling posts, emails likely to get responses or ..

 It'll be there any day now

IT pilot fish gets a request from a user who wants the company's standard instant-messaging software installed on his computer. "Now, the company's standard hard-disk image comes with this software," says fish. "But this user insists that he does not have it. "So I install it and let the user know. "A few days later, the user emails me and asks how long it will take. "The messaging system is integrated with our email, so I respond by sending him an instant message back. I tell him it's going to ..

19/09 3:55 am Sounds of Silence: What's coming to Google Chrome in 2018

Google will strangle most auto-playing audio in early 2018 when it issues Chrome 64, the upgrade expected to ship Jan. 21-27, the search giant promised last week. "Chrome will be making auto-play more consistent with user expectations and will give users more control over audio," wrote Mounir Lamouri, a Chrome software engineer, in a post to a company blog . With Chrome 64, auto-play contents - often, but not always, advertisements - will not be allowed to run automatically unless it mutes the ..

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