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BMW plans for a future where nobody buys cars - 25/05 4:33 am

BMW is courting people who never want to buy a car.

DJI's new drone fits in the palm of your hand - 25/05 3:34 am

The DJI Spark can be controlled entirely with hand motions.

Is Waymo worth more than GM, Tesla and Uber? - 25/05 2:41 am

Analysts at Morgan Stanley estimate that Waymo -- the self-driving car startup that is owned by Google parent Alphabet -- could be worth $70 billion. It seems like a stretch given that Waymo is unlikely to be profitable until 2022.

Nintendo shares are up 30% thanks to Switch - 24/05 11:44 pm

Nintendo shares have soared 30% this year on hopes the company will unlock new levels of revenue with its Switch console, in-game purchases and an online multi-player service.

FEC official worried about 'foreign money' on Facebook ads - 24/05 11:43 pm

At least one official at the Federal Election Commission appears to want an investigation into whether Russian agents used Facebook ads to influence the US election.

How to secure political campaigns in a hack-heavy world - 24/05 11:32 pm

Basic protections go far when it comes to politics.

Here's the future of driving - 24/05 10:36 pm

Everything about cars is changing right now. That means how we power them, how drive them and even how we own them.

The U.S. government needs its own IT agency - 24/05 9:42 pm

Longtime Washington tech leaders say it's time to consolidate.

James Corden getting Snapchat show - 24/05 9:39 pm

James Corden is joining forces with Snapchat for a new series.

This app gives parents a real-time view of the classroom - 24/05 8:07 pm

ClassDojo allows real time communication between teachers, students and parents.

Google's man vs machine showdown blocked in China - 24/05 6:20 pm

The battle between a Google computer program and the world champion of the ancient game of Go was largely inaccessible to Chinese fans.

Uber stiffed NYC drivers in costly mistake - 24/05 5:42 am

Read full story for latest details.

Google expands ad tracking in the real world - 24/05 5:10 am

A new Google search feature will make the connection between online ads and in-store purchases.

Amazon hit by protests over ads on Breitbart - 24/05 4:12 am

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Apple hires first VP of diversity - 24/05 1:53 am

Apple has hired its first vice president of diversity and inclusion, longtime Apple veteran Denise Young Smith.

How to hide your embarrassing Instagram posts - 24/05 12:12 am

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets users hide posts to a private place on their profile.

$1,000 in Netflix 15 years ago worth $140K today - 24/05 12:06 am

When Netflix went public in 2002, its business model was renting DVDs over the Internet. Now, it is a legit global media giant thanks to hits like "House of Cards" -- and its stock has outperformed Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Uber's CEO is just so misunderstood - 23/05 11:55 pm

Travis Kalanick does give a damn 'bout his bad reputation.

New 3D-printed robot can walk on sand and rocks - 23/05 11:08 pm

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Gadget turns iPhones into photo printers - 23/05 9:29 pm

Startup Prynt launched a new version of its photo-printing phone case.

Snapchat unveils custom Stories - 23/05 9:03 pm

Snapchat users can now create a Story in collaboration with friends and family.

Microsoft updates the Surface Pro, but don't call it a tablet - 23/05 8:15 pm

The new Surface Pro is a subtle upgrade for the laptop-tablet hybrid device.

Strong North Korea links to global cyberattack - 23/05 3:13 pm

Cybersecurity firm Symantec says the world's biggest cyberattack shows strong links to Lazarus, a hacking group that has previously been tied to North Korea.

This tech could save millions of piglets - 22/05 11:56 pm

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Bitcoin prices are soaring under Trump - 22/05 10:58 pm

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Mark Zuckerberg: I'm not running for office - 22/05 9:31 pm

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his tour of the U.S. doesn't mean he's currently running for public office.

How Facebook handles violent content - 22/05 3:56 pm

As Facebook scrambles to deal with videos of suicide and murder on its platform, a new Guardian report reveals the network's internal rules on regulating content.

Saudi-SoftBank tech fund nears $100 billion target - 21/05 10:16 pm

A huge tech investment fund backed by Saudi Arabia and SoftBank has raised $93 billion.

FAA's drone registration rule suffers major setback - 20/05 4:58 am

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IBM tells employees working at home to get back to the office - 20/05 3:35 am

For thousands of IBM employees, the ability to work from home is a key advantage of their job. But the company said Friday that it's ending that benefit for many of them.

Here's how Trump's FCC affects you - 20/05 1:19 am

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Robots could kill another 6 million retail jobs - 20/05 12:37 am

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Goodbye high seas, hello cubicle. Sailor -- the next desk job. - 19/05 11:08 pm

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London airport control tower won't have anyone inside - 19/05 10:54 pm

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This billionaire just dropped $111M on a painting - 19/05 9:08 pm

Besides being a keen art collector, billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is also a fashion mogul and a rock musician.

WeWork founder donates $1 million to Be the Match - 19/05 5:39 am

WeWork founder Adam Neumann donated $1 million to Be the Match, a bone marrow transplant organization, in an effort to find the company's 15th employee a match.

Can Google make virtual reality less lonely? - 19/05 5:21 am

Google is updating its Daydream virtual reality platform with new sharing options and a virtual YouTube comments section.

Facebook will stream one MLB game a week - 19/05 3:01 am

Facebook and MLB announced a deal to stream one live game per week.

A new invisible malware is making the rounds - 19/05 2:38 am

But it's not as bad as WannaCry.

Fujifilm's new camera is like Instagram in real life - 19/05 2:35 am

The new camera is Fujifilm's first to combine instant prints with digital.

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